Tony (トニー) is an anime original character created as a foil for Terry in the second Fatal Fury OVA. He is voiced by Masami Kikuchi in Japanese and Tony Sampson in English.


Tony first meets Terry while fishing near a construction site where Terry was temporarily working. As the two make small talk and share hot dogs, they watch as some nearby kids re-enact Terry's fight against Geese. While Terry is flattered by the display, Tony angrily tries to break it up seeing it as an insult to his idol. The kids in turn jeer and belittle Tony's father as a coward causing the latter to start beating them up. Terry steps in to stop the fight, admonishing that the stronger man wouldn't harm the weak. The two are interrupted by a challenge from Kim who requests Terry for a duel. After Terry wins, Tony immediately asks to become a disciple but is turned down. As the two leave the docks they are approached by Krauser who easily beats Terry.

After the encounter, Tony brings his beaten idol to have him taken care of by his mother. As Terry leaves Tony relays to him that Krauser was waiting for a rematch due to Terry's wounded condition in their last fight. He is shocked when the fighter ignores the message and determinedly decides to follow Terry in his travels. Later while trying to get shake Terry out of drunken stupor to leave a bar, they are interrupted by Axel Hawk who demands a fight. Defending his idol, he is dragged into a fight with Axel's subordinate which is the catalyst that spurs Terry out of his slump.

From then on the two travel together as Terry trains to prepare for his confrontation against Krauser. He watches as the two finally clash in Krauser's castle and is sullen by the fight's ending. He is eventually reunited with his mother and promises to one day to become as strong as Terry.


Due to his father's death, he is tenaciously independent and tries to find work where he can to support his mother. As his father died in a street fight, he is defensive and easily angered when others slight his father as a weakling. Wanting to follow in his father's footsteps to become a great fighter, Tony idolizes Terry and seeks to learn what he can from him. Slightly naive and optimistic due to his age, he is confused when Terry becomes depressed after the latter's loss to Krauser and staunchly does what he can to convince Terry to fight again.

He becomes horrified at the conclusion of Terry's battle with Krauser realizing that fighting wasn't nearly as an idealistic affair as he imagined. He however still remains hopeful and vows to become strong to protect his mother.

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