Origin California
Age Secret
Has played a SNK Game since Samurai Shodown
Favorite SNK Game Samurai Shodown II
Favorite character Genjuro Kibagami, Cast from all of the game franchises overall
Likes Obscure video games, manga and anime, photoshop, downloading tons of media online
Favorite Foods Salmon, Italian cuisine, home made Japanese dishes, Cookies
Dislikes Blind religious faith, radical feminists, closed mindsets, weebos, "FANS"

Same user coming from Wikipedia, I made a wikia account for general editing a long time ago though I hadn't seen any wikia I really wanted to edit 'til now. Wikipedia (and its internal communities) over the years seems to have strayed far from its original intentions as it has become more indoctrinated, taking more and more liberties on how much freedom can be expressed by its users. Needless to say I've gotten kind of sick of it over there.

I love the care and attention SNK make towards both their creations and fans. An aspect I feel somewhat lacking at times in their rival company Capcom. Not to say I don't like Capcom, but that's an entirely different matter altogether. I generally like to do small edits for things like grammar, reading comprehension or just updating info. I hope my stay here will be fun and relaxing =)

I've recently adopted this wiki to help keep it in shape during the original creator's absence. If you have any questions or problems that need attention, feel free to drop me a line on my talk page and I'll see what I can do.

My contributions

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