For the CGI animation, check The King of Fighters: Destiny.

The King of Fighters: Destiny (拳皇命運) is a beat-em up game based on The King of Fighters: Destiny animated web series, with the play using fan favorite fighters against waves of enemies using signature fighting moves. The game has graphics similar to that of The King of Fighters XIII. Angelababy, a very well-known actress in China, has been featured as the image character Ying.


Original Characters


  • Ying (颖)
  • Sealed Orochi (封印·大蛇)


  • Angelina (安琪丽娜)
  • Simon (西蒙)

Awakening Characters

  • Awakening Kyo "New Year" (觉醒·新春京)
  • Awakening Daimon "New Year" (觉醒·新春大门)
  • Awakening Mai "New Year" (覺醒·新春舞)
  • Awakening Terry (觉醒·特瑞)
  • Awakening Benimaru (觉醒·红丸参上)
  • Awakening Geese (觉醒·傑斯)
  • Awakening Iori (觉醒·八神)
  • Awakening Rugal (觉醒·卢卡尔)
  • Awakening Chizuru (觉醒·千鹤)
  • Awakening Athena (觉醒·雅典娜)
  • Awakening Goenitz (觉醒·高尼茨)
  • Awakening Ryo (觉醒·坂崎良)
  • Awakening Orochi Chris (觉醒·炎克里)
  • Awakening Kim (觉醒·金)
  • Awakening Robert (觉醒·罗伯特)
  • Awakening Leona (觉醒·莉安娜)
  • Awakening Goenitz (觉醒·基烈寺)
  • Awakening Ryuji (觉醒·山崎龍二)


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