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The King of Fighters: Another Day (ザ・キング・オブ・ファイターズ アナザーデイ, Za Kingu obu Faitāzu Anazā Dei) is an animated series produced by Production I.G . Though the overall premise teases character stories in KOF: Maximum Impact 2, characters and ideas from The King of Fighters XI are included into the narrative. This predated the eventual KOF Maximum Impact Regulation "A".

The anime was animated in four six minute shorts as an Original Net Animation (ONA). A special preview showing of the first episode was revealed to fans at the 2005 KOF Year-End Party. The series made a brief televised broadcast before it was specially packaged on DVD April 27, 2006 as part of a limited edition release of KOF: Maximum Impact 2 in Japan. The DVD included both an English and Japanese dub with subtitles, feature commentary, character design galleries, a trailer for the animated series and three commercials for KOF: Maximum Impact 2.

The U.S. marketing strategy of King of Fighters: Another Day was far less accessible. Originally intended to be included with King of Fighters 2006 as a pre-order bonus for customers of EBGames and GameStop, the U.S. arm of SNK failed to ship out the discs in conjunction with the release. After ensuing complaints, the bonus DVDs were supplied in limited quantities several weeks later and given to previous buyers upon request.

Plot summariesEdit

  • Chapter 01: All Out (Released on December 2, 2005)

The story begins after the events KOF: Maximum Impact. During the night, a fire breaks out in the Southtown. Soiree leads a rescue effort in lieu of his brother and rallies the city's residents to protect their homes. After saving a young girl from a burning building, Soiree fights Iori Yagami, who was searching for the cause of the fire. They continue their fight in a church until the building's ceiling collapses. Soiree and the little girl are saved through the efforts of Athena Asamiya and Mai Shiranui. The next day, Soiree digs through the rubble to find Iori until Alba informs him Iori survived and the fires extinguished. Relieved that everyone is safe, Soiree collapses, extenuated.

  • Chapter 02: Accede (Released on January 6, 2006)

Rock Howard experiences a nightmare of him fighting Terry Bogard in a situation that mirrors Geese Howard's death. He leaves the apartment he shares with Terry and sees the town in flames. He goes to investigate Geese Tower when he sees a beam of light strike the building. On the tower's rooftop, Billy Kane and Lien Neville, who was sent to kill those related to Geese, are fighting. Billy easily overcomes Lien and tries to throw her off the tower when Rock prevents her from falling. Feeling that Rock was a disgrace to his father's legacy, Billy decides to kill them both. However, Lien calls for reinforcements and the roof is fired with the same beam seen moments before. Seeing Rock's melancholy and in gratitude for his help, Lien abandons her mission. The two later walk inside the building to find the ruined remains of a various paintings and Rock notices the absence of his mother's portrait. When Rock returns home, he sees the picture of his mother underneath Terry's jacket and mutters his thanks.

  • Chapter 03: In the Dark (Released on February 3, 2006)

At the beginning of the third chapter, we see K' and Maxima sabotaging the underground tunnel system in Southtown (while the fire is raging), trying to find out the whereabouts of the "Kyo clones" and a kidnapped scientist called Makishima. Their covert activity becomes noticed by Heidern and he sends Leona, Ralf and Clark to investigate. K' and Maxima attempt to elude their pursuers by boarding a subway train but Heidern's team catches up to them. Ralf accuses the duo of kidnapping the scientist and they start fighting. The two eventually escape their pursuers and reunite with the rest of their party, Whip and Kula.

  • Chapter 04: All Over (Released on March 3, 2006)

Here is where the previous chapters' stories intertwine with Kyo Kusanagi and his pursuit of Ash Crimson, the fire's perpetrator. Alba arrives and mistakenly concludes that Kyo is the arsonist and fights with the supposed criminal. Amused, Ash watches them until he is attacked by Iori. Bored by the intrusion, he escapes and the flames engulfing the city dissipate. The Ikari team observes Alba and Kyo's fight, confusing Kyo for a clone until Iori attests he is not. Iori halts the fight and Alba apologizes to Kyo once the misunderstanding is resolved. Ash is seen leaving Southtown on a boat with Elisabeth and the city gradually recovers. A final scene between Ralf and Kyo occurs where the latter challenges the mercenary to confirm for himself Kyo's identity.

A short epilogue is shown after the credits revealing Luise Meyrink appearing before Alba, Soiree and the little girl at the ruined church, uttering the word "Judeim".

Voice castEdit

Character Japanese seiyū English voice actor
Alba Meira Hiroyuki Satou Jayson Woolley
Soiree Meira Kouji Haramaki Ed Bishop
Iori Yagami Kunihiko Yasui Eric Summerer
Athena Asamiya Haruna Ikezawa Lily Kong
Mai Shiranui Akoya Sogi Sheryl Stanley
Terry Bogard Satoshi Hashimoto Tony Carrol
Rock Howard Eiji Takemoto Mike Lane
Billy Kane Seijirou Marc Donovan
Lien Neville Fumiko Inoue Claire Caponigro
K' Yuuki Matsuda Andrew Scott
Maxima Katsuyuki Konishi Mike Jarmus
Ralf Jones Monster Maezuka Scott Casey
Clark Steel Yoshinori Shima Sean Michaels
Kyo Kusanagi Masahiro Nonaka Andrew Roth
Ash Crimson Sōnosuke Nagashiro Duke Clement
Luise Meyrink Hiroko Tsuji Katrin Biemann

The voices are performed by the same actors as in the game.


  • Ending Theme: "Regret" by Dakota Star


  • The two kittens that Alba rescues are named Friedrich and Wolfgang.

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