Wan-fu (Hánzi: 王虎; Pinyin: Wánghǔ; Cantonese: Wong Fu; Japanese: ワンフー, Wanfū) is a character who was introduced in Samurai Shodown. He was modeled after Miyoshi Seikai, one of the warriors said to exist in the Ten Heroes of Sanada. He was removed from the series's lineup after Samurai Shodown II but is revived for his role in Samurai Shodown Sen. He is one of the few characters in the series to have a "joke" ending that breaks the fourth wall. Comically, he admits to the player that "there is no ending to [his] story".


He hails from a powerful family that resides in China and acts as a general in the Qing Dynasty. With his cunning battle strategies and powerful army, Wan-fu seeks to unify all of China. Hearing news of "powerful warriors" gathering in Japan, he sets out in hopes of recruiting them. After Amakusa's defeat, he fails to find any "powerful warriors". A prophet appears before the furious Wan-Fu and informs him of the existence of the "Seed of Destruction", which, in exchange for one's soul, can allow its possessors to rule the world. Determined to find it all costs, as his hope of uniting China would no longer be a mere dream, he leaves his homeland again to obtain it.

He is still recruiting for warriors for his army in the RPG. In the second chapter, he protects Beijing along with his older brother, Wan-Ron (Chinese: 王竜; Pinyin: Wánglóng; Cantonese: Wong Lung; Japanese: ワンロン, Wanron). Together, they are fine warriors and are loved by the people in the capital. However, demons infiltrate their home and brainwash both brothers to be their slaves. The neglect from their protectors brings famine to the city, and protesting citizens are imprisoned to be eaten by the demons. With the party's help, Wan-Fu breaks free of his mind control and saves his brother and people.

In Sen, Wan-fu had returned to his home country. His son contracts a terrible disease that cannot be cured by any of the emperor's doctors. Angered that his country couldn't help his son's plight, he leaves China again to find a cure.


Wan-fu is a man easily moved into action by anger. He is brash and impatient though he means well in the end. He is an old-fashioned warrior, finding respect for others only through learning their worth in battle.


  • Fiery Throw - Wan-fu can throw his weapon as a projectile to his opponents.
  • Fiery Attacks - Wan-fu can tip his attacks with flame.
  • Above average strength - Wan-fu is a very strong man, capable of lifting a man with only one hand.

Fighting StyleEdit

A peculiar trait with Wan-Fu is his ever-changing weaponry with every new game appearance. When he first appears, he fights with a dao, or a Chinese saber. His next appearance in Samurai Shodown II changes his weapon of choice to a stone pillar that is apparently ripped off from a temple. His weapon changes again to a chúi, or a metallic mace, in Samurai Shodown VI. He switches back to his dao sword in Sen. At the risk of leaving himself unarmed, he can fling his weapon at his opponent which will explode on impact. While wielding a blunt weapon, he can bash his head against it and become enraged at the cost of sacrificing a portion of his health. If his opponent touches him during this process, they will take great damage.


  • King Tiger - Samurai Shodown, Samurai Shodown II
  • Wan-fu - Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits: Bushidou Retsuden

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  • Samurai Shodown Tenkadaiichi Kenkakuden

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