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World Heroes Perfect is the final game of the World Heroes series.


A year has passed since the dark tournament association's movements... The world was peaceful and invitations for the third World Heroes' tournament were mailed by Doctor Brown himself. Heroes who wanted to prove themselves, rivals who wanted their matches settled, and other fighters began to gather once more for the decisive tournament. The news of Zeus' participation was also part of the agenda for those who wanted revenge. The tournament's organization was already desperate but that was not its only horror!


The third sequel, and final installment to the World Heroes series. In this version of World Heroes, every character has an "ABC Special Move" that can be activated by pressing the A, B and C buttons at the same time. The gameplay runs smoother, and the graphics have improved.


This game added two new resources: the HERO GAUGE & CAPABILITIES OF CHAOS.


Now, each of heroes have a distinct Special Ability by pressing the ABC buttons at the same time. These unique abilities have different tricks when combined with cross key motions, so be sure to discover their full effects during battle! New to World Heroes Perfect is the Hero Gauge located at the lower corners of the screen. As the fighters perform heroic attacks, the gauge charges up. Once the gauge fills to the maximum, the word HERO flares up.

At this moment, that character is entitled to use an empowered version of one of his special moves (marked red in the movelists) or a unique Crazy Death Blow (marked in black boxes) which inflicts a load of damage on the opponent! These special moves completely drains the Hero Gauge, so use them at the direst of moments to increase the chance of victory!

Also, keep an eye out on your Life Gauges. When a character takes damage halfway of the gauge, it flashes red and enables the use of Crazy Death Blows without the full Hero Gauge requirement. However, with a flashing Life Gauge and full Hero Gauge, your unique Crazy Death Blow is even more empowered, enough to knock as much as half of your opponent's Life Gauge or more!


The only new character added to the roster is:

  • Son Gokku, the mid-boss of the game, is a warrior that loves adventure. He seeks more and more of it anywhere he can go. He also has no knowledge of civilization as well.

Official Roster

Fuuma Kotaro
Kim dragon-sprite1.gif
Kim Dragon
Julius Carn
Jeanne D'Arc
Muscle Power
Captain Kidd
Ryoko Izumo
Shura WH2.gif
Johnny Maximum

Hidden Character & Mid-Boss

Son Gokuu



Final Boss

Neo dio world heroes.gif
Neo Dio


Note: In this game, each stage represents a period of World History. This also is the only game of the series without a Bonus Stage.
  • Genesis: The world as described in the first chapter of Holy Bible. The fight takes in a reef next to a lava river. Features other rocks, mountains and volcanoes.
    • Note: The stage trembles all the time, as a result of the eruption of volcanoes.
  • Jurassic Period: The world as it was 56 million years ago (estimed).The fight takes in a a clear river in the middle of a forest. Features palm trees, shrubs, flowers, a dragonfly, a tortoise, a fallen log, a giant stone, ornamental plants and a Brachiosaurus.
  • Ice Age: The fight takes next to the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops' skeletons. Features snowy mountains and rocks, pine trees and some rodents (possibly squirrels' ancestors).
  • Stone Age: The period known as Paleolithic (or Old Stone Age). The fight takes in a cave. Features Neanderthal human begins (some next to a bonfire), feline furs, an Allosaurus' skeleton, a flame, giant stone wheels, vegetables and fruits, beside a parade of mammoths, snowy mountains and leafless trees, in the background.
  • Megalithic Age: The Nabta Playa, next to the Egyptian city of Giza, during the construction of the Great Pyramid of Khufu, at sunset. Features a carpet with hieroglyphs, slaves doing paintings, vases with those paintings, Egyptian artifacts, the slave chief being fanned by them, mountains and other slaves carrying some giant haystacks, beside a monkey, walls and wooden beams.
  • Dark Age: An alley in London, during the 13th Century, at night. Features a small mist, wooden barrels, ladders, lamps, houses, small swords and the full moon, beside a castle in the background.
  • Genroku Period: One of Feudal Japan's eras, which occurred during the Tokugawa Shogunate. The fight takes next to a poor village in Edo. Features the local vegetation, small stones, a Japanese hut, a family inside her, an old man, Buddhist stones and the Shogun officers, beside a wicker basket, Japanese flags, other hut, a bridge, a bird, pine trees and the Mount Fuji, in the background. Similiar to the place seen in the endings of Samurai Shodown (2019).
  • Industrial Revolution: The historical period that occurred between the second half of the 18th Century and the first half of the 19th Century. The fight takes next to a steam train, in a British train station. Features some people, train wagons, train tricks, suitcases and luggages, besides the buildings in the background.
  • Great War Period: The period that occured between 1914 to 1918. The fight takes place in a warship inside of a cave, at night. Features the full moon, military submarines and weapons, the sea, flashings, wires and a wooden box suspended by another metal wire, beside a cage with chickens.

  • Blackness Castle: In this version, the hall is more larger and has shades of blue. Features a giant carpet, grey pillars, knights wielding sticks, white statues, saber tooth tigers and a crow flying over the stage, besides a castle column in the background and two paintings which resembles The Raft of the Medusa, by Théodore Géricault. Associated with Zeus.
  • Destroyed Castle: The same stage as Zeus, but destroyed after Neo Dio killing him. Features a stormy sky, wreckages and a semi-destroyed plain. Associated with Neo Dio.
    • Note: When any player makes a strong move with his character, parts of the wreckages begin to fall.

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