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In this character name, her name is typically written in Katakana due to shared heritage, living and being prominent abroad, despite being born in Japan.

Yuri Sakazaki (Katakana: ユリ・サカザキ; Kanji: 坂崎さかざき 百合ゆり) is a character introduced in the Art of Fighting series as a damsel-in-distress and eventually as a playable character. Since then, she has appeared in many SNK fighting games, alongside her older brother, Ryo Sakazaki. She is the first female practitioner of Kyokugenryu Karate. Yuri is also a recurring character in the Art of Fighting Team, and one of the founders of Women Fighters Team, along with King and Mai Shiranui.

Her official nickname is "The Wild Flying Swallow" (奔放ほんぽうなる飛燕ひえん).


Yuri Sakazaki is a friendly young girl who always cares about her family and friends. She is a strong believer of innovation and trends, constantly finding ways to improve herself through change. She is often arguing with her father and Ryo over matters regarding her newfound sense of independence.

In the Art of Fighting series, it is heavily implied that she has a romantic interest in Robert after her kidnapping. As of Art of Fighting 3, she is confirmed to be in a relationship with Robert. Though still present to a certain degree, this attraction and relationship is downplayed in the King of Fighters series, and is sometimes the humorous cause as to why Robert is suddenly being beaten up by Ryo and Takuma.


  • Gather chi: Yuri can gather chi from Gaia, the mother-earth.
  • Energy Projectile: Yuri can fire the Ko-Ou Ken and Haoh Shoukou Ken blast normally.
  • Energy Reflector: Yuri can create a ball of energy in her hands to reflect projectiles.
  • Copying techniques: Yuri is capable of copying almost any technique after seeing it once. However, these copied techniques tend to be quite ineffective when used by her since she has not properly trained them and she has a bad habit of trying to use them anyway.

Fighting Style

Yuri uses the lowest-grade version of the Kyokugenryu Karate discipline, and is taught only the basic and low-level moves. To prove her own worth, she personally arranges the style to better fit her physique and persona. Among her own moves are the Slipstream Handslap/Hyakuretsu Binta (Hundred Rending Face Slaps), the Big Butt Press/En'yoku (Swallow Wing), Hien Hou'ou Kyaku (Flying Swallow Fenghuang Leg), and the more popular Yuri Chou Upper (Yuri Super Upper) with its added variations. Later in KOF 2002 UM, she even manages to create her own version of the Kyokugen-style's signature Ryuuko Ranbu (Dragon Tiger Wild Dance). Several of her techniques also have a flying swallow-naming motif.

Yuri's moveset is a running parody of various special moves from the Street Fighter series. This is very noticeable in The King of Fighters '96, when she received her Yuri Chou Mawashi Geri (Yuri Super Roundhouse Kick), which was similar to Sakura's Shunpuu Kyaku. Yuri has since then received various moves and other mannerisms that are parodies of these (both Capcom and SNK alike):

  • Sakura's Flower Kick: Senkai Kyaku (Swiveling Leg) in KOF '99~2001 and KOF: Maximum Impact series
  • Ryu's Shin Shouryuuken (True Rising Dragon Fist): Shin! Chou Upper! (Wick/Staple! Super Upper!) in KOF '98 (UM) (as EX Yuri), KOF '99~XI / Neowave, KOF EX2: Howling Blood and KOF: Maximum Impact series
    • The "Shin" here is written with a different kanji.
  • Ryu's Denjin Hadouken (Electric Blade Surge Fist): Raijin Haou Shoukou Ken (Thunder God Supreme King Soaring Howl Fist) in KOF 2003
  • Ryu's Joudan Sokutou Geri (High-Level Foot Edge Kick): Yuri Chou Slash (Yuri Super Slash) in KOF 2002 Unlimited Match
    • The kanji's literal reading is "Hien Sokutou" (Flying Swallow Foot Edge).
  • Ken's Shouryuu Reppa (Rising Dragon Rend Blast): Hien Rekkou (Flying Swallow Violent Pit) in KOF '97~2001, KOF EX2: Howling Blood and Capcom vs. SNK series
    • Also doubles as Yuri Chou Reppa (Yuri Super Rend Blast) in terms of the quote she spouts.
  • Akuma/Gouki's Tenma Kuujinkyaku (Sky Demon Air Blade Leg) and Hyakki Shuu (Hundred Ogre Assault): Yuri Raijin Kyaku (Yuri Thunder God Leg) and Houyoku (Feng Wing) in KOF XIII, respectively
  • Akuma/Gouki's Shun Goku Satsu (Blinking Prison Killer, known as the Raging Demon in international releases): Yuri Chou Enbu (Yuri Super Swallow Dance) in KOF 2001
  • Chun-Li's Tenkuukyaku (Aether Leg): Shouyoku (Rising Wing) in KOF 2002~XI/Neowave
  • Iori's Ge Shiki: Yuri Ori (Foreign Method: Lily Snapper): Yuri Ori (Yuri Snapper) in KOF 2003~XI
    • Notice that the "Yuri" on her own version is not in written kanji but in katakana akin to her own name.
  • Terry's Burn Knuckle: Yuri Chou Knuckle (Yuri Super Knuckle) in KOF '96~2001 and KOF: Maximum Impact series
    • The kanji is literally read as "Hien Shippuu Ken" (Flying Swallow Hurricane Fist), making it her own version of one of the Kyokugen Karate signature techniques used by Ryo (the Kohou Shippuu Ken; lit. Tiger Roaring Hurricane Fist).
  • Kaede's Kuuga (Air Fang): Yuri Chou Upper (Yuri Super Upper) and Double Chou Upper.
    • This attack's name eventually rendered respectively Chou Upper and Double Chou Upper as alternate readings to the kanji "Kuuga" (Air Fang) and "Ura Kuuga" (Air Fang) the year just after The Last Blade's release first in 1997 in Japan, despite this anti-air technique being different from Kaede's Kuuga.
  • Dan's Shissou Burai Ken (Sprinting Ruffian Fist): Chou! Ryuuko Ranbu! (Super! Dragon and Tiger Wild Dance) in KOF XIV

It is notable that KOF '96 came out exactly one year after Street Fighter Alpha, where Dan Hibiki (a character that parodies both Ryo and Robert) was introduced. It is because of this that Yuri can sometimes be taken as the counter-parody character from SNK to Capcom, given the impression "even a basic level Kyokugenryu Karate can perform Ansatsuken techniques".

Likewise, her classic attacks also have alternate character readings which may or may not parallel the original Kyokugenryu's existing techniques; Yuri Chou Knuckle's literal kanji reading is "Hien Shippuu Ken" (Flying Swallow Hurricane Fist), Yuri Chou Upper's literal reading is "Kuuga" (Air Fang; the follow up is Ura Kuuga/Reverse Air Fang, read by Yuri as "Double Chou Upper"), the Yuri Chou Mawashi Geri her own version of the Hien Shippuu Kyaku (Flying Swallow Hurricane Leg) and so forth.

In some games, when Yuri is knocked out with a special move, the top of her costume is torn off, exposing her bra. This happens in Art of Fighting 2, The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of Fighters XIII and The King of Fighters XIV, though in the latter case, her bra is not fully exposed.

In Capcom vs. SNK 2, when Yuri finishes a fight with a "Finest KO" (finish with a super move as a counter to an opponent's special or super move), she will attempt to tie her gi tighter. However, the belt becomes completely undone and her top opens, revealing a semi sheer undershirt. Yuri will then blush in total embarrassment and immediately cover herself. This victory pose first appeared in Art of Fighting 2 when Yuri scores a Perfect victory.



  • Diet - Art of Fighting 2, The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match (as EX Yuri), The King of Fighters R-1, The King of Fighters R-2, The King of Fighters 2002, SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millenium, The King of Fighters XI (Yuri as leader, Console version)
  • Ne! - The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '98 and Ultimate Match (When teamed with Mai and King)
  • Tsuchi o Hau Bass - The King of Fighters '95
  • Kamikirimushi - The King of Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match (When teaming EX Yuri with EX Ryo and EX Robert)
  • Art of Fight - The King of Fighters '98
  • Ryu-Ko - The King of Fighters '99
  • Come up Smiling - The King of Fighters 2000
  • Beauty and the Beast - The King of Fighters EX2: Howling Blood
  • Fight to the Limit - The King of Fighters 2001
  • Kyoku-gen - The King of Fighters 2003
  • After a Long Absence - The King of Fighters XI (Normal Team Theme)
  • Who is Queen? - The King of Fighters XIII
  • I'm Hot for You - The King of Fighters XIII (When the music is set to "Type B", console version only, shared with King and Mai Shiranui)
  • Tiger & Dragon - The King of Fighters XIV
  • Like a Queen - The King of Fighters XV
  • ART OF FIGHT ~ Ryuko to Tsubame (Art of Fight ~ Dragon, Tiger and Swallow) - The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match
  • Cho Smile - Days of Memories (Kaze Maou Miyako de Tsukamaete!)
  • Diet ~SNK Heroines Edit~ - SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy

Image Songs

  • The Song of Fighters '95 - Shared image song from The King of Fighters '95 Arranged Soundtrack
  • Heavy Baby's - Neo Geo DJ Station shared image song


Voice Actors

Live Action Actors

  • Miki Hareyama - Art of Fighting commercial
  • Ayumi Hamasaki - Art of Fighting 2 commercials







  • The name Yuri means "lily" (百合).
  • Yuri's surname Sakazaki means "slope, hill" (坂) (saka) and "cape, peninsula" (崎) (saki/zaki).


  • In The King of Fighters Maximum Impact, Yuri can use an alternate costume which is similar to Eri Kasamoto's original outfit from Metal Slug series.
  • In the Neo Geo Freak's 1997 Volume 8 character poll, she was voted as the tenth favorite character with a total of 944 votes. In the character popularity poll on Neo Geo Freak's website, she was voted as the nineteenth favorite character with a total of 726 votes.
  • Yuri notably breaks the fourth wall in KOF XI: in her win pose against Gai Tendo, she suggests he try saying "Hurricane Upper!", referencing the fact that Gai and Joe Higashi have the same voice actor (that voices Joe until KOF XIII and Gai until KOF XI).
  • In the most of her appearances, Yuri uses a brown belt (known as 1st Kyu or Ikkyū in Karate). However, in her appearance in The King of Fighters XIII, she uses a yellow belt (known as 5th Kyū or Gokkyū in Karate). The belts represent, in karate, the levels of mastery in the martial art.
    • Her brother, Ryo, and other practitioners of Kyokugen style that appears as playable characters, uses the black belt (known as Dan in Karate).


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