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Vice (バイス) is a character who debuted as a member of the Yagami Team in The King of Fighters '96. Her official nickname is The Throbbing Brutal Sadic (躍動やくどうする残忍ざんにん嘲笑ちょうしょう).[1]


Both she and Mature are descendants of Orochi with her being the "cruel" one of the duo. Both women were still being developed during location testing and were likely finished near the end of the game's production schedule.[2][3]


Vice is a violent person, taking great pleasure in killing others and seemingly immune to their pain. She and Mature are not precisely friends, but instead help each other in order to free the power of Orochi.

Despite her brash nature and murder at Iori's hands, and the fact he belongs to the Yasakani bloodline, an enemy of theirs, she and Mature seem genuinely concerned for his well being and respect his wishes rather than their loyalty to Orochi. This, despite Iori's frequent hostilities towards them.

She holds a grudge against Saisyu Kusanagi due his resistance taking her a great deal of unexpected effort to be able to brainwash him in the first place, not to mention being a natural enemy of theirs, and it's due of the nature of this grudge that she despises old men in general, for instance showing total disdain towards Gang-il.

Vice, as part of the Hakkesshu, maintains a regard of protection of nature. During the pre-match dialogue with Nakoruru, both show their mutual concern about it, yet Vice's vision involves the destruction of mankind rather than the peaceful approach that Nakoruru intends. Out of all the lesser Hakkeshus, she is the most vocal of her hatred of humans in general.


  • Slashing Hands - Her hands can slash and pierce as if they were knives (As seen in KOF'96).
  • Multiple Attacks - Vice can kick several times in high speed.
  • Cutting Attacks - Vice can make her kicks be enveloped in a cutting aura. She combines this and the Multiple Attacks power.
  • Snake Arms - Vice can stretch her arms in front of her within a long range and with high speed.
  • Negative Energy - Vice can slam a foe out of pure hatred, producing a pillar of dim light with a large skull inside, this attribute sometimes manifests itself in a burst of deep crimson as well.
  • Hooked Nails - Vice has purple, hooked, acrylic nails, most likely used to grab her opponent.
  • Ignore Weight - Vice can grab and slam anyone bigger than her.
  • Hakkeshu: Darkness - The powers of darkness grant her superhuman strength.

Fighting Style

She is one of the first female grapplers for the series, using a variety of throws to corner and interrupt her opponent's advances. During fights, Vice will often harshly berate her opponent, either by sarcastically remarking the damage she will be doing or by commanding her foe to submit. Vice's hyper super desperation move in 2002 UM also heavily implies she is also willing to eat into her opponents.

At first she was able to use more slashing moves, but in further appearances of her, she uses more punches and fierce attacks like body slams and shoulder charges. In her latest apparitions, her style is more focused mainly in bringing her opponent closer to her so she can keep punishing them incessantly with grabs and other violent combinations.


  • Arashi no Saxophone - The King of Fighters XIII (when the music is set to "Type B", console version only, shared with Mature and Iori Yagami)
  • Arashi no Saxophone 2 - The King of Fighters '96, '98 and 2002
  • Arashi no Saxaphone 5 - The King of Fighters XIII
  • Saxophone Under the Moon - The King of Fighters XIV
  • Tranquilizer - The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match

Voice Actors

Live Action Actors






  • Vice has had different fighting stances in various installments she appears in. She's had a total of three different stances found in KOF '96, KOF '98 and KOF 2002/2002UM. Starting with Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000, she returned to her original '96 stance for all of her future appearances.
  • In the Neo Geo Freak's 1997 Volume 8 character poll, she was voted as the thirteenth favorite character with a total of 780 votes.[4]


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