Yumekobo (夢工房), previously named Aicom (エイコム), was a video game development studio formed with former members of Sammy. Their studio expanded when employees from Takara and Tomy joined their ranks. The company officially dissolved after SNK's bankruptcy though some staff members went on to work at SNK-Playmore.



  • All-Pro Basketball
  • Amagon / Totsuzen! Macho Man
  • Chuugoku Senseijutsu
  • Flying Hero
  • HOOPS / Moero!! Junior Basket: Two on Two
  • The Mafat Conspiracy / Golgo 13: Dai 2 Shou: The Riddle of Icarus
  • Totally Rad / Magic John
  • Ultimate Basketball
  • Vice: Project Doom / Gun-Dec

PC Engine

  • P-47: The Freedom Fighter
  • Saint Dragon / Tensei Ryuu
  • Takin' It to the Hoop / USA Pro Basketball

Game Boy

  • Blaster Master Boy

Neo Geo

Neo Geo Pocket


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