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Yasuyuki Oda (小田 泰之, Oda Yasuyuki) is a Japanese video game director, producer, planner and designer currently working in the Game Development Departament at SNK as the main project manager of titles for consumers.


Oda was born in 1972 in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.[1] He and Nobuyuki Kuroki studied in the same art school, Osaka Designers' College,[2] but they never meet each other at the time since Oda studied animation while Kuroki focused on graphic design.[3]

Oda at the Japan Expo Expo 2016

Oda was a member of SNK R&D Division 1 from April, 1993 to February, 2000 prior to SNK's bankruptcy in 2001,[4] joining the company at 20 years old.[5] During that time, Oda was involved in the development of the several SNK series, such as Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting and Kizuna Encounter.[6][1] His first job was to work on the balancing and debug for Fatal Fury Special along with his fellow junior members after the senior staff moved on to develop on Art of Fighting 2, joining the senior staff after wrapping up Fatal Fury Special to work in pixel art for Takuma Sakazaki.[5]

Oda & Katsuhiro Harada (2017)

Oda then went on to to work at Dimps from March, 2000 to January, 2014, where he worked in the development of Street Fighter IV as battle designer before re-joining SNK to help develop The King of Fighters XIV in February, 2014.[7] During his time outside SNK, he worked mainly on 3D games, so it was easier for him to develop games in that style.[6][5] According to Oda, in 2013, prior to SNK being purchased by Zheyuan, former SNK Playmore president, Eikichi Kawasaki, wanted to continue The King of Fighters series with a new entry and Oda was around so he was asked to do it.[6]

Oda at Japan Expo 2018

Yasuyuki Oda, Deputy General Manager of Game Division, Nobuyuki Kuroki, Lead Artist, and Josh Weatherford, Game Designer for SNK's Samurai Shodown joins Checkpoint XP at PAX East 2019

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