The Red Dragon (ザ・レッド・ドラゴン , Za Redo Doragon) is a character from SNK's 3 Count Bout wrestling game. He was clearly inspired by japanese professional wrestling legend The Great Muta, having a similar attire to the one Muta used in his early years and being able to use the Muta Mist.


The Red Dragon is a japanese martial artist who studied Kung Fu, in spite of it being a chinese martial art. He got involved with Professional Wrestling and created his own fighting style, mixing Kung Fu moves with Pro Wrestling. Since joining the SWF, he became a face and begun a friendly rivalry with Terry Rogers.

His gimmick is that of the "Master Matial Artist" and his maneurisms are inspired by Bruce Lee.


His personality in the ring is just like Bruce Lee's, arrogant and cocky. Dragon is very calm in real life.

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The Red Dragon uses a mix between Kung Fu and Professional wrestling.

He uses the following moves:

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Reddragon The Red Dragon

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