Zupapa! is a platformer game released by SNK in 2001 for the Neo Geo MVS system. It never got an AES released and was never ported to other systems. The game was originally developed by Face but was never released and they went bankrupt; SNK acquired the game's prototype and finished and released it.

The game's ending labels Zupapa! as Episode 1, implying that there were possible plans for a sequel.


Zupapa! is a single screen platformer similar to Bubble Bobble. the objective is to defeat all enemies on the screen in order to move to the next one. You control Zupapa, which can punch enemies to stun them, after which you can move over them to defeat them. In each stage you can capture the Zooks, which are little sidekicks that Zupapa can throw at the enemies to stun them, so that when they are defeated they'll generate a star circle which will automatically kill any enemy which touches it. The more Zooks you throw at a single enemy, the larger will be the circle radius. Any enemy defeated by the circle will drop a fruit which adds to the score. The player will also finds power-ups which enhances Zupapa's power, speed and jumping ability. If you didn't defeat all enemies, the Grim Reaper-like creature will kill you with a sinister laugh.

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