The King of Fighters: Kyo (ザ・キング・オブ・ファイターズ 京, Za Kingu obu Faitāzu Kyo) is a manga that takes place after The King of Fighters '95 and ends with the climax of The King of Fighters '96. It is illustrated by Masato Natsumoto and was published by HaohKC in 1996. The manga is three volumes long, the last one being printed in 1997. A game of the same was also developed; the story was expanded to include the events of The King of Fighters '97.


The story begins during the climax of the 1995 tournament. Kyo triumphs over Iori, winning with a time out. The Japan Team advances into the finals and are sent to Black Noah. There, they are confronted by Rugal, who sends the brainwashed Saisyu to defeat them. Kyo snaps his father of his mind control by defeating him. He then wins a close battle against Omega Rugal.

Kyo returns to his classes the following week. His girlfriend and classmate, Yuki asks him where he went but he dodges her interrogation. Class progresses normally, everyone in the room half-admiring and half-fearing Kyo, until Athena Asamiya is introduced as the new transfer student. She asserts that she came to his school to observe him. She is followed by Kensou who watches from outside the class; Yuki is upset and catches Kyo in a choke hold, asking him who is she and why does she know so much about him.

Meanwhile, at Kyo's home, Eiji infiltrates the manor and searches for any history concerning Orochi. He is caught by a perceptive Shizuka who then "invites" him to stay as a guest. Saisyu, who has returned home for the time being, decides to keep a close eye on him. Billy keeps tabs with Iori and Eiji to help the investigation for his boss.

When school ends for the day, Athena explains to Yuki about the KOF tournament; it turns out that Yuki was unaware of it. She's not fully convinced and chides Kyo for hitting a girl, which in return upsets Athena as she beleives Yuki is insulting her.

As Kensou is trying to get into the talk and ask Athena what does she really want to do, Iori appears and tosses him around, since he comes to fight Kyo. During their fight, Iori uses his Orochi blood, and he severely beats Kyo. Yuki tries to stop them and yells at Iori, only to have him catch her to briefly taunt Kyo and then release her when Kyo says he wouldn't harm a woman who can't fight back, restarting the fight. Their fight comes to a halt when Athena uses her powers to tap into Iori's mind, seeing a crying child in his heart, and being left very disturbed by said vision. He leaves the dishearten Kyo, satisfied enough with his win.

The loss demoralizes Kyo, making him unable to shoot out flames. He continues to lose against Billy (who tracked him down for info about his clan) and in a match with one of Goro's students, Maeta. The last match had a bet, the winner being the man worthy to protect Yuki -- who also was upset with Kyo because she did not know about him being a fighter, meaning he had kept secrets from her for the first time ever.

By then, everyone who knows him begins to worry about Kyo's lack of confidence. He has ditched classes and wanders meaninglessly with even Iori uninterested in him. Yuki, wanting to cancel her "obligation" to Goro's student, goes on a outing with him. They meet Benimaru who asks her if she knows where Kyo is. Soon afterwards, when she's about to politely turn Maeta down, she's kidnapped by a mysterious masked bike rider, claiming to be Orochi.

Kyo's friends chase the biker through the town whose antics eventually attract Kyo's attention. By then, however, Kyo has fallen in a frenzied state similar to the Riot of the Blood, and he fights the biker as soon as he ties up yuki to the top of a lamp post and defies him.

During the fight, Yuki realises the kidnapper's identity and tells Kyo that it's be Saisyu in disguise. When this happens, Kyo tears Saisyu's mask apart and this is confirmed. Saisyu then proceeds to literally beat sense into his son, reminding him that Kyo fights to protect those that he loves -- this is symbolized by a flashback to his child years, where he first trains roughtly with Saisyu as he tells him why the Kusanagis must fight, and then by a sweet moment with Shizuka as she nurses kid!Kyo's injuries after he gets into a fight to defend his friends and he promises to protect her and others. His lesson is enforced when he cuts off the rope keeping Yuki tied up to the lamp post, and Kyo saves her falling at such a huge height.

While Kyo and the gang enjoy their summer, Mature and Vice invite themselves into Iori's apartment. While he is frustrated by their presence, both women won't leave him until Orochi appears. Aware that something is afoot, Saisyu explains their clan's history to Kyo, Yuki, their friends, and Eiji. He also explains about the Hakkesshu.

Kyo, uninterested in fate, mostly ignores this warning and prepares to beat Iori in a band competition. At the same time, however, Goenitz has landed in Japan. He beats Billy and his henchmen, Vice, Mature, and Iori.

Chizuru, who tracked the Kusanagi family down under the guise of a sports reporter, eventually confronts Kyo. She brings him to his family's marker, which revitalizes his ancestor's memories. Together, they face Goenitz to save Iori, who is kept as his personal trophy on a cricked cross. Although the battle was hard and seemingly in the villain's favor, Kyo manages to free Iori, and together they vanquish Goenitz. The manga ends on a positive note with Kyo relishing his victory.


  • Kyo's Riot of Blood-like state is later mirrored for his cousin, Souji. Later, in the '98 drama CD, Kyo momentarily gains blue flames.
  • A band competition is mentioned again in the game.
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