Sake neko
Origin California
Age Secret
Has played a SNK Game since Samurai Shodown
Favorite SNK Game The King of Fighters '97
Favorite character All of SNK's main characters (Terry Bogard, Ryo Sakazaki, Kyo Kusanagi, Ralf Jones, ect.), Shiki, Genjuro Kibagami, Shermie
Likes Obscure or cult-favorite video game series, animation of all types (especially anime), trying out new recipes, long walks
Favorite Foods Ice cream, Italian cuisine, home made Japanese dishes
Dislikes religious fanatics, radical feminists, crowds

I'm the same user from Wikipedia, though the stricter regulations for sources and citations have attracted me to go over here to Wikia instead. Plus, there's a stronger community here for the games I really like so why not join? SNK has always produced games that I've enjoyed and it's pretty sad how little attention their games and characters get in the states. Meaning that most of the development for games is usually left in Japanese. :(

I usually keep the facts straight from Japanese articles but sometimes I mistranslate them when I get too sleepy (it's not my native tongue). I hope someone here can double-check me every now and then.

On another note, I'm a fan of a lot of SNK's voice actors. A few of my favorites are this guy, this guy, and this gal.

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