Trevor Spacey (トレバー・スペイシー, Torebā Supeshī; 트레버 스페이시, Teulebeo Seupeisi) is a character who was introduced in Metal Slug 4. He replaces Tarma Roving's absence from the cast.


A new recruit to the team who was sent by the government forces. He teams up with Nadia Cassel to bring down the Amadeus syndicate. He eventually gets the decoder needed to disrupt the "White Baby", a mysterious but deadly cyber virus.


Trevor is a programing genius. He looks up to Marco Rossi due to Marco's superior computer skills.

Fighting StyleEdit

Uses Taekwondo as well as military training. He also fights with a hidden blade inside his boot's heel.

Game AppearancesEdit

  • Metal Slug 4
  • Metal Slug Defense (mobile game, unlockable)
  • Metal Slug Attack




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