Tohma Kuki (九鬼 刀馬, Kuki Tōma) is a character who appears only in Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage. He is voiced by Tetsuya Sakai.


He is an albino orphan who had come aboard a ship from the west (Europe). He was the adopted son of the great samurai legend, the fantastic Kuki, and in order to live up to his heritage, Tohma trained everyday since he was young in order to become a true samurai. Since their father seemed to favor Seishiro more than him, Tohma became embittered and envious of his brother. One night, Tohma killed his father and stole the sword, Kohoh, from him; a sword that was said to grant incredible strength to its owner. Later, he joined Mikoto and Oboro to create the Razor Trio as the "mightiest swordsman". Arrogant with power, he sets his sights on Seishiro's sword.

As with Seishiro's ending, Tohma loses his fight against Seishiro. He awakes in Riten Kyo three days later with Mikoto beside him. She relays Seishiro's messages to him: his brother forgave him and wants Tohma to live. Tohma recognizes Mikoto's love for him and admits a third blade that is more powerful than the two Seishiro has, which is Mikoto. He leaps from the castle's balcony, promising to return as a "better blade" for both Seishiro and Mikoto. It is implied that his leap is a suicide attempt but, because of the ambiguous wording of the script, he may have also survived the fall a la Geese Howard fashion. The latter case is true in Kunou Seishiro's scenario.


He is abrasive and cold to all around him. Disgusted with weaklings, Tohma only marvels power and hardly respects anything else.


  • Translocation - Tohma can move himself at blinding speeds.
  • Searing slash - Tohma's sword can burn his opponents' flesh with each attack.

Fighting Style

Tohma is a character who represents a completely offensive style. Despite the ability to move quickly, his attacks are risky and leave him very vulnerable when blocked. When he hits, Tohma can increase his damage by inputting a long, difficult string of button combinations. As he is also boss character, his moveset was made to be difficult for players to execute to balance out his power.


  • One's Own Art - Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage
  • Zero - Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage
  • Zero II - Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage

Game Appearances




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