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Yuda (幽堕, Yuda) is character introduced in Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage. He is the product of Asura merging with Shadow Asura. He is voiced by Kazuya Ichijo. He's occasionally depicted having a lone black wing at his left shoulder in various appearances (though its never shown in actual gameplay).

A fanart of Yuda can be seen at the Samurai Shodown V developers diary page. The background art sports a reversed Greek inscription, that becomes "ωαρριορσ ραγε" (Warriors Rage) if mirrored from left to right. The inscription in foreground reads "Angel of Death - One-Winged Death God - Yuda" (死の天使・片翼の死神・幽堕, Shi no Tenshi ・ Katayoku no Shinigami ・ Yuda). Developers express their desire to see him return in another game someday.


Yuda is assigned to a section of the shogunate linked to the Three Blades of Ritenkyo. He is secretly promised the position of shogun if Oboro (Jigen Taishi) succeeds. If the plan fails, Yuda would be used as the political scapegoat to destroy evidence of Oboro's plot. His first mission is clearing out Ritenkyo. In his ending, he encounters his daughter, Mikoto, who has been used by Oboro for his fiendish purposes. The dormant part of both Asuras revive themselves instinctively and Yuda releases the evil within Mikoto (revealed to be Yuga). Although she thanks him and wonders if he is her father, Yuda denies her curiosity and leaves. His fate thereafter is left unknown.


As a consequence of their fusion, Yuda retains no memory from either Asuras' previous lives. A somber individual, he carries out the orders given to him without question and acts as the heartless executioner to his victims.


  • Dark Energy - Yuda can hurl a ball of dark energy from his palm which will slowly drain away his opponent's life.
  • Energy Slash - Yuda can fuel his weapon with ki energy.

Fighting Style

Yuda shares his fighting style with Yaci and Mugenji. This style is based on the use of reversals, stuns and a projectile which will drain an opponent's lifebar throughout the match.

Yuda is the slowest and most powerful amongst the three. His attacks are designed to force his opponents to get close. When they are near enough, he can use his advanced trap and combo abilities to deal heavy damage. The remarkable length of his sword makes him an effective mid-range fighter as his attacks allow him to hit both high and low across nearly half the screen.

All of his attacks are named after various emotions, which Yuda seemingly lacks.


  • The Awakened One (回帰せし者, kaikiseshi mono) - Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage.

(the more literal translation would be "the one who returned to his senses")

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