Yashamaru Kurama (鞍馬 夜叉丸, Kurama Yashamaru ) is the main protagonist of Samurai Shodown (2019). He is voiced by Kouhei Amasaki.


A young, fallen samurai who stalks the shadows as the phantom thief "Karasu Tengu." Brandishing an heirloom nagamaki, he fights using the ancestral tengu powers he has inherited.[1]

The only thing he wasn’t aware of is that he is targeted by the possessed Shizuka, who mistook him for Yoshitsune.


He loathes villains who exploit the weak for financial gain. Because his father was executed on false charges in the past, he has developed a deep and unparalleled hatred for the corruption within Tokugawa Shogunate, even proclaiming himself as Yoshitora Tokugawa’s rival. Aside being a thief, he is also a ruthless vigilante who will stop corrupted crimes mercilessly, something which the remaining uncorrupted Bakufu members like Yoshitora cannot.[1]



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  • The Crow - Samurai Shodown (2019)

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  • His surname, Kurama, is derived from a mountain in Japan where Sōjōbō, king of the tengu, was said to live. According to legend, it is where Sōjōbō taught swordsmanship to the folk hero Ushiwakamaru, more famously known as Minamoto no Yoshitsune.
    • His nagamaki, Shanaō, shares its name with the moniker that Sōjōbō granted Ushiwakamaru upon coming of age.
  • He shares his given name with one of the Kouga Clan ninjas in the novel The Kouga Ninja Scrolls. Yasha are a race of benevolent demons in Japanese Buddhism, and are counterparts to the malevolent rasetsu.
  • As a descendant of tengu, Yashamaru is part-yōkai.
    • This makes him and Kusaregedo the only characters with such supernatural lineage, though Kusaregedo became one after death, while Yashamaru was born as such from the start.
    • His criminal alias, Karasu Tengu, literally meaning "Crow Tengu," is derived from a breed of tengu that takes on the appearance of a crow.
  • He shares his hatred of the Tokugawa clan with Amakusa, who was also historically executed by them, at first becoming the main villain, eventually becoming something of an anti-hero and finally, a supporting hero.


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