KOFkyo cover

The King of Fighters: Kyo Playstation cover.

The King of Fighters: Kyo is a visual novel on the The King of Fighters series of fighting games developed by Yumekobo and released by SNK on the PlayStation on August 27, 1998. The art for this game was produced by the same illustrator of the manga, Masato Natsumoto. It was re-released for the PSP on June 28, 2007.


This game's story is considered semi-canon to the series. It is set 11 months after The King of Fighters '96 tournament, a month before The King of Fighters '97 tournament, until the sealing of Orochi. The game focuses on Kyo Kusanagi. The player starts the game in Osaka, where Kyo lives, and travels with him around the world. The player can control Kyo and two other characters. Fights are turn based, with moves selectable from a menu. If a player triggers a desperation move, unique cel animations will be spliced with the move's performance. Almost every character from 94-97 is playable in the game, but to get them the player must solve sub-quests revolving around each character. The game also marks the introduction of new characters, including members of the families of some characters that were never revealed in the main series.


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Rugal Bernstein, Goenitz, Mature and Vice also make small cameos.

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