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Yagyu Life Theatre, also dubbed Yagyu Kachou (柳生課長 Yagyū Kachō, lit. "Yagyu the Manager") by fans, is an official side story to the Samurai Shodown series. It places many of the characters in the modern world in a contemporary yet comical manner. It has a few references outside of the series, namely in crossover titles with Capcom. The original story was devised by SNK before its bankruptcy and was posted on the series's old website. Members of the SNK Supporters Club (SSC) were regularly issued comics of the story. The illustrations were done by Senri Kita and the scenarios were written by Masashi Takimoto.

The story mainly follows the "adventures" of middle-class business man (or salaryman) Jubei who has a hard time paying the bills. While he hasn't exactly reached rock bottom, he is a little tired of his mediocre life. His joke Bust version is much more successful and acts more like his game counterpart.

Known Roles

Character Role in the series Role in Yagyu Life Theatre
Jubei Yagyu Ronin hired by the shogunate Average business man; runs his small department in the company
Hanzo Hattori Leader of the Iga ninja clan Above-average business man; friend of Jubei
Tam Tam Sacred hero of Greenhell Homeless man; friend of Jubei
Cham Cham Tam Tam's sister Jubei's maid and caretaker
Shiro Tokisada Amakusa Christian rebel and servant of Ambrosia Ambitious CEO who plots to destroy the competition; Jubei's boss
Basara (known as Basara Ristora) Vengeful ghost that wants to kill Zankuro Worker in the Human Resources department of Jubei's company
Earthquake Bandit and ninja Desk worker
Nakoruru Priestess of Kamui Kotan Company secretary
Rimururu Nakoruru's sister and priestess of Kamui Company mascot
Genan Shiranui Leader of the Shiranui clan Janitor
Haohmaru Star character of the series Restaurant delivery boy (also moves packages)
Charlotte Noblewoman of France Homemaker
Galford Ninja and Superhero of justice Security guard
Poppy Galford's helper Galford's helper (does the paperwork)
Kazuki Kazama Rogue ninja of the Kazama clan Gardener and part-timer
Sogetsu Kazama Elite ninja of the Kazama clan Waiter (and lady killer)
Genjuro Kibagami Killer for hire and Haohmaru's rival Unemployed (because he's too violent)
Mizuki Rashojin Deity that tried to revive Ambrosia New York beautician
Zankuro Minazuki Powerful swordsman known as "the demon" Owner of a takoyaki stand (also serves ramen)
Ukyo Tachibana Wandering expert swordsman Overworked physician
Shizumaru Hisame Amnesic wanderer Spoiled rich kid
Nicotine Caffeine Elderly monk and mentor President of his own company (seeking retirement)
Gaira Caffeine Wandering monk-in-training Loud talker and worker in Nicotine's company
Kyoshiro Senryo Kabuki dancer Artist who stresses over menial details
Shiki Servant of Yuga the Destroyer Door-to-door solicitor

Wan-fu and Neinhalt Sieger are also shown in an illustration as normal businessmen. Asura is also shown working at a bookstore.

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