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Wyler (ワイラー, Wairā) is the final boss in Art of Fighting 3. He is voiced by Atsushi Maezuka.


He is working on perfecting a powerful Elixir that was originally developed by his and Freia Lawrence's fathers. But the essential data needed for completing it was taken by Freia's father when the two's partnership broke up. Wyler believes this action is the cause of his father becoming destitute and even the cause of his death. Freia now has the data. Wyler hires the private investigator partnership of Rody Birts and Lenny Creston to find her (they are convinced it is for romantic reasons). Freia is also being sought out by her old childhood friend Robert Garcia. Wyler finds Freia, though seemingly without the help of the private eyes he hired, completes his elixir and takes it himself, turning into a large Hulk-like man. However, it has an unforeseen after-effect and reverts his mind to a child-like state. Freia chose to stay and tend to him.

In his ending (exclusive to the Japanese Neo Geo CD release), he succeeds in beating everyone in the tournament. However, he still experiences the side-effects of the elixir, toppling to the ground in a weakened state after his victory. He sees the error of his ways once he realizes Freia's feelings for him. Unlike other endings, he doesn't revert to a child-like state.


In his normal form, Wyler tends to be megalomaniacal and fanatical. When he injects himself with the drug, Wyler's mind becomes as that of a child.


  • Superhuman Strength - Caused by the elixir.
  • Superhuman Endurance - Caused by the elixir.
  • Hurricane Attack - Wyler can send a small hurricane forward with a punch.
  • Energy Attack - Wyler's body can generate energy used in his attacks.

Fighting Style

Wyler doesn't have a fighting style. He uses pure instinct along with his superhuman strength in battle.


  • Muzika Jungle Prelude - Art of Fighting 3
  • Muzika Jungle Edition 1, 2 - Art of Fighting 3

Game Appearances

Wyler's card from Card Fighters Clash DS

Cameo Appearances

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