aka Hansen Sebastian

  • I live in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • I was born on February 24
  • My occupation is IT-in-training and admin of Initial D Wiki
  • I am Male
Hansen Sebastian (aka DecadeHansen on Wikia)
Birthplace Jakarta, Indonesia
Birthdate 24 February 1993
Blood type B
Has played an SNK game since The King of Fighters '97
Favorite SNK game The King of Fighters '98
Favorite character Kyo Kusanagi
Height I won't tell you
Weight I won't tell you
Family/Relatives I have many relatives
Job/Occupation College student at London School Beyond Academy, Jakarta
Likes Myself, giving people orders, scolding people, people who admit my way of righteousness
Dislikes Evildoers, cheaters, liars, bullies, terrorists, criminals, drugs and drug cartels, smokers, people who give me orders, being scolded
Hobbies Browsing the internet, watching TV, playing games
Favorite foods Tofu
Forte in sports None (I only watch sports but never liked doing sports)
Special skills Able to start a car within milliseconds of the car's key being inserted, able to open locks within milliseconds of the lock's key being inserted
Most unpleasant Campus assignments
Favorite music All except retro dangdut

A wikia contributor who is also an occasional Kamen Rider fan, I enter the SNK Wiki to edit all pages as I see fit, as well as climb the Wikia Food Chain from producer all the way up to top consumer. I forgot my password to my old account so I made this new one myself with an easier password.

I also more often than not see anime posts on Danbooru, which unfortunately got blocked as of June 2016. I then shifted to browsing Pixiv for such posts.

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