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The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match Online (拳皇'98:終極之戰OL), briefly referred to as KOF'98 UM OL‎, is an officially authorized SNK Playmore mobile game by PlayHit Southeast Asia. It is a free-to-play, tactical RPG fighting mobile game based on The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match

The game first launched in 2014 in China. It currently has regional servers in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and the United States.



Main cover.

Players get to control a team of 6 fighters simultaneously and get to fight in various battles modes compete against NPCs and other players.

Battle Modes

  • Main Campaign - a series of story line stages that players progress through in the game, the higher the level, the better the rewards (requires 6SP, drops gems)
  • Elite Campaign - a harder version of the Main Campaign with fewer stages, but drops better items (requires 12SP, drops scrolls, fighter fragments, max 3 challenge chances per day or use Diamonds to reset)
  • Hell Campaign - the toughest campaign stages in the game (requires 12 SP, once off talent points, artifact source and other items after clearing)
  • Ultimate Trials - Continuously challenge stronger Fighters and fight your way up the floors for better rewards. Choose from easy, normal or hard opponents for each fight, with the harder fights giving you more 'stars' that can be used to purchase buffs for your team. Open Hidden Safes along the way and stand a chance to get some rare items. Fighters do not recover HP automatically and cannot be used in trials battles if it dies, until the trials progress resets the next day. Players will also accumulate points over time, of which they can claim special rewards for accumulating a certain amount of points. (Points = Total Points*8% + Today's Points)

Gameplay of Yuri, Athena, Kyo & Kim vs. Benimaru

  • Clone Battle - Rugal has made clones of world renowned fighters and is sending them to wreck havoc across the world. Players can team up together to defeat these clones and get their Fragments.
  • Gold Rush - Destroy a car with your hands and sell its parts for Gold
  • Female Fighters - A fight where players can only use their female fighters, win to collect cuisine boxes
  • Mirage Challenge - If players deploy the same fighters are the opponents, that specific enemy fighter will run away automatically and drop a fighter fragment. (Unlocks Lv.37, available Mon., Wed., Fri., Sun.)
  • EXP Rush - Destroy the vending machine and get as many EXP cola as you can. (Unlocks Lv.30, available everyday of the week)
  • Combo Challenge - A challenge where damage is not based on your fighters attack power but on how many combos you can do. (Available during special events)

PVP Battle Modes

  • Arena - Fight against other players in the Arena and see who is the strongest. Players have 5 free challenge chances everyday, while additional chances can be purchased using Diamonds. Small rewards can be claimed everyday according to the number of points players gain in the arena, including power fragments. Special ranking rewards will be sent to player's mailboxes at the end of everyday according to player's rank. Players will also gain Honor coins in this gameplay, which can be used to purchase rare items in the Honor Store.
  • Club Battle - Players in Clubs can partake in the Club battles and vie for the title of the strongest club. Players will fight against one another in a face off match and will gain 2 points for winning, 1 point for losing a match. Fighters can deploy a maximum of 6 fighters, which will not recover HP after each fight and be automatically matched against a new opponent after each victory until all the fighters are defeated. There are several battle modes, so all the fighters can be used
    • MON, Preliminary 1, Only Male Fighters
    • TUE, Preliminary 2, Only Female Fighters
    • WED, Quarter-final 1, Only DPS Fighter
    • THU, Quarter-final 2, Only TANK Fighters
    • FRI, Quarter-final 3, Only GANK Fighters
    • SAT, Finals, Top 8 (by points)
  • Cross-server Loot Battle - 2 servers are pit head on against one another in a battle to see which is the strongest server. Each ore spot on the mine represents a certain number of points, the higher the ranking, the higher the points. The server with the higher number of points will be crowned the winner and participating players from both servers will gain an ton of 'Energy' (a resource) at the end of the season, which can be exchanged for valuable items such as Rugal[Frag], Power Fragment, Esoteric Chest (Orange) etc.
  • Cross-server Tournament - Similar to the Tournament, but bigger and better, fighting against up to 4 other servers at the same time. Tournament rewards can be exchanged for K'[Frag], Yashiro[Frag], HUD Sunglasses[Frag].
  • Honor Battle - A mysterious man has opened up 12 Dojos. Players can fight against people from other servers to collect Constellation Dojo Badges to claim rewards and challenge for the title of the Honor King after collecting all 12 badges. Given that a players' power level matches the requirements of a specific Dojo, they can become a Dojo protector after successfully winning a challenge, and claim rewards

Main menu of the game, with the characters choosen by the player.

  • Peak Battle - This is a real-time gameplay where players will be matched against other players. Both players will take turns to select from a randomly selected roster of fighters into their team. A maximum of 4 fighters can be deployed at any one time and cannot be switched out in between. A player loses when there are no fighters left to be deployed or if all the deployed fighters die within 1 round. Players will Peak Battle Points from fights and over time based on their Peak Battle Rank, which can be used to exchange for rare items in the store.
  • Tournament - Players can register a maximum of 10 fighters, fighting in a 1v1 battle against other players for a maximum of 10 rounds in an elimination system battle. Players that loses 3 fights will automatically be eliminated from the tournament, until there are only 8 contestants remaining, hereafter players will face off against each other in a bracket elimination match in the Ultimate Fight. In the Ultimate Fight, each side can send 3 fighters who will fight in a 1v1 system. There is no round limit and the match will only end after one side's fighters have all been defeated. Players will get a Gold Chest for winning a match and a Silver Chest for losing a match, which can be exchanged for Fighter Fragments later in the game. Ranking rewards will be given out at the end of each day. Players can also bet Gold on who they think will be the champion of the day's tournament, and can get Gold coins depending on the odds. (Odds decrease as more players place their bet on the same player)

Game Features

  • Achievements - Players can claim additional priority through completing certain achievements
  • Artifacts - Artifacts can be cultivated using Artifact Source, which provide overall stat boost to all fighters. Higher level artifacts require meeting certain requirements such as team level, no. of purple fighters, total stars in campaign etc. to unlock
  • Bar - Players can spend Gold or Diamonds to draw items and Fighters here, this is the key feature for players to grow strong in the beginning of the game
  • Club - Fighters band together here to train and fight against other clubs
    • Lobby - Check club's key stats and fighters
    • Club Battle - Fight against other clubs, set club battle formation, exchange for fighter fragments from club battle loots
    • Club Challenge - Club members work together to defeat super strong Bosses to receive rare loot
    • Training House - Players can train their fighters 24/7 here
    • Billy's Stick - Mini-game where players can gain, Gold, Diamonds & Billy Fragments
    • Iori's Dice - Mini-game where players can gain Gold, Club Coins, Gold and Iori Fragments
    • Research Institute - Upgrade club features and mini-games here
    • Lucky Bag - Daily lucky bags give Gold, Diamond and Artifact Source
  • Esoterics - Each esoteric stone gives a slight boost when embedded on a fighter, and completing a specific set of esoteric stone can give an additional skill.
  • Hall of Fame - Players can feed food to their fighters here, which will given slight boosts to a fighters stats as well as increase their priority in a fight (the probability to attack first)
  • Quests
    • Daily Quest - Resets everyday and also gives players free SP in the morning, afternoon and evening, also where players can claim extra Diamonds when they have activated 'Benefits'
    • Main Quest - Quests that progress over time and give out small rewards
  • Statue Gallery - Buy statues to give boost to specific fighters. There are 5 types and 4 grades of statues for each character.
  • Stores - Purchase a variety of items here to upgrade fighters and strengthen items
    • Equipment Chest - open with Diamonds to get a variety of items. Awakening gem guaranteed after opening 10
    • General Store - basic gems and fighter fragments can be bought with Gold or Diamonds
    • Honor Store - Honor Coins from Arena can be exchanged for rare items
    • Trial Store - Trial Coins from Ultimate Trials can be exchanged for rare items
    • Club Store - Club Coins from club contributions and events can be exchanged for rare items
  • Talent Points - Talent points help to increase your fighter's attributes. There are various talent tree branches that allow players to focus on specific group of fighters, such as front row vs. rear row, DPS vs. GANK vs. TANK etc.

Fighting Upgrade Systems

  • Star Enhance - Collecting sufficient fighter fragments can evolve a fighter to the next star level, which significantly increases overall stats
  • Equipment - Each fighter has 4 pieces of equipment (weapon, jacket, pants, shoes) as well as a slot for badge and a slot for tomes. Each item can be upgraded individually to strengthen fighters power
    • Enhance - This increases the item level
    • Awakening - This improves the item quality, awakening certain weapons can also significantly improve Ultimate skills
  • Fightsoul - Significantly boosts a fighters abilities, sometimes even allowing fighters to use their ULT skills in the first round
  • Promote - Improve a fighters quality
  • Skill - Upgrade skills individually to boos the fighters small and ULT skill in battle as well as passive skills
  • Upgrade - Give EXP drinks to fighters to level up fighters quickly
  • Eight Elements - Contains 8 Gates: Heaven, Lake, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Water, Rock and Earth
    • Heaven - All Gameplay bonus (May contain Critical, Damage, Defense and HP)
    • Lake - Upgrades Fighters Pasive.
    • Fire - Increases Fighters Skill Chances by 6%
    • Thunder - Upgrades Fighters Skill.
    • Wind - Tournament(KOF Tournament and Cross-Server KOF Tournament) Bonuses
    • Water - Upgrades/Changes Fighters Ultimate ((MAX -> SMAX) A new Powerful Ultimate)
    • Rock, Earth - "Open for a Surprise" (Earth Gate can upgrade fighters Aptitude. Example: 12->13, 13->14 12->12+, 13->13+)
  • Evolve - Collecting Evolve Materials can evolve a fighter, which increases fighter power as well as fighter's star of star level become red one instead of yellow one. Evolved Fighter has new passive for each evolve level they achieve (5 in current, maybe 7 in future)


Official Roster

In All Versions

Samurai Shodown
Other Games

In Most Versions (Excepting Global Version)


Crossover Characters

Dynasty Warriors (Koei Tecmo; Only In Japanese Version)

Goblin Slayer (SB Creative; Only In Japanese Version)

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2(Arc System Works; Only In Japanese Version)

The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon's Judgement (Studio DEEN; Only In Japanese Version)

Senran Kagura (Marvelous Entertainment; Only In Japanese Version)

Dead or Alive 6 (Koei Tecmo; Only In Japanese Version)

In-File Characters


Own Stages

  • Desert
  • Road
  • Viaduct
  • Amusement Park
  • Arena
  • Japan Avenue
  • China Avenue
  • Japan Courtyard
  • Aircraft
  • Mall
  • Oil Refinery Area
  • China Terrace
  • Sakura Forest
  • Field of Lava
  • Halloween House
  • Christmas House
  • Seoul Plaza
  • Frozen Forest
  • Seabed

Retrieved from KOF Games

  • Pao Pao Cafe (KOF '94 Mexico Team Stage)
  • Kyokugenryu Dojo (KOF '95 Art of Fighting Team Stage)
  • USA Stage (KOF '95 Rivals Team Stage)
  • Southtown Railroad at Noon (KOF '96 Fatal Fury Team Stage)
  • Esaka Stage (KOF '96 Hero & Psycho Soldier Teams Stage)
  • Gwanghwamun Gate (KOF '96 Korea Team Stage)
  • Koshien Stadium (KOF '97 Japan Stage)
  • Adventure Land (KOF '97 USA Stage)
  • Gyeongbokgung Palace (KOF '97 Korea Stage)
  • The Altar of Orochi (KOF '97 Boss Stage)
  • Japan Street (KOF '98 Japan Stage 1)
  • USA Yard (KOF '98 USA Stage 1)
  • USA Wharf (KOF '98 USA Stage 2)
  • Airport Stage (KOF '99 Stage)
  • Bulguska Temple (KOF 2001 Korea Stage)
  • 63 Building (KOF 2002 Korea Stage)
  • Neo Geo World (KOF 2002 UM Stage; showed in Halloween Version and Christmas Version)
  • The Mediterranean Sea (KOF 2002 UM Italy Stage)
  • Dongdaegu Station (KOF 2002 UM Korea Stage)
  • NESTS Clone Laboratory (KOF 2002 UM NESTS Stage)
  • Stadium (KOF XII Stage)
  • Red Square (KOF XII Stage)
  • Japan Stage (KOF XIII Stage)
  • China Stage (KOF XIII Stage)
  • South Town Stage (KOF XIII Stage)
  • Rose Stadium (KOF XIII Stage)
  • Mount Fuji (KOF XIII Japan Stage)
  • Masquerade (KOF XIV Official Invitation Team Stage)
  • Guanajuato Dynamite Ring (KOF XIV Mexico Team Stage)
  • The Bund (KOF XIV Psycho Soldier Stage)
  • Dream World (KOF XIV Another World Team Stage)
  • Antonov Super Arena (KOF XIV Sub Boss Stage)

Retrieved from SNK Games

  • SNK Planet (Neo Geo Battle Coliseum Stage)

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