Tsugumi Ichitsuka (壱塚 つぐみ, Ichitsuka Tsugmi) is an 18-year old character from the Days of Memories series. She appears in Junpaku no Tenshitachi.


Tsugumi is one of the hospital's patients who had lost her memory ten years ago. Her family founded the place with hopes to also make it an astrological observatory. Unlike her sister, she lives a primarily in-doors lifestyle due to her bouts of fainting spells. She insists that her mask is her real face, which ostracizes her from others. She has no friends and she finds personal joy in reading. If the protagonist becomes her friend, she'll warn him of a lurking presence in the hospital.

Her ending is very similar to Ayame's ending, until her sister attempts to stab the protagonist. Instead of being severely injured, Ayame accidentally strikes Tsugumi's mask and the impact of the blow restores Tsugumi's memories. She reveals to the protagonist that she is actually Ayame's grandmother; her youthful appearance is due to the experiment that Magaki conducted ten years ago. They posed as sisters since Tsugumi had reverted to a child-like state. Although she appreciates her grandchild's concern, Tsugumi asks Ayame to stop forcing herself for her protection.

Their reunion is interrupted by Shion who was sent by Magaki to finish them off. The protagonist will try to hold him off but he fights a losing battle. Tsugumi shields him from one of Shion's blows, causing her to suffer from a serious wound. All hope seems lost until they are saved by Malin. They escape from Magaki's hideout, Ayame leaving the group briefly to set it ablaze. Luise heals Tsugumi's wounds by singing, saving her life from danger. Once she awakens, Tsugumi entreats the dishearten Ayame to keep working at the hospital. When the protagonist privately asks her the reasons for her masks, Tsugumi explains that she couldn't cope with her losses -her husband, children, and original body were "killed" all at once- and used it as a method of escaping.


When she had lost her memories, Tsugumi was a childish and odd recluse with old-fashioned tastes. She refers to herself in third person and is proud of her "many faces". She gets embarrassed when someone tries to remove her mask without permission. Once she regains her memories, she is a refined and gentle woman. Tsugumi is charmed by the protagonist's love for her, glad to have a real friend at last.


  • Sense: Tsugumi can sense the presence of others.


  • Peluna Sora wo Tobu - Days of Memories

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