The Last Blade - Beyond the Destiny, known as Romance of the Bakumatsu Special: Swordsman of the Moonlight - On the Moon a Flower Blooming, a Petal Falling (幕末浪漫特別編 月華の剣士 ~月に咲く華、散りゆく花~, Bakumatsu Rōman Tokubetsu: Gekka no Kenshi - Tsuki ni Saku Hana, Chiri Yuku Hana) in Japan, is an adaption of both titles of the The Last Blade series for the Neo Geo Pocket Color.


The game initially begins as a normal adaption for the first game. When players finish a story with a character, they are awarded a certain amount of points. As players collect points, they can purchase several features such as endings, characters, or mini-games. Through this process, they can change their game into the sequel and experience different endings during each play. Aside from this feature, fans hail this game for keeping the series's unique gameplay largely intact.

Musashi, Shigen, Shikyoh (and his counterpart Mukuro), and Juzoh are not playable. However, the last two star in their own mini-games, "Great Escape" -where Mukuro "swims" away from the Hades Portal- and "Home Run Competition" -in which Juzoh bats pitches from Akari-.


Hidden Characters


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