World Heroes 2 is the second game in the World Heroes series.


Who is the strongest hero in history!? In order to solve this conundrum, a professor completed a time machine and used it to test the might of warriors from different ages. Unfortunately, he was unable to find an answer. A year later, six new heroes appear. Now, the largest battle of history is about to begin.


According to ADK World, other famous people considered for the cast included Yagyu Jubei, Siegfried, Dracula, Sindbad, and Ramesses III. Other characters who didn't make the cut were an Aztec hero who moved like an animal, an European fencer, and a Native American lady warrior. Their ideas for a tiny Viking girl and Mexican pro wrestler served as a basis for Erick and Muscle Power.


World Heroes 2 added a few more characters, moves, stages, a new life bar selection option; making it a decent improvement over the original game. While the Normal Game mode keeps the normal life bars to each character, the Deathmatch Game, besides keeping the stage hazard from the first game, also introduces a new single life bar shared by the two fighters that goes back and forth as characters are damaged. Every time a character gets beaten, they will get a ten-count bout given by the referee where the player should mash buttons and joystick to stand up for a bit of extra life (being less in the second opportunity). If a character gets knocked out by the third time, he will be out.



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