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Orochi Yashiro

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This is a list of quotes for Yashiro Nanakase and Orochi Yashiro.

The King of Fighters '97

In Battle

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
ムキになるなよ! Muki ni naru na yo! "Don't you get worked up!" Taunt
行っちまえな! Icchimae na! "Go away!" Million Bash Stream
音無しく寝てろ! Otonashiku netero! "Be quiet and go to sleep!" Final Impact
楽しんでる? Tanoshin deru? "Was that fun?" Round Win
喧嘩が強い上に、男前。 Kenka ga tsuyoi ue ni, otoko mae. "I'm not just strong, I'm handsome too." Round Win
~!? NANI~!? "WHAT?!" K.O

In Battle (Orochi)

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
目覚めろ, 大地よ! Mezamero, daichi yo! "Awaken, great earth!" Intro
生意気だ! Namaiki da! "How annoying!" Taunt
撮った! Totta! "Gotcha!" Kujiku Daichi
動くな!Ugoku na! "Don't move!" Odoru Daichi
ってんだろうが!Tendarou ga! "Just as I said!" Odoru Daichi Miss
音無しくしてろよ... Otonashiku shirero yo... "Stay right there quietly..." Araburu Daichi (intro)
すぐ終わるからよ! Sugu owaru kara yo! "It'll be over soon!" Araburu Daichi
調子こいてんじゃねえぞコラァ! Choushi koiten ja nee zo kora! "Don't you get too cocky, you!" Ankoku Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi
その命もらった! Sono inochi moratta! "That life is mine!" Ankoku Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi (SDM)
行っちまえな! Icchimae na! "Go away!" Hoeru Daichi

Heavenly Kings

New Faces Team

Yashiro: "It's the Orochi blood! Humans can't handle it! Well, let's get going."
"Yashiro": "I'm impressed."
Yashiro: "Hmph."
"Yashiro": "An interesting performance! For a sideshow!"
Yashiro: "Shut up and show yourself!"
O. Yashiro: "Ah."
Yashiro: "Long time, no see."
O. Yashiro: "It hasn't been a long time! You're simply imposters!"
Yashiro: "Maybe. But it's a good plan. Splitting our minds and bodies, we made the Orochi awakening so much easier to fulfill!"
O. Yashiro: "Great idea, clonebag! But the Orochi awakening, it's Goenitz's success! The remaining Hakkeshu! To awaken the Orochi, we still need their energy!"
Yashiro: "Our combined energy...It's too slight to wake Orochi!"
O. Yashiro: "It was a tough plan. Splitting mind and body. But we increased the energy."
Shermie: "All we need now is a place to gather substantial energy."
Yashiro: "I got it! A place where people would easily gather!"
Chris: "The King of Fighters. What a break!"
Yashiro: "We can also defeat Kusanagi, Yagami, Kagura, all who would get in our way! To increase our energy, let's really show our stuff!"
O. Yashiro: "With this battle, the ultimate energy will be given to Orochi!"

The King of Fighters '98

In Battle

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
Chris よう!"Yo!" Intro
Shermie 楽しもうぜ。Tanoshimou ze. "Let's have some fun." Intro
Iori Yagami やだな、強そう…ってかあ!Yada na, tsuyosou...tte ka! "Oh no, he looks strong...not!" Intro
バイバイ! Baibai! "Bye-bye!" Round Win

Win Quotes

  • "You're not too bad. That is, you're second."

Win Quotes (JPN version)

Japanese English Translation
デカくて、速くて、強いこと。これだけ揃えば負けはない "Size, speed, and strength. If you have these, you won't lose."
どうして勝ったかって? 負けたあいつに聞いてくれ "Why did I win? Ask yourself, loser."
Iori Yagami あんたやるじゃないか。だが....、世界じゃ二番目ヤ "You're not that bad. But...., you're the world's second place."

The King of Fighters R-2

Intro Quotes

  • "Cool it, loser!"
  • "Here we go, bud!" (vs. Shermie)
  • "Whoa!" (vs. Chris)
  • "You look tough!" (vs. Iori)
  • "World, awake!" (as Orochi Yashiro)

Round Win Quotes

  • "Strong and cool. I'm too much!"
  • "Having fun yet?"
  • "Bye bye!"
  • "Oooaaaaah!" (as Orochi Yashiro)

Win Quotes

  • "Even with excuses, you still lose!"
  • "Size! Speed! Guts! I've got 'em all!"
  • "You ask why I won? 'Cos you're a wimp!"

The King of Fighters 2002

In Battle

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
Chris / Goenitz よう!"Yo!" Intro
Shermie パツンパツンだな... Patsun patsun da na... "You're pretty aren't ya..." Intro
Iori Yagami 痛くしちゃ嫌よ...ってかあ! Itakushicha iya yo...Tte ka! "I won't like it if it hurts...not!" Intro
てめえ...ベコベコにしてやるぜ! Temee... Bekobeko ni shiteyaru ze! "You bastard... I'm gonna bust you up!" "ERROR..."code**2002**

In Battle (Orochi)

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
地にうごめく力、我に! Chi ni ugomeku chikara, ware ni! "The power to move the earth, to me!" Intro
よそ見すんな! Yosomi sun na! "Don't look away!" Niragu Daichi
絶対…後悔させてやるぜ! Zettei...koukai sasette yaru ze! "You'll absolutely...regret this!" Armageddon

Win Quotes

  • "You're big! You're tough! You're out of control!" (Win as Yashiro, also in KOF2002UM)
  • "Speed. Brains. Looks. Strength. You need it all, my friend!" (Yashiro, hold B)
  • "My fists have it all! I can knock down anyone!" (Yashiro, hold C)
  • "How 'bout singing at my place. I'll compensated you richly!" (Yashiro vs. Athena)
  • "Hey, our guests await. Let's go, you dorky putz!" (Yashiro vs. Iori)
  • "Hey, Chris. I've beaten babies stronger than you, pork belly!" (Yashiro vs. Kula)
  • "Enjoy these Fisticuffs? You better stay down, simp!" (Yashiro vs. Art of Fighting Team)
  • "Quiet down, you fly!" (Win as Orochi Yashiro, also in KOF2002UM)
  • "Ape me, will you? You bargain basement boob!" (Orochi Yashiro, hold B)
  • "Now who were you calling, "sissy"?" (Orochi Yashiro, hold C)
  • "Enemies! Bring me enemies!" (Orochi Yashiro vs. Mature/Vice)
  • "Bring on all your buddies! I'll moidalize you!" (Orochi Yashiro vs. K9999)

KOF: Sky Stage

Pre Battle Dialogue

Athena Asamiya

Yashiro: "I gotta say, I'm pretty surprised you got this far. Ain't it about time you quit the hero act?"
Athena: "Hero act? I'm just trying to save my friends."
Yashiro: "Why? They're nothing more than animals...nipping at each other's heels! Why save them?!"
Athena: "They won't always be like that! They just need time! For now. I save them because I love to see them happy and smiling..."
Yashiro: "What a laugh! You don't really believe that! Well, let me just say I'm impressed you made it this far."
Athena: "I'll fight you to my last breath if that's what it takes to free everyone!"
Yashiro: "Hah! You're right about one thing... This is where you'll draw your last dying breath!"

Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting

Pre Battle Dialogue

Iori Yagami

Iori: Now I got you. This is between me and him, so you get the heck out of here.
Yashiro: Hmm, a bit earlier than expected. There's a 14% margin of error in power. Nothing unexpected though. I have more than enough data. I'll take the every source of your power, your life energy, right now!
Iori: You sure are out of luck. Having to change in him, of all people. Don't think you'll die painlessly.
Yashiro: Heh, whatever. This body contains a part of the power that once defeated the will of the planet!


UNI-008: Prime target——GEO-GEEGUS found. Your outside does not deceive me. My bio-sonar has already established your true identity!
Yashiro: Hehehehe! You look like a troublesome woman, but at least I've found my next plaything. I just obtained this man's powers, so let's see what they can do! This is pretty impressive, you know? He's the strongest man I've ever met! Gwaahahahaha! With this power, I am already the strongest being in the Universe!
UNI-008: ............
Yashiro: What's wrong? Scared? Well, that won't make me go any easier on you anyway... Let us begin!!!
UNI-008: Ready any time. These wings have seen many people, and experienced many things. Let me show you that SYDIII is not just a combat machine... but that it contains my very heart and soul!
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