The King of Fighters 2000

In Battle

  • "Woohoo!"
  • "Wooh!"
  • "Yahoo!"
  • "Kono!" - "Why you!"
  • "One, two!"
  • "Bodi, bodi, bodi! Appaa!" - "Body, body, body! Upper!"
  • "Kore de...taore te!" - "Now go down...with this!"
  • "Appaakotto!"- "Uppercut!"
  • "Yaruki aru?" - "Will you even try?"
  • "Itata!" - "Owowow!"
  • "Donpishya!" - "Right on the money!"
  • "Darashi nai wa ne." - "This is too easy."
  • "Otanoshimi wa...kore kara yo." - "The fun starts...from here."
  • "Wakai wa ne..." - "You're so young..."
  • "Ii pai yaritai kibune." - "I really need a drink."
  • "Ikuwai yo...Hona! Hona! Hona! Mattai masho." - "Here I come...Okay! Okay! Okay! See you later."
  • "Ara, zanen." - "Oh, too bad."

Win Quote

  • "Let's do this again. If you butch up a bit, that is!"

Lose Quote

  • "How cruel... At least hang around a while?"

The King of Fighters 2001

Win Quotes

  • "Well, I did win. Not bad for a gal, eh?"
  • "I saw a good training machine on an infomercial. Buy it!"
  • "How do you like adult women? Uh, hey! Don't get me wrong."
  • "It's a rough world, so I'll take over from here." (vs. Hero Team)
  • "Quite a collection of creeps... Proof that trouble's brewing." (vs. Ikari Team)
  • "You've butched up, eh? I bet your sister's happy." (vs. K')
  • "Thank you so much. You were so helpful." (vs. Ramon)

The King of Fighters 2002

In Battle

  • "Kore ga honban yo!" - "This is where we start!"
  • "Shirafunara makenai te ta deshou!" - "I can beat anyone if I'm not drunk!"
  • "Madda madda aoi wa ne." - "You haven't butched up yet."
  • "Top shelf!"

Win Quotes

  • "Ooh yeah! I'm gonna drink to my success!" (Also in KOF2002UM)
  • "Let's do this again... When you get a little tougher."
  • "Believe. Work. Get back up when you fall... That's life!"
  • "Don't give me that sad, puppy-dog look. I hate that!" (vs. Iori)
  • "I am woman, hear me roar!" (vs. Mature/Vice)
  • "Oh, too bad. You lose. You're gone!" (vs. Ramon)
  • "You need a lot more work... Uh, maybe a lot more." (vs. Females Except Mary/Shermie)

The King of Fighters XI

Win Quotes

  • "Bummer. Such wild swings against a boxer... It's like saying "Beat me senseless, please!""
  • "I don't need a bazooka to kill a fly. One punch to a vital zone. And it's over!"
  • "I don't need victory champagne. Give me a beer. And make it ice-cold!"
  • "Stepping in after a one-two punch... A knob could counter that! Invention! Use it!"
  • "You need to work on your defense, or you'll end up ground beef!" (vs. Hayate)
  • "You're still a greenhorn, aren't you? Get more experience, kiddo!" (vs. K')
  • "Owie-ow-ow... You're one tough cookie! Someone should tenderize your hide!" (vs. Maxima)
  • "You threw me for a loop. You, young lady, are no kid!" (vs. Momoko)

The King of Fighters XIV

Character Select

  • "Boko boko ni shite ageru." - "I'll beat you up."

Pre-Battle Dialogues

Rock Howard

Vanessa: "Haven't seen you around before? Your attitude reminds me of somebody, though. Hmmm... I wonder who...?"
Rock: "H-Hang on a second... Don't stand so close to me!"
Vanessa: "Aww, are you blushing? What a cute kid!"
Rock: "A cute kid? Listen, old lady, I may be younger than you, but I'm not young enough for you to call me that!"
Vanessa: "Old lady?! Hmm... I guess I am getting old. Oh, well. Do you know how to handle an adult woman, kiddo? How about I teach you?"

Ryuji Yamazaki

Vanessa: "I heard reports that a dangerous individual was mixed up in this... Looks like they must have meant you."
Yamazaki: Whaaat? Dangerous? Me? You've got me all wrong, lady. I just wanna make some of these guys scream for mercy!"
Vanessa: "Not so wrong, after all... If you make a fuss, it'll cause trouble for me, too... So, how about taking a little breather, hmm?"
Yamazaki: "What, you wanna fight me? Bwahaha! You're gettin' my blood pumpin', baby!"


Vanessa: "Aww, what's a nice little girl like you doing here? Are they really that short-handed?"
Whip: "My duties aren't only limited to logistical supportal. I could just as easily ask what you think you're doing here.
Vanessa: "Yeah, yeah. Do you people really think you can keep secrets from your opponents? If I'm going to fight an ex-client, I'd better do my best to keep you entertained, but... This really isn't my thing."
Whip: "Haha. If you keep misreading your opponents' abilities like that, you're not gonna get any more job requests."

Win Quotes

Generic Win Quotes

  • "As a sparring partner, you're kind of so-so."
  • "Oof... I'm all worn out."
  • "Ahh, that was a real stress-reliever. Thanks!"
  • "Wow, that match really got my heart pounding! If you were always this good, I'd never get bored."
  • "If you want me to go all out, you need to try harder!"
  • "Hmm... I'm getting a little rusty. Should I be training harder...?"
  • "All right! I could keep this up all day long!"
  • "Aww, were you too busy staring at me? There's such a thing as leaving too many openings, you know."
  • "If we keep fighting, you're going to end up in the hospital... You sure you want to keep going?"
  • "Haha, I'm worn out! That was a great workout."
  • "I know a great place to treat myself to a victory drink, but... It's a little early for that."
  • "Well done, everybody! I'm gonna clock out for the day."
  • "Oh, well, these things happen."
  • "Come back any time!"
  • "OK, that's enough work for today. Why don't we all go out drinking?"
  • "Ouch… My fists hurt because of you, jerk."
  • "You're a real one-trick pony, you know that? It's like you're begging me to beat you senseless!"
  • "Well, that was pathetic… You need more oomph! More oomph!"
  • "It’s okay if you can’t stay on your feet. Just have a nice little nap right there."
  • "Whoops, I should try to stand out less."
  • "Wow, we settled that so nicely!"
  • "Mah, I want to go home and have a cold one…"
  • "You’re not half bad. I’m looking forward to seeing you again."
  • "Ouch… I wonder if I went too far…"

Specific Win Quotes

  • "Maybe you should have stayed a groupie, hmm?" (vs. Alice)
  • "That wild cheering is for me!" (vs. Antonov)
  • "If I beat you up, I'll have crowds of men out for my blood. You don't make it easy, sweetie..." (vs. Athena)
  • "You can't sway a grown woman with just a pretty face. What really matters is what's on the inside, honey." (vs. Benimaru)
  • "That staff of yours would be perfect for drying laundry!" (vs. Billy)
  • "How am I supposed to fight you if I can't get near you? You're not very nice..." (vs. Clark)
  • "Shouldn’t you adjust your strategy more to fight a boxer?" (vs. Dinosaur)
  • "I wonder... If I studied Muay Thai, could I hit people from across the room, too?" (vs. Joe)
  • "You'd be cuter if you smiled once in a while, kiddo." (vs. K')
  • "I might not seem like it, but I'm pretty good with kids!" (vs. Kula)
  • "Hey, we're about the same age. Why don't we forgive and forget? I could use a gal pal." (vs. Luong)
  • "You just keep getting tougher. What a great punching bag you'd make!" (vs. Maxima)
  • "Hey, if you want to sleep so bad, go do it in a bed!" (vs. Meitenkun)
  • "Well, aren't you perky! Seems like you're ready to take on the world. Ah, to be young..." (vs. Mui Mui)
  • "Well? I hope you at least learned something from that, young man." (vs. Nelson)
  • "Oops... Gonna have to take a rain check on that date... again!" (vs. Ramon)
  • "I wish I had a son like you at home to help with the chores." (vs. Rock)
  • "If one strike won't take you out, I'll just keep punching you until you're down!" (vs. Ryo)
  • "Get back on your feet! And keep trying as long as it takes! Sooner or later, you'll find a way." (vs. Shun'ei)
  • "That's quite an outfit... Is that what all the kids are wearing these days?" (vs. Sylvie)
  • "If we're comparing feats of strength, I'm the cream of the crop!" (vs. Vice)
  • "That's an awfully big whip. Have you gotten out of practice with it, or what?" (vs. Whip)
  • "You talk more nonsense than a stumbling drunk..." (vs. Xanadu)
  • "You're a real pain, but I'm glad I got you under control in time." (vs. Yamazaki)
  • "Ooh, dazzling… You’re so young and pretty, it almost hurts to look at you..." (vs. Zarina)
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