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The King of Fighters: A New Beginning (ザ・キング・オブ・ファイターズ/ア・ニュー・ビギニング) is an official manga adaptation of The King of Fighters XIV released by SNK and is published bi-weekly on Pocket Shonen Magazine online starting on January 1, 2018. A printed version is also published on Monthly Shonen Sirius Magazine. The series is illustrated by Kyoutarou Azuma and marks the first Japanese KOF manga done in more than 20 years. 

With the exception of Mui Mui, Love Heart and some DLC characters of the Season 1 (Ryuji Yamazaki, VanessaRock Howard) & Season 2 (Oswald, Najd & Blue Mary), the series stars all the characters present in the game.



Volume 1 front cover

Chapter 1

ROUND 1 - 1 ~MEMBER SELECT~ (Released January 1, 2018)

Two young men, one in a cloak imitating a cape and always wears a headset, and the other holding a pillow, accompanied by an old man, is on top of a skyscraper, watching the Antonov Super Arena. The young man in the cloak reflects on the extent of his powers and the decision to participate in the KOF. He concludes that it is time to face "that man". The old man then shows an envelope, whose contents lead to that arena. Soon after, they jump from the skyscraper, toward the arena.

In the arena, an euphoric crowd greets Antonov, a self-proclaimed champion. He declares open the new KOF tournament and announces a Antonov-Girl. She explains the tourney rules: the famous 3 VS. 3 combat and a challenge to anyone who wins him, besides the participating teams.

The first team to enter is the Japan Team, formed by Kyo Kusanagi, Benimaru Nikaido and Goro Daimon. Kyo shows his flames to the audience, an ancestral family heritage, Benimaru shows off his electric powers and Daimon comes in with his massive strength. 

Then, the Yagami Team appears, being mentioned the ancestral rivalry of their leader, Iori Yagami, with Kyo, and the mysterious ladies who accompany him, Mature and Vice.

ROUND 1 - 2 ~MEMBER SELECT~ (Released January 1, 2018)

A red metal glove comes into play. His owner also shows a crucifix and a distant look, covered by sunglasses. It's K'. He is accompanied by his partner half human, half machine, known as Maxima, and a child with ice powers, Kula Diamond. The three are the K' Team.

The Fatal Fury Team is announced with convinced shouts from a young man. He is Joe Higashi, the Muay Thai world champion and accompanied by his teammates, the legendary brothers Terry and Andy Bogard.

The representatives of Kyokugenryu Karate enter the arena. Ryo Sakazaki, new leader of the style, and Robert Garcia, Ryo's best friend and a bussinessman, shows the public the awe of the Dragon and the Tiger. But a certain and rebel girl, with her inexperience and conviction, takes the microphone for herself and boasts of her strength, as a student who still needs a lot of training, but doesn't hesitate to embarrass her teacher, also his elder brother. She is Yuri Sakazaki. And so, the Art of Fighting Team is presented, with boos, laughter and encouragement.

ROUND 1 - 3 ~MEMBER SELECT~ (Released January 8, 2018)

The audience goes into exile with the leader of the next team, a Japanese pop star. We are talking about Athena Asamiya, from the Psycho Soldier Team, who was accompanied by her friend Sie Kensou and her martial arts teacher Chin Gentsai, the master of the style "Drunken Fist".

Always vigilant. Always alert. Always watch out for any suspicious activity hanging over the KOF tournament. It's the Ikari Warriors Team, which has the Frontline soldier Leona Heidern, the Colonel Ralf Jones and the Lieutenant Clark Still.

A red carpet is spread out in the middle of the arena. Around it, there are many security guards. These men are decorative figures near the shadows that enter the tournament. One of them is Billy Kane, a British who does everything to protect his boss. The other is Hein, a newly hired German butler. The two are lackeys of an ambitious man who does everything for power: Geese Howard, the criminal most feared of South Town. They form the South Town Team.

ROUND 1 -4 ~MEMBER SELECT~ (Released January 15, 2018)

The strength of the iron ball. The agility of the metal claws. Chang Koehan and Choi Bounge want to go back to their old life of crime, and for this they have the help of a man whose words, costumes and attitudes cause strangeness to the common eyes and ears. He is Xanadu, the king of the underworld. The Villains Team comes on the scene and, soon after, a man in a gi appears and picks up the microphone for himself.

This man is nothing more, no less than Kim Kaphwan, a Taekwondo master who was trying back again to his side the two fugitive disciples. There is no other word that Kim loves more than justice, and his inflamed speech was full of it, shouting out against evil in all his forms. Until interrupted by a very fiery and intimate couple in front of an incredulous audience. Kim's master and president of the International Taekwondo Federation, Gang-il, and his newest lover, the mysterious Luong, form the rest of the Kim Team.

A prehistoric wrestling fighter, whose skills in the ring were unshakable. He is King of Dinosaurs. A man who is known in his country for his fantastic skills in the ring, his tiger spirit and his eye patch. He is Ramon, the wrestling champion. A woman with an angelic name and a assassin past. She has only one thing in common with her teammates: the nationality. Angel, the sexy nymphet of teasing costumes, along with the two other wrestlers, form the Mexico Team.

ROUND 1 - 5 ~MEMBER SELECT~ (Released January 22, 2018)

A female figure enters the arena, wearing geisha clothes and a kitsune mask, as well as holding a bouquet of flowers. It may be a mysterious person in the eyes of the public, but when she strips off all her outfits, her identity is revealed. She's Mai Shiranui, heiress of the legendary family of Japanese Ninjas. Another girl appears soon after, the proof of her fanaticism is in her black cap and her star-studded tank top. Alice comes as a new promise in the tournament. The Women Fighters Team is completed by a woman in masculine costumes, but with techniques with legs very effective. She's King, the owner of Illusion Bar.

A girl whose personality and clothes are too bizarre for the ordinary eyes. She is accompanied of a man whose hood hides his face and secrets, and a young woman who hides her face in a mask that belongs to an ancient art from her country. They are Sylvie Paula Paula, Kukri and Mian, members of the Official Invitation Team, guests of Antonov.

Fast fists, whose strength has already dethroned a well-known fighter, even if they have marks of a tragic accident that occurred years ago. Nelson shows the one that came when he enters the arena. A known bird in a tropical country. His owner has an exemplary gingado in her moves, but she really wants to protect her feathered friend of extinction. She is Zarina, a solar girl. But the third member of the South America Team doesn't appear right away, because he's using his ninja art to hide. Bandeiras Hattori, the precursor of Brazilian Ninjustu, comes on the scene.

ROUND 1 - 6 ~MEMBER SELECT~ (Released February 5, 2018)

The last team appears. He is composed of an elder, whose wisdom helped two brothers and his greatest enemy, as well as several other fighters. The leader of China Team, who is the grandmaster of Hakkyokuseinken master himself, Tung Fu Rue, and his two last disciples, the sleepy master of Hakkyoku-Minminken with a pillow named Meitenkun, and the last but not least, the cape-like jacket and headset wearing master of the illusionary Hakkyoku-Gen'Eiken, Shun'ei. With all 15 official listed team has gathered, the tournament is finally begin.

Chapter 2

ROUND 2 - 1 ~ORDER SELECT~ (Released February 15, 2018)

On the other side during the beginning of the tournament’s first round, something cracked on the top of the sky. A girl who dressed as shrine maiden like in a Samurai era and her pet hawk predicts this crack will led a bad phenomena during the tournament matches, sensing the soul of deceased evil ones comes from the cracks.

Cut to The King of Fighters tournament rules in Super Antonov Arena: 1. If a team wins 2-0, will be automatically a winner. 2. Ring out also occured in certain selected stages. 3. 10 counts of the fighters unable to get up also occured. The first match will be... none other than the fated battle between Japan and Yagami Teams.

ROUND 2 - 2 ~ORDER SELECT~ (Released January 26, 2018)

The fated battle between Japan and Yagami Teams is about to begin. However, only the leaders of respective teams, Kyo and Iori, appear in the Arena while the others are nowhere to be seen.

Kyo felt something suspicious on his teammates punctuality. Iori on the other hand, was not interested in his teammates, his only concern is defeating his rival. Both are focused on their unstoppable fated battle, which begins now in Maximum Tension and Burn to Fight !!

Chapter 3

ROUND 3 - 1 ~JAPAN TEAM VS. YAGAMI TEAM~ (Released March 12, 2018)

On the other side during Kyo and Iori’s fated battle in their first match inside Antonov’s office, Antonov’s assistant Yakov is suprised that this fated battle is highly rated by the viewers earlier, but feared that the other four of two fighters of their respective teammates won’t come.

However, Antonov tells his Yakov not needing to summon the four fihters back to their respective teams, and leave alone their respective leaders’ highly rated fated battle, causing Yakov even worried more. Outside the tournament one of Kyo’s teammates, Benimaru and Daimon happened to be late for the tournament in separate ways, where Benimaru helps his fan girls who were stranded in forest to find the Arena’s location, while Daimon uses a train owned by Antonov to get to the Arena as fast as he can.

Unfortunately, both Benimaru and Daimon found Mature and Vice respectively, who were briefly disguised as civilians in attempt to kill them without any blink before the match starts, but both Japan Team members manage to notice their killing intents, leading the fights begin outside the Arena instead. Daimon, who got injured earlier by Vice is disgraced of her dirty Sucker Punch attacks means dishonorable for a fighter, but Vice claimed that she’s not much of a fighter.

ROUND 3 - 2 ~JAPAN TEAM VS. YAGAMI TEAM~ (Released March 26, 2018)

Though Kyo and Iori’s match continues, Antonov officials got an emergency interrupted announcement of the leaders’ respective team members began to fight outside the Arena separately instead, with the monitor recorded by the cameramen inside the helicopter found where the four of two remaining members fights. It is then, the Antonov officials decide to allow three battles in the same time, lives. Kyo realize why Iori always have highly suspicious of Mature and Vice’s plot behind the latter‘s back.

Chapter 4

ROUND 4 - 1 ~JAPAN TEAM VS. YAGAMI TEAM~ (Released April 9, 2018)

As Benimaru’s battle against Mature in the forest begins, Benimaru attempt to counter Mature’s claw attacks with his Raikou-ken. However, it was a dirty trap by Mature on having Benimaru accidentally electrifies his own fan girls as well, due to the forest’s wet damp around him will cause the surroundings electrified as well, so Benimaru turned off his Raikou-ken before it kills his own fans and must fight without his thunder. Even much worst during Daimon and Vice’s battle on the top of the train, Vice attempt to endanger the civilians by knocking out the conductor and to make sure no one will stop the train, even enrage Daimon even more for Vice’s villainous act. Back in Benimaru and Mature’s battle, Benimaru is struggling against Mature, due to the her villanous set-up which forces him to hold back his thunder attacks.

ROUND 4 - 2 ~JAPAN TEAM VS. YAGAMI TEAM~ (Released April 23, 2018)

Daimon also have a struggle on trying to hold back his full power while fighting against Vice for the sake of the endangered civilians. Just as Vice knocks Daimon with Catastrophe feet grapple, the civilians from front train manage to get out safely before the train where Vice and Daimon crashes along with the civilians in this. As Mature manage to overpower Benimaru, she tells Benimaru that "you know who" is coming back.

Chapter 5

ROUND 5 - 1 ~JAPAN TEAM VS. YAGAMI TEAM~ (Released May 14, 2018)

As the resurrection of the master whom Mature and Vice use to serve is finally near, Daimon finally caught her off-guard, by taking her away from the top of the train and finally use his full power against her, knocking with Konten Otoshi after weakening with Jiraishin. Once Vice is knocked out, Daimon attempt to stop the train, giving the civilians a great opportunity to brake the train and saving them at last. As Mature is about to kill Benimaru, when he realize she is indeed planning on resurrect none other than Orochi, Benimaru also realize since he is binded above the ground by her, and Mature still have the strings on her fingers, which binds Benimaru, he use his Elecollider to knock her out, telling her that Team Japan will never lose to someone like Orochi.

ROUND 5 - 2 ~JAPAN TEAM VS. YAGAMI TEAM~ (Released May 28, 2018)

Although both Mature and Vice are defeated, they can still send the fragments of Orochi’s powers, in a form of black lightning (temporarily Orochi’s signature skull aura) to the top of the crack in the sky that appeared out of now, then went to the body of Iori to eliminate Kyo, turning the Yagami into his wild form.

Orochi’s transfer into Iori’s body also caught the attetion of a mysterious girl with a Samurai era shrine maiden dress and her pet hawk, even Kyo, who is now at a dire situation against his fallen rival.


Volume 2 front cover

Chapter 6

ROUND 6 - 1 ~JAPAN TEAM VS. YAGAMI TEAM~ (Released June 11, 2018)

Although none aware of what happened to Iori, as the fight continues, Kyo’s life is in danger. While watching Kyo and Iori’s battle, Shun’ei ask his master Tung why Iori’s fighting style becomes so brutal, but Tung remained silent and serious, knowing Iori is not himself in this state. Benimaru began to rush to Kyo’s aid via helicopter passage, with his friend’s life is at a dire situation against the Orochi Iori.

Benimaru believes that the last time he remembered correctly back in the 90s tournaments, Hakkeshu, whom Mature and Vice being part of was already disbanded due to the death of its Four Heavenly Kings. Benimaru realizes that Mature and Vice chose Iori as the new host of Orochi, since to the latter’s clan made a blood pact with the serpent back in the ancient times after Orochi’s first physical defeat, then second defeat in 90s due to Orochi’s second Chris was destroyed when the serpent was sealed.

ROUND 6 - 2 ~JAPAN TEAM VS. YAGAMI TEAM~ (Released June 25, 2018)

Kyo keeps struggling on fighting his uncontrollable wild rival. As Orochi Iori slashes the Arena’s rope behind Kyo, he uses Ya Sakazuki to lure Kyo into having no choice defending the civilians behind the latter, giving Orochi Iori a brutal opening attack with Yatagarasu.

As a referee about to count, he noticed something even badder is about to be happen surrounding Orochi Iori, as the latter maniacally laugh over his now heavily scarred rival. According to the girl with a Samurai era shrine maiden dress, there is something malevolent surrounding Iori and controlling him like a puppet with strings from above, in form of a eerie hand, not just Orochi, but also came from entire different universe, referring as “Wei Kamu”.

Chapter 7

ROUND 7 - 1 ~JAPAN TEAM VS. YAGAMI TEAM~ (Released July 9, 2018)

The real name of a shrine maiden in samurai era is revealed to be none other than Nakoruru, an actual shrine maiden from the Samurai Shodown era (the end of the 18th century), who is indeed travelled to the future of present day due to its source of phenomenal timeline interference appearing in her home timeline, leading her to the future of present day of King of Fighters. She and her pet hawk, who is named Mamahaha began to fly towards to the tournament stadium to save Iori from being controlled a malevolent hand which kept his Orochi blood berserk.

Kyo, who is heavily injured manage to get up to take his time distract Orochi Iori. By luck, Nakoruru, Mamahaha, and Benimaru arrived to help Kyo as Orochi Iori distracted, with Benimaru uses Raiha Jin Oh-Ken to paralyze Orochi Iori, just as Nakoruru cut the malevolent hand’s strings off Iori’s body. Despite Benimaru’s dumbfound on saving Kyo without thinking of safe landing, Daimon arrived in time behind to crowd of fans, catches Benimaru safely. With Orochi Iori is weakened, Kyo grabs him to snapped Iori back to his sense.

ROUND 7 - 2 ~JAPAN TEAM VS. YAGAMI TEAM~ (Released July 23, 2018)

Within his own conscious Iori wakes up to see himself immobilized by snakes, before he could process the situation Orochi's marking appears on his chest along with his hair slowly turning white. Once Iori became aware of Orochi's presence the snakes turned into hands. The hands grabbed Iori while chanting the word "power".

Iori realizes that the hands are absorbing Orochi's power from within him. On the outside world, the strings that Nakoruru severed began to regenerate. Kyo tells Iori that he can't escape and unleashes his 524 Shiki: Kamukura technique, he then tells Iori that he can't remain asleep forever and those words allowed Iori to resist the Riot of the Blood and begin to use his own flames to burn the mysterious hands and its strings which surprises Nakoruru. After everything was settled Iori tells Kyo to get off him, and the moment he releases his grip they both deliver the finishing blow ending their fight in a Double K.O. Happy that there are warriors in this world as well, Nakoruru leaves with Mamahaha. With Japan Team's victory, the tournament advances to the next fight!

Chapter 8

ROUND 8 - 1 ~INTERVAL~ (Released August 13, 2018)

At night, Team China are having a training in a Training Room within Antonov Super Arena. However, Shun’ei’s red color illusionary left arm went haywire for temporary when they finish the training, as the team’s master Tung claim it has something to do with a previous battle between Kyo and Iori.

The scene later explains the origins of Tung’s last two disciples. Once Shun’ei and Meitenkun finish their first step of training, Tung finally brought them the world of King of Fighters tournaments to gain more experiences, as a beginning to life normally. At the hospital room where all Team Japan members are hospitalized caused by Team Yagami, it is confirmed that only Kyo lost to Iori officially, as Kyo claimed it is because Benimaru and an unknown maiden known as Nakoruru interferes the match, and the blame is on Benimaru mostly for breaking the rules, despite trying to save both Kyo and Iori from turning the tournament into a bloodshed battle. The Team Japan soon cut the discussion to focus on Mature and Vice’s plot on reviving Orochi and even much worst ones that the serpent, in which Kyo and Iori, even Nakoruru felt it too.

Although Iori won the match officially, despite his team’s lost, the last member of Yagami clan swears he will kill Kyo someday. Before departing, Mature and Vice were even unexpectedly to have a mysterious backer which came out of the crack controlled Iori into his wild state, at least they are still relive of having their plans work well to revive Orochi, and will keep continue to haunt turn Iori into Orochi on the possible future tournaments.

ROUND 8 - 2 ~INTERVAL~ (Released August 27, 2018)

On the next day, the next match is a battle between Team China and Art of Fighting/Kyokugen Team. Although Team China arrived in Antonov’s Arena, the female announcer found the Kyokugen Team is at an abandoned building, demonstrate their signature Kyokugen Martial Arts, such as

Ryo's karate chops the ice bricks on the top of the building which also being chopped through in the middle of those bricks, while Yuri and Robert cracks the building’s pillars on its lower floor with their kicks, then the Kyokugen trio finally went outside far away from the building to destroy it in half with the signature super projectile move Haoh Sho Koh Ken as the final demonstration.

With the Kyokugenryu Karate demonstration is finished, the first match between Shun'ei and Ryo begins in Burn to Fight !!.

Chapter 9

ROUND 9 - 1 ~CHINA TEAM VS. ART OF FIGHTING TEAM~ (Released September 10, 2018)

Although by the time when the fight between Shun'ei and Ryo begins, Yuri unknowingly meant about Shun'ei to be “scary”, causing him ended up distracted by the awful past relating to his cursed illusionary power.

Thankfully, Ryo notice this, and attempt to snap Shun'ei back on his feet and let his full power out through their fists, which it works, as the real battle has finally begin.

ROUND 9 - 2 ~CHINA TEAM VS. ART OF FIGHTING TEAM~ (Released September 24, 2018)

Shun'ei begins the fight by applying a materialized magic to his hand as Ryo deflects. The Kyokugenryu's master runs after his opponent, reaching his blind spot. But Master Tung's young apprentice attacks him with his powers, throwing him to the other side of the arena. The other members of the teams are astounded with such power.

Ryo rises and reacts, triggering a quick action of Shun'ei, to which the master of the Kyokugenryu takes advantage to apply one of the most famous blows, the Hao Shoko Huken. After taking the blow, Shun'ei reflects on the teachings he received while his master tells him that his pupil still does not know the world. And the young fighter says he's excited about it. Ryo, on the other side, realizes that his opponent wants to take the fight seriously.

Chapter 10

ROUND 10 - 1 ~CHINA TEAM VS. ART OF FIGHTING TEAM~ (Released October 8, 2018)

The fight goes on. Shun'ei, ready to show his true power and telling himself that he will control him, throws his coat and headphones and invokes a mysterious aura of power.

Old Tung reflects that the two image limiters, the jacket and the headphones, when removed, caused this. With a huge fury, Shun'ei goes with everything on top of Ryo. The karate master deviates from all the attacks of the young fighter, when he is attacked with an evil speed. With his powers in absolute disarray, Shun'ei tells himself that he wants to beat him in the best way possible, when his strength blossoms violently and uncontrollably. The members of the teams and the audience are apprehensive, and Ryo is amazed with such emanated power.

ROUND 10 - 2 ~CHINA TEAM VS. ART OF FIGHTING TEAM~ (Released October 22, 2018)

The situation is tense. On one side, Shun'ei awakening his power, on the other the audience and the teams startled. Nakoruru, watching the fight, compares one of the hands awakened by Tung's young apprentice to the black hand that controlled Iori in his Riot of the Blood in his fight against Kyo. She notes that the rift that appeared during the fight with the two archenemies did not appear in this fight.

In the ring, Ryo remains amazed at such power, but tells Shun'ei that the reason for his fear is "his own power." And challenges him, saying that the young man will not be able to defeat the "Invincible Dragon." In this, Shun'ei advances, without mercy, on the new master of the Kyokugen, who falls to the ground, with the nose full of blood.

When Shun'ei thought the fight was won, Ryo appears and applies his fatal blow, the Ichigeki Hissatsu: Tenchi Haoh Ken, punching the young uncontrollable fighter unconscious to the other side of the arena. Upon awakening, back to normal, Shun'ei, with the company of Meitenkun and Tung, watch the audience applauding the fight ended. Ryo greets his young opponent, who doesn't know if he is afraid of his power. Tung tells the young master of karate that his disciple still doesn't know much of the world. Ryo says he wants to face him again, when he dominates his power, and asks him to strive.

Shun'ei asks his grandpa if the KOF is high level, and the old master confirms. The young man says he wants to continue fighting because he has not yet fought against the notorious Kyo Kusanagi. Meitenkun says his friend changed his expression after the fight, a good sign.

The next fight is announced. It will be between The Mightiest Tiger Robert Garcia and the Sacred Fist Tung Fu Rue.

Volume 3: NESTS: PART 1

Volume 3 front cover

Chapter 11

ROUND 11 - 1 ~CHINA TEAM VS. ART OF FIGHTING TEAM~ (Released November 12, 2018)

At the beginning of the fight, the narrator questions about the "holy fist" of Tung Fu Rue. He talks about why Antonov is a self-proclaimed champion, even though the KOF has had several organizers over the years, and underscores Tung's first formal participation in the tournament, due to two reasons: being on a level that transcends victory and defeat and not show your true strength.

On the side of the arena, Yuri trembles in fear to know that Robert fights with the Legendary Sacred Fist. Ryo is not shaken, and says that the Italian has the strength almost equal to his. The new pupils of the elder also show concern. Shun'ei comments that he has never won a training with Grandpa, as he likes to call him, and that he has never seen him in a real fight. In the fighting ring, Tung asks Robert to show "his true strength." And so, the fight begins.

Robert relinquishes his Kyokugen kicks. Tung, with his eyes closed, deflects, saying that it's an easy hit to counterattack. The old master enhances the other senses with the technique of closed eyes. A skill cultivated after years of training with his disciples, of the most varied types and behaviors.

Meanwhile, Robert continues to attack with his kicks.

ROUND 11 - 2 ~CHINA TEAM VS. ART OF FIGHTING TEAM~ (Released November 26, 2018)

Robert continues to deliver his kicks, spending his arsenal. And one of the kicks hits Tung. But the recovery is immediate, and even greater is the reaction of the audience, who is startled.

The old master gathers enough ki to attack his opponent, who takes on a muscular shape. This shocks Robert, who reacts with his Haoh Sho Ko Ken, without success. Tung rebounds the magic with enough force to defeat the Italian. One point for the China Team.

Chapter 12

ROUND 12 - 1 ~CHINA TEAM VS. ART OF FIGHTING TEAM~ (Released December 10, 2018)

The last fight begins to be rehearsed. Meitenkun, the somnambulist boy, is already in the arena. Meanwhile, in the audience, Ryo and Robert comment on what they will do after the tournament. The new Kyokugen master says he will train in the mountains, which counts with the disapproval of his Italian friend. Yuri interrupts them both, boasting of having a card up their sleeve. Ryo looks with a certain disapproval, and Robert doesn't contain the enthusiasm.

The fight begins. Yuri begins delivering his first blow: a magic copied from Shun'ei. Tung says that it is just a mimic, as well as all the blows of the youngest Sakazaki. Ryo comments that his sister is quite talented towards him and Robert, but a weak point stands out. Meanwhile, Yuri dispels his technique in Meitenkun, which annuls it immediately and causes him surprise. But she does not faint and tries to deliver another copy, this time inspired by Tung. Again, overturned by Meitenkun. This infuriates his brother. 

Ryo comments on her sister's weak point: she imitates any blow and movement, but her mood prevents her from making the most of her technique, weakening her. Tung points out that his sleeping disciple accumulates ki enough to overcome it, for a sleeping body facilitates the accumulation of this powerful energy.

Meitenkun counterattacks with an explosion of power, defeating Yuri and securing the victory of the China Team.

ROUND 12 - 2 ~CHINA TEAM VS. ART OF FIGHTING TEAM~ (Released December 24, 2019)

The teams greet each other after the fight. Shun'ei thanks Ryo for the lesson learned during the fight, Robert greets Tung and Yuri revolts with Meitenkun's sleep.

Robert takes advantage to promote the restaurant of Takuma, the patriarch of the style Kyokugen. Yuri takes the plunge, and says the restaurant is a great way to recharge the batteries. The Italian says his master serves great grilled meat. Tung declines because he doesn't eat meat. Not to lose a potential client, Robert and Yuri say there are other foods besides meat on the menu.

Yuri turns to Shun'ei and asks if he likes yanikiniku, and the young man asks what it is, with Tung responding that it is grilled meat, much to the amazement of Robert and Yuri. The two invite the rival team to eat the Yankiniku Kyokugen, awakening Ryo's ancestral fury. 

The Kyokugen's new master says he doesn't want to know about his father's restaurant because they have lost training just to manage it. Both argue that this may be an excellent advertisement to the establishment. To the contrary, Ryo accepts, but not without first making a pilgrimage in the mountains. Robert and Yuri rush past an enraged Ryo, both rejecting the proposal.

Back in the dormitory, the three Chinese remember how the Art of Fighting Team is funny. Tung remarks that the grilled meat will stand for a next opportunity, under revolt of Shun'ei and Meitenkun. Tung then feels someone coming. Shun'ei finds grace, and this one approaches, frightening him. Leona Heidern, a young soldier who has a dangerous blood in her veins, talks to the young man. She says the two look alike, but the difference between them is that he doesn't trust his friends, and must have someone around to counter the revolt of his power. After this interaction, Leona leaves, and Shun'ei asks who she is. Tung tells her pupil that the girl has had a more difficult past than his, because she suffers from the same influence as Iori. Both enter the dormitory, and Meitenkun becomes angry, saying that only he understands Shun-chan.

Heidern Fleet, rise moon night. Leona enters the base, saying that the target has been contacted. Upon entering, she meets with her teammates and superiors, Colonel Ralf Jones and Lieutenant Clark Still.

Chapter 13

ROUND 13 - 1 ~TEAM BRIEFING~ (Released January 14, 2019)

An old cartel existed during the turn of the millennium. His main objective: the domination of the world, having as weapon a very advanced technology. This was the NESTS cartel, whose leader, Igniz, longed to be a god. For this, they used the KOF tournament as bait to gather data from several humans around the world, but were detained. Igniz, in despair, destroyed his satellite fortress, taking himself along with the explosion. NESTS has been extinguished, or at least we have been led to believe.

During the KOF interval, Antonov cries watching a film of a child holding his dog.

Antarctica, days ago. Ralf Jones investigates some suspicions with his soldiers, and realizes the target of his investigation covered of ice. In this, the base implodes itself, frightening it.

Heidern Fleet, in a port in Russia. Secret meeting among the members of the Ikari Warriors Team. They discuss the events that Ralf witnessed in Antarctica, together with leaked information. Ralf then shows a black cloth rest with a well-known X among the debris of the base: the NESTS symbol. They suppose that some members of the cartel remain and that they are interfering in the current KOF tournament, but nothing conclusive yet. Clark reports on what happened during the fight between Kyo and Iori, showing the picture of the heir of the Yagami clan having their blood revolt. Ralf asks if there's a chance that Orochi might be returning, and Clark says he's questioning the Japan Team. Kyo replies, with his characteristic arrogance, that he was "something different than Orochi."

Leona, questioned by Ralf, agrees with the heir of the Kusanagi clan. Clark then shows the black hand that controlled Iori during his revolt. The lieutenant says there was a distortion in the gravitational field, and Leona suspects that the hand has to do with Shun'ei. Leona talks about the young man's ability and says he has nothing to do with Orochi. Clark shows another photo, with a giant crack in the sky, under the Antonov Super Arena.

The team decides to concentrate its forces in investigating these forces that devastate the current tournament and to fight them.

ROUND 13 - 2 ~TEAM BRIEFING~ (Released January 28, 2019)

Waiting room for the next fight. Mexico Team. A woman with white hair prepares to wear the top of her uniform. Meanwhile, memories of his old work come to light. And a man, in his thoughts, says "traitors." Angel tells herself that she's been listening to this a lot these days, and she recalls that NESTS, the organization she worked for and that is responsible for her (genetically modified) overwhelming strength, has been destroyed for some time. And leave it there.

Someone knocks on the door. Angel asks to enter. They are his teammates, the mercenary and free wrestler Ramon and King of Dinosaurs, a new wrestler that in the past had been someone of respect in the ring. They shout into the room. Ramon remembers his purpose to enter the KOF: make Angel an "angel of justice" and forget about the dark past of NESTS. But the nymph doesn't even care. She thinks she deserves such a title and is bored of doing good things, even helping to bring down her old cartel.

A flashback invades his mind from the moment she joined the Mexico Team. She fights with her masked partner, at Ramon's request, and knocks him out of sorts, earning the title of which she disdains. After all this, a crowd of children enter, at the request of Ramon, shouting the name of the former NESTS. Ramon tells her that for the children Angel is already a hero, and asks to respond to the incentives, to which she responds that if she wins, she asks the children to stop calling her an "angel of justice", for that is much tacky.

After this, Ramon quarrels with Angel, saying that this is not something to say to the children. She replies that she became so intoxicated with the wrestler's speech that she overcame herself. In this, the word "traitors" echoes in his head, causing Ramon and Dinosaur to be frightened. Angel says it's nothing.

NESTS Remaining Secret Base, in an unknown desert and snowy location. The cover of Igniz's clothing, which the cartel recovered from the bottom of the ocean, is encapsulated. The members make conjectures about the cover, confirming the influence of their former master on the current tournament, and also on the slit that hangs on the main stage. They also comment on the cartel's traitors (the K' Team, Angel and Sylvie), saying that the chips implanted in it still work, and will use them to the maximum. They start the new phase of the program 70599, which will occur during the next fight, especially the photo of Angel.

Chapter 14

ROUND 14 - 1 ~ IKARI TEAM VS. MEXICO TEAM~ (Released February 11, 2019)

A new fight is announced. The first team appears in an aircraft. The Ikari Warriors is the first team to be announced. In his dormitory, Shun'ei watches on TV, wondering how Leona fights.

The other team, Mexico Team, appears jumping in the arena. Angel throw away his wings, relying on the unconditional support of the fans. The nymph says she'll do everything right during the fight.

At that moment, a robotic mosquito appears. A work of the remnants of NESTS to spy on their traitors. The group leader checks if everything is ready, and gives the signal, asking if the traitor is taking advantage of heroine's fame.

The first round is announced: the Silent Soldier Leona vs. Angel of Justice. Ramón and Dinosaur asked for this title to be announced. Angel tells herself that "the two annoying will pay her for spreading a title she doesn't like around the world". The fight begins.

Leona goes with everything up to Angel, throwing her hands and causing an explosion. The crowd revolts, saying it's cheating, and Ralf and Clark says there was nothing in the rules about "banning explosive gloves." Leona says she has no intention of honestly facing a modified human, and throws another explosion. Angel leaves unharmed.

When Leona tries to make another explosion, Angel holds her hand tight, saying that she hates one sided fights and that she was holding back in order to entertain the audience, but that she's starting to get bored so it's her turn to counterattack.

ROUND 14 - 2 ~IKARI TEAM VS. MEXICO TEAM~ (Released February 25, 2019)

Angel launches a series of attacks in Leona, which tries to retaliate, without success. The crowd of fans are going crazy, and Colonel Ralf shows concern.

Ramon thinks that although the former NESTS is modified, it does not need to rely on special techniques because it relies on strength, reflexes and physical abilities very well.

As Angel strikes his last blow, the robotic mosquito activates an antenna under the orders of a remnant of NESTS. She falls to the floor, surprising everyone. When she rises, a star is visible in her eyes. It's the symbol of NESTS. The cartel member begins operation 70599, controlling Angel.

Chapter 15

ROUND 15 - 1 ~IKARI TEAM VS. MEXICO TEAM~ (Released March 11, 2019)

As the evil remnants of NESTS controlling Angel to kill Leona, only the fellow Mexican and Ikari Warriors Team members, including Angel’s fan-children, noticed her brainwashed state.

The spectating Ikari Warriors and Mexican Team members are informed that evil NESTS remnants’s mind control device is nearby outside the arena, and spread out to find the evil NESTS’ device to save both Leona and Angel from their critical situations.

When Leona is upper-handed by the brainwashed Angel, the Wei Kamu phenomenal began to haywire her cursed Orochi blood into Orochi Leona, as part of the evil NESTS remnants’ plan to achieve another Orochi-based data since Iori, by using Angel as a human sacrifice to absorb the power.

Thankfully, Ralf manage to snap Leona back to her sense on time, and allowing her to fully control her Riot of the Blood form once more.

ROUND 15 - 2 ~IKARI TEAM VS. MEXICO TEAM~ (Released March 25, 2019)

As the bout resumes, the evil NESTS remnants keep monitoring the fight and mention that Angel's power its decreasing while Leona keeps getting stronger as the fight progresses. One of the NESTS members mentions that Leona seems to be absorbing the energy in Angel's blood but other member tells him not to worry, that the main priority is to draw more power from Leona and that Angel is disposable and will become a human sacrifice (Angel hears all of this).

A full-powered clash between the two fighters causes a disastrous quake across the staging arena. As the Mexican children are about to be crashed by a falling metal balcony caused by her and Leona’s powerful clash, Angel manages to temporarily break free from NESTS’ mind control and goes to save them while calling out the NESTS remnants by telling them she heard them and asking them "who's disposable?" This gives both the Ikari Warriors and Mexican Team enough time to find the mind control device and destroy it quickly before Angel looses her mind again. After discovering the device's location at bay’s pole nearby the jets, Leona destroys it using her earring grenade.

Despite their failure, the evil NESTS remnants got all the first data needed before continuing their next plan on the next matches with using one of another NESTS’ surviving subjected agents within the tournament, just as the phenomenal crack closes.

Due to Angel’s exhaustion caused by evil NESTS remnants’ mind control device on her, it may signals her match lost, much to Leona’s confusion when she noticed her sleeping.

Volume 4: NESTS: PART 2

Volume 4 front cover

Chapter 16

ROUND 16 - 1 ~IKARI TEAM VS. MEXICO TEAM~ (Released April 8, 2019)

A famous fighter in the wrestling ring. An ace of the grapples, whose fame stood out for his griffon mask. But a humiliating defeat and disapperance made him change his mask and take on a new identity. From Tizoc to King of Dinosaurs.

After all post-fight events, the Heidern Fleet was partially destroyed and Angel was taken on a hospital stretcher, asleep. Leona also estimates the damages caused by her fight with the former NESTS doormat. In one of the dormitories, Shun'ei remembers, with admiration, how Leona acted during the fight, especially as she intentionally activated the Riot of the Blood, and calls Meitenkun to train.

The next fight is announced. King of Dinosaurs, on the Mexican side, vs. Clark, on the Army side. The lieutenant, due to his liking to watch wrestling, distrusts the identity of his opponent. And it's with such mistrust in mind that the fight begins.

Both test your strength. Clark provokes Dinosaur, who retaliates by scratching and biting him. The audience boo, Ramon also provokes, saying that Leona also cheated; the soldier says he did his best within the rules.

The fight heats up. Clark attacks with his famous blows. By the time he plays Dinosaur on high, the prehistoric fighter counterattacks. The soldier says, after receiving all these attacks, that his opponent doesn't have the profile of Heel. Dinosaur re-attacks.

ROUND 16 - 2 ~IKARI TEAM VS. MEXICO TEAM~ (Released April 22, 2019)

Dinosaur grabs Clark and takes him up into the air. But the lieutenant has a card up his sleeve: he grabs the prehistoric fighter and throws him to the ground, consecrating the Ikari Team's victory.

Not content to win, Clark forcefully pulls off his opponent's mask, under protests from Ramon and the audience. Behold, underneath the dinosaur mask, another one is revealed: the griffon. Tizoc appears, covered with shame. This attitude disqualifies Clark.

The Antonov-girl hurries to announce Dinosaur as winner. But the fighter confesses his real identity, which the audience already knew. The audience weeps wondering why Tizoc turned into a dinosaur. Already the masked griffon pitied himself, saying that he was out of his mind. And then he reassumes himself as the famous wrestling fighter beloved by Mexico.

After all this, he asks Clark why he gave up the easy victory, and the lieutenant says there are more important things to win. Clark asks for an autograph of Tizoc, annoying his teammates. After all these events, the next fight is announced: Colonel Ralf Jones vs. The Tiger Ramon.

Chapter 17

ROUND 17 - 1 ~IKARI TEAM VS. MEXICO TEAM~ (Released May 27, 2019)

Before the fight, Clark tells Ralf that there is a phone call to him. It's a mysterious instructor. Ralf thanks the incentive call, but needs to turn it off as the fight will start.

A scene shows Angel recuperating in the hospital, surrounded by his young fans and clogging with food.

The last fights starts: The One Man Army vs. The Stronger Human. The two exchanged insults and childhood nicknames, to the point where the fight became heated.

Both exchange fists and attacks. Ralf starts to hit a punch, but Ramon recovers quickly and hits the soldier's feet, causing him to bleed. Both continue to tease, until Ramon climbs on a fighter plane to deliver his killer blow.

ROUND 17 - 2 ~IKARI TEAM VS. MEXICO TEAM~ (Released June 4, 2019)

The fight reaches its peak. Ramon and Ralph prepare to strike again (the final blow of each). Then, each one applies his blow, and Ralf is victorious, consecrating the Ikari Team the winner of the round. Ramon, after all this, faints standing up, deserving the respect of his military opponent.

Ralf celebrates his victory when he is interrupted by the apprehensive expression of his teammates. Clark says the instructor's phone call before the fight was to let the Mexico Team win because of Angel's participation in KOF. Leona says that the instructor will come to punish the Colonel of Ikari Squad.

Chapter 18

ROUND 18 - 1 ~STRATEGY~ (Released June 11, 2019)

Heidern Fleet, post-fight. The winner team, Ikari Warriors, receives the visit of another team, the Psycho Soldier. The soldiers have a new strategy: try to decimate what's left of NESTS. And for that, they called the team led by the pop star Athena Asamiya.

The military team asks Athena to analyze the wreckage of the mental control device that acted during the fight between Leona and Angel, in order to find the base of the remnants of the cartel.

Athena uses her psychic powers, and discovers the location of the base. Ralf asks the team to teleport there to watch them unnoticed by the team. Leona, Ralf and Clark will be at the base in order to control the remaining information and control the reinforcements and, above all, to watch over the former Mexican employee of NESTS, who is undergoing recovery.

The psychic team withdraws. Clark asks Ralf about the possibility of Athena, Kensou and Chin being controlled by the cartel, and the Colonel says there is no cause for concern.

Meanwhile, a camera points to the meeting room. And a wire connects it to a cyborg, which gathers as much information as possible from that meeting. The cyborg, along with his angry friend fire controller and a child licking ice popsicle, have already been part of the same cartel, as they have suffered painful experiences. And now K', Kula and Maxima want revenge on NESTS.

ROUND 18 - 2 ~STRATEGY~ (Released June 24, 2019)

After spying and collecting data, K' asks Maxima what he got. The cyborg says the mercenaries want to wipe out the survivors of NESTS, the cartel that turned the team into modified humans, and for that, asked the Psycho Soldier Team to track down the base.

The team then decides to fight to attract the attention of the survivors of the cartel, so that the mercenaries of Heidern act. Kula asks Maxima about the possibility of being used, as Angel was during the fight with Leona. He responds that he has accessed the remnants database and will use a card up its sleeve before the fight.

Meanwhile, in the waiting room, the South America Team leader, Nelson, puts the finishing touches on his prosthetic arm with the help of his physiotherapist. The boxer thought that, with the loss of his left arm, his career was over. But he says that with his new prosthesis he can now play a place in the KOF.

He thanks his doctor, hired by a new unknown sponsor. The doctor says that his philosophy is "to contribute socially" and thanks for using his technology for this. Nelson gains confidence and goes to meet his teammates, Zarina and Bandeiras Hattori.

Bandeiras wants his ninjutsu to be known all over the world, and Zarina wants to help his toucan escape extinction. Nelson says the motives that brought them to KOF are different, but the goal is one: victory.

The doctor, who sees everything from a distance, whispers, malevolent, that there will be a future of glory for Nelson. And everything is clear: the physcotherapist was hired by NESTS and the prosthetic arm is the work of the criminal cartel.

Chapter 19

ROUND 19 - 1 ~K' TEAM VS. SOUTH AMERICA TEAM~ (Released July 22, 2019)

The next fight will happens in one of the most well-known tourist spots in Brazil: the Iguazu Falls. While the first match does not begin, K' asks Maxima about the survivors of Nests. The cyborg says it has no information, but has coupled a device in which it will attempt to counteract any suspicious activity.

Kula has doubts about that, and Maxima says he wants to attract the attention of the criminal cartel survivors to the fight, so that the Ikari Warriors Team mercenaries will be on time. K' tells the child manipulator of ice not to call if losing or winning the fight, just let it flow.On the other side of the ring, the opposing team gives a war cry, under Kula's watchful eye.

The first match is announced: Zarina vs. Kula. The owner of Coco is amazed that her opponent is so young. But she says she will not lose even if she is a child. Kula says she will also win, even if she has to get over Zarina's dream.

The match begins with Zarina creating floral winds. Kula steps away until she begins to blow ice, reversing the effect of the wind. Zarina creates another still greater wind, also canceled.

Then, Zarina attacks, and Kula counterattacks with more force, starting up. Kula says she doesn't know about dreams or future, except that she was made to fight. K' screams, and Kula directs his ice to the Falls, freezing them.

Under the disbelieving gaze of Zarina and the South America Team for the Waterfalls, and under the robotic and cold indifference of the K 'Team, the fight is over. Kula returns to his team, and Nelson notes that the team is genetically modified humans.

ROUND 19 - 2 ~K' TEAM VS. SOUTH AMERICA TEAM~ (Released August 12, 2019)

Heidern Fleet. Ralf asks Clark how the Psycho Soldier Team is doing. The lieutenant says the signal is weak and communication is lost. But Leona feels Athena communicating through telepathy. The pop idol reveals that she used psychometrics to find out where the remaining NESTS cartel base is. And they entered because noticed that there was no risk of explosions.Clark recommends that the team make a full reconnaissance of the site until reinforcements arrive.

In Brazil, the next match is announced: the furious K' against boxer Nelson. The fight begins. Nelson says his left arm is a chance for him to return to the ring. K' disdains.Nelson throws several punches at his adversary, who deflects with frightening naturalness. K 'says your opponent's other arm isn't a threat.

Suddenly, in the middle of the fight, Nelson's arm begins to show reactions, which surprises the team of modified humans. They already realize that NESTS is behind this. At the remnant headquarters of the cartel, Nelson's physiotherapist rejoices, saying that his patient's arm carries dreams and future for the organization.

The arm attains evil powers. In the meantime, the dimensional crash, already seen during the fight between Kyo and Iori, opens again. NESTS remnants take advantage of this power crash as planned by them.

Chapter 20

ROUND 20 -1 ~K' TEAM VS. SOUTH AMERICA TEAM~ (Released August 26, 2019)

Under the watch of the Ikari Squad, Nelson's mechanical arm takes on a monstrous shape. The squad intends that NESTS is behind this. Meanwhile, at the secret NESTS base, the Psycho Soldier Team was discovered by the survivors.

Ready to fight, Master Chin asks his disciples to leave, as they must find their way out of the base, and also that they need to know something strange that is taking place during the fight. Athena and Kensou go, promising a bottle of sake to the old master.

One of the soldiers sneers, saying that the two young men are ungrateful to leave an elderly gentleman alone like this. But Chin, unshakably, takes a sip from his bottle and says he has a well-known strength. Soldiers, on the other hand, question how long it will take, as it has data from all the fighters who have ever fought.

In the tense match, Nelson is controlled by NESTS through his eyes, as is Angel. K' notices and deflects an orchestrated blow by the possessed arm. K' sees it's not a weapon, either organic. He unleashes the first blast of fire at his opponent. The arm breaks, but soon regenerates. The physiotherapist explains that the arm is made of special nanomachines that regenerate and absorb the energy of any attack to increase its power. Nelson, with his larger arm with each blow K 'strikes, attacks. The modified human attacks with everything, and the arm takes on a monstrous shape, to the delight of the physiotherapist.

In his dorm room, Shun'ei analyzes Nelson's fight and the arm. The young Chinese questions whether his gen'ei is not yet stabilized or is a mere impression. Outside Antonov's arena, Nakoruru wonders if the evil power that made her go into the 21st century has moved.

The crash opens, and bigger than before, a perfect opportunity for NESTS survivors to extract data. Kula and Maxima perceive her, and Nelson, like the cartel's puppet, shoots the child. The shot hits the girl's head with a mind control crown. Maxima tries to take it off, but is frozen. In the cartel, the soldiers cheer at the possible resurrection of their former master, Igniz. At the height of the fight, a controlled Kula addresses K', saying she hates flames and heat. K' realizes and questions what the cartel survivors did.

ROUND 20 - 2 ~K' TEAM VS. SOUTH AMERICA TEAM~ (Released September 9, 2019)

The fight goes on, only between K' and Kula. Ice against fire. Kula attacks with the intention of killing K', with NESTS activating its original purpose with the ice girl: murdering all the cartel's traitors. To the NESTS criminal mind, the friendship with K' was a bug that he made the issue of fixing. And he expects them to kill each other for the most part when data collection is complete.

At NESTS headquarters, Chin attacks the cartel survivors. At a glance, the old gentleman throws an alcoholic blast of fire, which paralyzes them, but Chin notices something wrong.

Athena and Kensou look for the cartel exit, and come across a door. Kensou blows it to the ground, and both face another NESTS survivor. Both ask what the purpose of everything is, and the survivor questions about the mass creation of 9999 Kyo's clones.

Athena replies that they were contained or eliminated by the Ikari squad. The survivor says the data for clone creation was in pieces and was restored. At the same time, he reveals his identity, as well as that of the other survivors: they are all new Kyo clones, redone for Igniz's resurrection.


Volume 5 front cover

Chapter 21

ROUND 21 - 1 ~PSYCHO SOLDIER TEAM VS. SYLVIE PAULA PAULA~ (Released September 23, 2019)

Athena and Kensou are still astonished at the recent revelations. Kyo's clone recites a few words over and over, as if summoning someone. And suddenly a girl in flashy dress appears: Sylvie Paula Paula.

The psychic soldiers are surprised, and the cloned soldier reveals that Sylvie was once a NESTS experiment. Only useless for the cartel. But he also reveals that he is controlling her with brainwashing, and orders him to defeat Athena and Kensou.

Suddenly, Sylvie, pointing to Athena and calling her paisen (informal form of "senpai"), has memories of her past. In it, the girl discarded by the cartel doesn't remember what happened to her before she was changed. She wandered the streets when she suddenly saw a light. This light showed Athena singing in a broadcast show. Sylvie was delighted and decided: she wanted to be with the Japanese singer.

Sylvie cries before Athena. The clone remains impassive, saying that the disposal of NESTS needs no heart, and orders her to fight. The girl launches her electromagnetic force at both of them. In this, she involves Kensou, who is saved by Athena. The two try to attack her. Sylvie asks Athena why she shines so brightly, and if she can be an idol too. The clone is still bothered by his puppet's self-awareness.

Sylvie attacks again, throwing them both away. The clone questions and scoffs at his puppet, telling her that free will hasn't been granted, and calling it a defective product. Sylvie wonders why she can't have dreams. The survivor of NESTS wants the brainwashing to be complete for better performance. Athena rages, and unleashes her powers hard, scaring Kensou.

ROUND 21 - 2 ~PSYCHO SOLDIER TEAM VS. SYLVIE PAULA PAULA~ (Released October 7, 2019)

The fight goes heated. Athena enlists Kensou's help in curbing Sylvie's electromagnetic powers. The popstar tells her fan that no matter who she is or what they tell her, she will be a free being. And invites her to be on stage with her. Sylvie is enthusiastic before being defeated.

After the fight, Athena heals Sylvie with her hands and is displeased with NESTS actions. Kensou shouts against Kyo's clones and calls them into the fight. All the clones come together and one of them attacks the psychic soldier with a blast of fire. The clones speak as if they were a single person, saying that one hit would kill their opponents and ask them both to die so as not to cause further losses.

Backed down and with little strength left, Athena and Kensou call for reinforcements. Suddenly, a person already known appears, and Athena notices a trail of fire going towards the clones, that throws them away. Then the young psychic disciples realize the presence of the original Kyo Kusanagi, recovered from his first fight.

Chapter 22

ROUND 22 - 1 ~K' TEAM VS. SOUTH AMERICA TEAM~ (Released October 28, 2019)

Iguazu Falls. Maxima breaks free of the ice that held him, through a blast of light. He analyzes, with his database, the heated match of K' and Kula, and concludes that NESTS is doing the same thing from years ago: manipulating Kula in order to kill K'.

The cyborg advises his friend to destroy the mind control tiara, whose answer comes bitter. K' tries to hit Kula and, in the process, loses the already destroyed sunglasses. The young man, before attacking the ice child again, apologizes for not taking it easy on him, and goes to the rematch. Kula deflects as much as she can, but K' puts pressure on her metal glove, targets her head and destroys her tiara, making her pass out.

After that, the fire escapes the control of K'. Maxima shouts for Kula to get away, but she, unconscious, doesn't listen. Suddenly, a young man appears and disappears quickly, saving Kula: the Brazilian ninja Bandeiras Hattori.

ROUND 22 - 2 ~K' TEAM VS. SOUTH AMERICA TEAM~ (Released November 11, 2019)

The fire of K' remains incontrollable. Bandeiras asks Maxima what is going on, as he thinks someone outside the tournament manipulates the fight. The cyborg says that the red metallic glove of K' is broken and the fire becomes uncontrollable. Maxima also says that the powers of both (K' and Kula) are the result of memories erased by NESTS and that, until today, the three are fugitive.

In a rush, Kula gets up and says she won't let them kill her friends. She throws a blizzard against the blast of fire, which is insufficient. Zarina then appears to help her with her yellow flower cyclone. Kula enlists the help of Maxima, who, with her technological arsenal, goes into uncontrolled fire. When the apex reaches, Zarina takes Kula away, and the explosion occurs. K' is left without his jacket and Maxima is partially destroyed.

Zarina regrets the fact that Kula has such amazing powers, such a child. Bandeiras points out that Nelson is still under NESTS control. And get ready, the four (Kula is unconscious), to save him.

Chapter 23

ROUND 23 - 1 ~K' TEAM VS. SOUTH AMERICA TEAM~ (Released November 25, 2019)

The crash is still open, with Nelson's help. At the remaining NESTS headquarters, the survivors continue to collect data and will experience, even incomplete, the installation.

In Brazil, Zarina tries unsuccessfully to call Nelson reason. Maxima says he is brainwashed, and that the crash in the sky can only be seen by those with special abilities. K' and Maxima notice a strange cloak in Nelson, and ask Bandeiras and Zarina to flee while trying to attack. But she disobeys and tries to attack.

They realize that Nelson tries to fight NESTS brainwashing. Bandeiras tries to attack and is almost caught by the cover emanating from his teammate. K' and Maxima realize that all Nelson's scams are copies of Igniz, and that there is something dormant about the cartel leader in that crash. Both conclude that, while bad for the boxer, the best thing to do is to destroy the mechanical arm.

At NESTS base, Kyo fights his new clones and deals a final blow of fire, destroying them all. Clan heir Kusanagi wonders since when they got their data. Athena and Kensou defeat a few more clones.

Kyo says there is a personal feud between him and NESTS, and he wants to end it once and for all. Athena asks if the clones bother him, and he says that they are too weak to be clones, besides not using much of the flames and weak mechanical movements. Suddenly Athena feels more than intelligence.

ROUND 23 - 2 ~K' TEAM VS. SOUTH AMERICA TEAM~ (Released December 9, 2019)

One of the defeated clones isn't a clone, but an android. At the core of the NESTS base, the physiotherapist vibrates when, suddenly, an explosion destroys the wall. Kyo, Athena, Kensou and a sleepy Sylvie enter from the hole. The android begins to install data, even with the doctor on the floor. Suddenly, appears, on the screen, the soul of the great boss of NESTS: Igniz.

The cartel chief says that his personality data was stored, out of concern, on an underground basis, but that the resurrection process only worked recently, with the help of the dimensional gap that appears in the tournament. Nelson's physiotherapist despairs, asking Igniz to be cautious, but is shot down by the android. Igniz goes on to say that, despite the brutality, the clones have hearts, and that it was a mistake for modified humans to keep them. Kyo rages, and Igniz goes on to say that he only wanted a puppet-like body to move around. Kyo is determined to burn the soul in the collected data.

Igniz's soul binds to the android, completely dominating it. And he says one advantage of them is that they have no minds, making them an easy host to harbor their conscience. And it ends by saying that those who oppose God disappear in repentance. Athena, Kensou, Sylvie and the unconscious Nelson's doctor run far away.

Kyo and Igniz fight, and the cartel leader's soul casts an Aeidon Blade at the fire dominator. Kyo retaliates with a blast of fire, killing the android and thus releasing Igniz's soul. The heir to the Kusanagis says Igniz is just a ghost of the past, and leaves the place under a giant explosion.

In Brazil, Igniz invades Nelson's arm, thanks to the data embedded in him. The four fighters (K', Maxima, Zarina & Bandeiras) are surprised, as the boxer fights against this influence.

Chapter 24

ROUND 24 - 1 ~K' TEAM VS. SOUTH AMERICA TEAM~ (Released December 23, 2019)

The fight against Igniz continues. Nelson fights against the NESTS domination in his body, and his teammates Zarina and Bandeiras help him. The NESTS' big boss tells no one to meddle, and complains of being unable to attack due to the host state. The team strives to remove Igniz's soul.

Igniz says he needs to stay in the boxer's body to activate the nanomachines and not collapse, with the help of the dimensional crash. Maxima overheats, and begins to rest, leaving the rest to the Brazilian team. Igniz yells that he is a god and says he knows all the team's ambitions, mocking the fact that Bandeiras wants to spread his ninjutsu around the world, Zarina wanted to save the toucans and Nelson wanted to save his wife. The team gets angry and, more strongly, expels Igniz's soul from Nelson's arm, which rolls to K's foot.

The cartel chief remembers K', and begs him to put it back on Nelson's arm, promising to return the boy's memories, repressed by the cartel. Turning back and looking at the others, he uses his flames to burn Igniz, surprising him.

ROUND 24 - 2 ~K' TEAM VS. SOUTH AMERICA TEAM~ (Released February 10, 2020)

Igniz is defeated again, and the crash closes. K' says the NESTS leader is nothing. After all events, the Antonov-Girl stops the fight and talks with the other event organizers to decide which team is the winner.

Maxima says that, during the fight, a blackout occurred, which was very useful for the cartel, through a radio wave inhibitor device. Nelson asks the cyborg what happened during the fight, as he remembers nothing. K', impatient as always, waits for the outcome of the fight.

Kula wakes up and shakes Zarina's hand. The solar girl wonders about the timing of their fight, when the ice girl says "she didn't care about dreams or hopes." Kula says it was remodeled like this. Zarina revolts, saying that this isn't good and that to be happy, Kula needs a dream. The girl, mistakenly, remembers wanting to destroy NESTS and get revenge, but Zarina asks what she likes. Kula says she likes ice cream, and Zarina proposes that she dreams of eating all the ice cream in the world. Zarina hugs Kula, saying that revenge and annihilation will not make her happy, and that a dream serves to give happiness if it comes true.

Nelson now knows who was behind what happened. He asks Maxima if his arm was used by the cartel survivors, and the cyborg replies that he is almost certain of it. The conversation is interrupted by the announcement of the winning team of the round: it's the K' Team, with Kula's victory over Zarina.

Nelson is convinced that, if he doesn't give up, there will be a future. Zarina apologizes to him, and the boxer says that he, she and Bandeiras are fighters, and that he knew there were extremely strong fighters, and that this fight was just a warm-up. Nelson then turns to K 'and says there will be a rematch, and it will be even stronger. The other boy reacts with the usual indifference.

Maxima notices his partner's grumbling, and thinks that unlike his teammates and him, who are still stuck in the past, Nelson's team looks to the future. He also notices a new feeling arising in K': the envy. And both teams go their way.

At the now-disabled NESTS survivor base, Athena and Sylvie celebrate, but Kukri appears and knocks down the electric girl, and begins to rage at her. In addition to him, another fighter invited by Antonov, Mian, appears but wants to remain unscathed.

Athena calls Kyo aside and comments on the filthy mouth of the mysterious fighter. The Kusanagi clan heir comments that, if it weren't for him, it would take even longer to enter the base. He says he doesn't know Kukri's power, but with him the mysterious fighter cut the walls with sand to the floor and made shortcuts. Kyo comments that if he faces Kukri in the KOF in the future, he will be a very unusual opponent.

The Ikari Team appears, and says it will perform the post operation, starting with an interview with the NESTS physiotherapist. He raves and says he was fooled by the cartel. Leona and Clark say another organization was responsible for Kyo's androids, and that several charismatic cartel members may have split into much smaller organizations. Ralf says he will question much the physiotherapist, and expects a lot of answers.

Inside the base, soldiers investigate the wreckage of the androids, and conclude that everything stopped working due to the loss of the main computer. The operation commander asks the troops to keep looking and report if they notice anything. In a distraction from the troop, a man disguised as a soldier connects an USB key and picks up the leftover data after the destruction and says he expects to have many useful ones. It's Hein, butler of the Southtown crime master Geese Howard.

Chapter 25
ROUND 25 - 1 ~KIM TEAM VS. VILLAINS TEAM~ (Released February 24, 2020)

Kim Kaphwan's dojo. The young Taekwondo master does a live for, initially, 17 people. In it, he says that a lot of things can be learned with the meeting of several masters in KOF and with the daily training. He notes that a nickname called "Struggling Fists" listens to him attentively, and says, with enthusiasm, that the key to the strength is to speak with who has experience.

Suddenly, a small man and a tall woman, who accompanies him, enter the dojo. These are Gang-il, president of the World Taekowdo Federation, and Luong, his new girlfriend. The old master asks what his disciple is doing, and is startled by the fact that he is talking to the computer. Kim explains that he is doing a live on KOF, with his fiery speeches about order and justice. Gang-il interrupts him, saying that his student's speech is uninteresting, and takes over the live, which explodes in visualizations. Kim despairs, and tries to cling to the nickname that listened to his messages attentively, but gets punched in the stomach when "Struggling Fists" says that Gang-il is much more interesting than he. And so, the live account is suspended, for inappropriate content.

A sewer in the underground. The master of the underworld Xanadu looks, sharply, at his two new followers, Chang Koehan and Choi Bounge. Choi asks the new master why he chose to stay in a stinking sewer like that, since they participate in the KOF tournament. In this, the criminal begins his speech with the word "sky", and goes to Chang, taking his coffee mug. Xanadu says he will not repeat what he is about to say, and throws the coffee into the running water of the sewage, under protests by Chang and attempts by Choi to silence his partner.

Xanadu says the coffee mixes with the sewer, and fills the mug with sewage water. He asks if the sewer would be coffee. And it confirms that the sewage, when mixed with coffee, becomes coffee. Chang and Choi hear and look, in terror. The master of the underworld says to drink the sewage from the mug. Choi says the two will die, and Xanadu pauses before saying that they cannot drink the sewage.

Xanadu says that a small amount of coffee has no effect on the entropy of the sewer. And that sewage remains sewage, despite everything. The master of the underworld says "sky" again, followed by the following words: "fluctuation", "interlacing", "mixing" and "new agitation", and lets out a terrifying laugh, until he sees a rat on his shoulder. Xanadu, then, screams wildly. Chang and Choi remain terrified.

At a bar, Kim gets drunk and questions his role as a master. Chang and Choi sees him and want to get close, unaware that he is his former master. Both are surprised when they meet. Kim rages, saying he has a lot to say to his rebellious disciples, and they also say that they also have a lot to say to him. But the Taekowdo master falters, and gets drunk again, together with the two. And both go out on the streets, complaining about their masters and the life they lead.

ROUND 25 - 2 ~KIM TEAM VS. VILLAINS TEAM~ (Released March 9, 2020)

An industrial area of an oil refinery. On one side, Xanadu, with the piercing look. On the other, the couple Gang-il and Luong, looking strangely at his opponent. And a euphoric crowd with the Taekwondo master, after his pupil's "stolen" live. The tournament organizers announce that Kim, Chang and Choi did not show up in time, causing Gang-il's laughter.

Suddenly, Xanadu notices something in the sky and points to it. Nakoruru, who is watching, but invisible to the eyes of 21st century inhabitants, asks if the criminal has noticed his presence. Xanadu recites the words "time" and "space" and the verb "vibrating", in addition to saying that he feels that the sky is vibrating. He also feels a giant void to fill, and would say his cause until the organizers decide a single fight, between the criminal and Gang-il. As soon as the fight begins, Xanadu shake his arms hysterically, until getting punched by Gang-il and falls to the ground.

A desert island in the middle of the ocean. And a boat used to go to it. Chang and Choi wake up, lying on the sand, and wonder where they are. Kim talks to his former and recidivist criminal students. The pair remembers the events of the previous day. Kim says he looked around and confirmed that the 3 are on a desert island, a consequence of the drinking. The Taekwondo master concludes that this is a matter of fate, and says that he will rehabilitate them again. Chang and Choi get scared and run from Kim, in despair.

Howard Connection, South Town. Billy Kane hears the voice of his boss, the lord of crime Geese Howard. He enters the main room and meets Geese and Hein, the company's new hire, in a meeting. The great criminal gives a cynical laugh and says that the information collected by the butler is great, dismissing him. After that, Billy asks Hein what he took to the president of Howard Connection, and the butler says it was a clue on how to get his hands on something destructive, showing the USB key he used to collect NESTS information on the base newly destroyed, disguised as a soldier.

Volume 6: VERSE

Chapter 26

Volume 6 front cover

ROUND 26 - 1 ~CRACKS IN THE SKY - PART 1~ (Released March 23, 2020)

Antonov Super Arena. With the euphoric crowd and almost all the teams that have fought (with the exception of the Yagami Team, for obvious reasons, Ikari Team, China Team and Art of Fighting Team), the tournament takes a break. In the main waiting room, Antonov questions his assistant, Yakov, about not making the finals in the arena. Yakov informs that Geese Howard made an offer, under two conditions: that the next fight is in the arena and that they invited all the fighters to the stage as soon as possible.

The assistant also says that accepting the proposal would make him bear the costs of past fights: the destruction of the aircraft carrier in the 3rd match (IKARI TEAM VS. MEXICO TEAM), the mysterious interference that occurred during the 4th match (K' TEAM VS. SOUTH AMERICA TEAM) and the quick end of the 5th match (XANADU VS. GANG-IL). And he adds that the audience is doing well, unlike the profits, and that it would be unwise to refuse the offer. Antonov accepts without hesitation. Yakov, silently, questions the South Town criminal's offer.

In the arena, Maxima thanks Kyo for destroying the new NESTS headquarters. The heir to the Kusanagi clan says he wanted to teach them a lesson once and for all. Benimaru complains about this, and Kyo says to speak to the mercenaries. Kensou also complains, and says that Athena also made an effort. Daimon is surprised by the fact that there is a match in the arena other than the finals and the fighters that have already played together on stage. Maxima says that Geese is behind this and also to do with the cracks in the sky, already seen in some matches. Athena says she will work to cleanse any evil that appears. Kensou agrees, vibrating.

K' is bothered by the noise and asks for silence. Kyo teases him, asking about controlling his flames (inherited from Kyo himself). The NESTS ex-guinea pig says his flames have nothing to do with the heir to the Kusanagi clan. Kula and Chin talk about the events of the 4th fight. The old Kung Fu master tells the ice girl that he infiltrated and helped destroy the NESTS base, and they agree to be friends virtually.

Gang-il and Luong date, which bothers Kukri. But the mysterious man says he liked the live that Tae Kwon Do's master did. Mian is uncomfortable with the teammate's attitudes and Kukri counters. Gang-il finds the Chinese woman's voice strange and takes off her mask, embarrassing her. Gang-il returns the mask.

Sylvie makes faces and mouths, and Angel teases her, calling her a bug. Ramon joins the conversation, saying that Sylvie was from NESTS, and Angel says that she has no connection to the cartel. And she adds that she wants to stay very close to her friends, looking at Kula, who shrugs. The fighter asks what she did during her time at NESTS, and she says a lot. Ramon says that, no matter what Angel has done in the past, he is friends with her. The ex-NESTS makes fun of the face of the fighter, who doesn't like it.

Nelson asks why the wrestler is dressed in his heel persona. Dinosaur reiterates that it wants its revenge like King of Dinosaurs and not with Tizoc, its babyface persona. Nelson questions him, saying that it can mess up identities, given the fighter's intention to prioritize children's desire above all else. Dinosaur goes into an identity crisis after the conversation.

Arena passage. The China Team meets Leona. The soldier tells Shun'ei that the turbulence in the gravitational field, observed by the military, is very great, and that his power must be unstable. Shun'ei asks how she knows, and the soldier says the two are similar. Leona also informs that Geese is acting, and certainly in relation to the instability of this power. She leaves for the arena. Meitenkun says that both are developing, and the two are also going. Tung smiles, pleased with the progress of his last two pupils.

ROUND 26 - 2 ~CRACKS IN THE SKY - PART 2~ (Released April 13, 2020)

Waiting room for the next fight. The Bogard brothers and Muai Thay champ Joe Higashi are waiting, and receive the presence of Tung, who in the past, was Terry and Andy’s master. Andy asks if the young people who accompany the old master are his disciples, and Tung. Shun'ei and Meitenkun introduce themselves, and Tung nudges Shun for his lack of courtesy. Joe asks Tung to cheer for them, and the old man says that at first they would only be cheering, but he discovered that his malevolent disciple, Geese, is up to something behind the tournament. Terry gets a little irritated, remembering that Geese killed his adoptive father and that he is his archenemy - facts already known - and that nothing he does is by chance.

He also says that, for now, he will not let his hatred and bitterness take over, and that he will fight fairly within the KOF. Tung asks if they would say anything more, and Andy asks him to keep it a secret from him. And Terry adds that, if Geese comes to act, they will stop with everything. At that moment, Shun'ei feels his powers get a little out of control. Tung tells Terry that his new disciple is very strong, and the old man asks him if he felt the Hungry Wolf's ki, and Shun'ei says he was just destabilized. Terry realizes that controlling this is complicated.

King, Mai Shiranui and Alice enter the room to say hi. Meiten covers Shun's face with a pillow, saying he is very precocious. Mai asks Andy who the boys are, and he replies that they are Tung's new disciples. The ninja of the Shiranui clan regrets the fact that she doesn't compete in the finals against her lover, and he says he is happy that she can get there. Mai says that she doesn't care if she or Andy win the tournament, as long as it's hers, and complains about her air conditioning not working well, besides being expensive to buy a new one. Andy says that Mai is trying to deconcentrate him.

Alice goes to Terry and says that she will show that she also knows how to fight, cheering Terry. Suddenly, Robert and Yuri call King from the door. Yuri says that Ryo cheers and supports her, and Robert whispers for both of them to have a date soon. The owner of the Illusion bar asks the Kyokugenryu master this question, and both are visibly embarrassed. Terry calls him and greets him, agreeing to drink after the fight. King says that Terry and Ryo are very indebted to her. Shun and Meiten reach Robert, begging for yakiniku, and the Italian agrees, retreating, along with Yuri, to see another frustrated plan to bring King and Ryo together. Joe, alone, thinks about what title he would win, and suddenly explodes, telling everyone to fight. Tung laughs, and suddenly, he feels something strange.

The Antonov-Girl announces the next match: FATAL FURY TEAM VS. WOMEN FIGHTERS TEAM. From the arena's audience, Zarina and Bandeiras observe the movements of Mai's ninja art and the movements of Muai Thay of King and Joe, Kyo shows boredom for having seen another crack in the sky, along with Benimaru, and Xanadu, alone, looks, macabre, at him, in addition to Shun'ei also realizing and Nakoruru, outside the arena, looking at the sky in a spiral shape and realizing that evil is reacting to this.

Chapter 27

ROUND 27 - 1 ~VERSE~ (Released April 27, 2020)

The main door of the arena. The Ikari Warriors Team is on surveillance mission. Ralf says he wants a beer, while Clark says it is impossible because they are working. The Colonel complains, saying that NESTS survivors can do nothing, and the Lieutenant says that prevention is better than cure. Suddenly, Leona looks at the sky, and they both realize that the crack is now spiraling over the arena, and decide to act.

From inside the arena, the teammates on the Women Fighters Team remain impatient, waiting to fight. King feels a bad omen when the narrator announces an evacuation. The three of them run to the arena, and notice the stormy sky, in addition to feeling something like thunder, when, in fact, one of the structures begins to sag and collapse. The Fatal Fury Team appears and saves them, causing the structure to fall to the other side. Mai hugs Andy, and Terry realizes, on top of the arena, an already known person, who already suspected that he was behind this: Geese Howard. The arena begins to be evacuated, on the orders of Antonov-girl and the others.

At the top of the arena, Geese and his henchmen face the sky full of lightnings. Billy tells both to leave at once, as the scenario is dangerous. The Crime Lord says that being close to the skies is a necessary risk, so as not to be disturbed by external factors. The Brit asks about the scary flames, and Hein says it is an existence to gather the power of the dead. The German questions about the being, which materializes in our world, and shouts his name: VERSE. Geese asks if Verse was attracted by the power of the fighters who gathered in the arena, with no answer. The criminal asks Billy to stay away, as he will take care of this on his own, and takes off the top of his gi, saying that if Verse wants his power, Geese also wants the sleeping power inside him. And the fight begins.

ROUND 27 - 2 ~VERSE~ (Released May 11, 2020)

An Antonov Super Arena destroyed. Alice asks if the thunders ceased. King says no, and adds that there is something strange in the skies, referring to the fight between Geese and Verse. Ryo, Robert and Yuri see the arena and the karate master asks what Geese is up to. The owner of Bar Illusion asks Ryo if he hasn't escaped, and he says that with this situation, he couldn't just leave. Shun'ei feels that his power is vibrating and, looking at the fight, asks if Verse's hands look like the illusions he creates.

Verse throws projectiles from his hands at Geese, who dodges everyone. The criminal comes close to the evil creature and says that he has speed and strength, but not technical, classifying the fight as boring. And then, he grabs it and smashes it on the arena floor. Before taking Verse's power to himself, Geese says that the creature is just a collector, not a warrior and that it is of no use to the criminal. After taking his power, Geese is taken by a black aura, which frees all souls trapped in the creature, forming craters on the ground. Joe, Robert and Yuri look at the sky and the craters. And then, souls reveal themselves to the world. Well-known faces show themselves: Goenitz, the New Faces team, Krizalid and Zero.

Mai is amazed, and Shun'ei asks who they are. Kyo realizes that the apparitions of Igniz and Orochi, in this current tournament, were real, and not mere ghosts. All teams are ready to face the threats ahead. Kukri thinks about all the things that happened in the tournament. On the desert island, Chang and Choi, in the company of Kim, look up at the sky full of the other freed souls and, thinking they are shooting stars, make a wish.

Mature and Vice appear again, disturbing Benimaru. Iori also reappears, mocking the situation and saying that the dead have decided to return now. The two ladies recall that they have also returned and done bad things. The last member of the Yagami clan gets angry at his teammates, and both also make fun of him. Kyo interrupts the conversation, asking his archenemy if he has come to help. Iori says that he will deal with this alone, reducing them to ashes again, and that he will later do the same with the clan member Kusanagi, who irks the speech. Mature asks Vice if they should help deal with the Four Heavenly Kings, and she realizes that they were both resurrected against their will, and that both will be good.

From the top of the arena, Verse disintegrates, and Geese tries to control the newly acquired power, scaring Billy. Hein, with a calm expression, says that Geese isn't a normal human. Billy rages, but the butler says it's not the time for this, showing Shun'ei, Terry, Andy and Joe willing to fight them. On the ground, a war between fighters and evil spirits is about to start.

Chapter 28

ROUND 28 - 1 ~REVERSE~ (Released May 25, 2020)

Nakoruru prays in front of the destroyed arena and realize everything that has happened during his coming to the present times: the distortion of space-time and the agitation of the border between the living and the dead. At the top, Geese still suffers from the consequences of his new power. Terry, Andy, Joe and Shun'ei realize that if they do nothing, there will be harmful effects ahead, and they decide to act, even with Geese's henchmen wanting to stop it.

Inside the arena, Kyo and Iori fight against Goenitz's spirit, always trying to dodge the hurricanes he unleashes. Iori tries to attack him, unsuccessfully, until Goenitz catches him by the throat. And the spirit is hit by Meitenkun's pillow. Kyo tries to attack, and his flames are deflected. Tung enters the scene, and Goenitz uses a tornado before choking the old master, breaking one of the floors in the arena. Tung tries to attack again before falling to the ground, and Ryo launches a Hao Sho Ko Ken. The young man supports Tung, and he says that it's no big deal. The tornado heads towards the two, and Tung uses his power against him, under shouts from Ryo and Meitenkun. Tung annuls him, saying that Goenitz is very strong. Kyo and Iori say their attacks are having no effect, Ryo says he is going to fight and Tung calls Meitenkun to also fight.

Benimaru and Sylvie fight against the spirit of Shermie, who cancels the blows of both. Sylvie revolts, and Athena cheers her up for the fight. Shermie receives attacks from Zarina and Mian, who praise each other. Mai and Bandeiras also attack, in addition to Benimaru and Sylvie. Shermie is stunned and weak. From a corner, Mature regrets the fact that the souls of the Orochi soldiers come back to life and, drawing out her deadly lipstick, she says that it is too early for a resurrection, asking them both to die again.

ROUND 28 - 2 ~REVERSE~ (Released June 8, 2020)

Shermie's evil spirit disintegrates into the light, giving space for Yashiro to act. Daimon fights and grabs him, but is surprised by a punch. Dinosaur also attacks, with a push, in vain. And then Vice appears, grabs the spirit and hurls it to the ground, without pity or mercy. But Yashiro is resistant, and shakes the ground.

Clark and Dinosaur attack Yashiro with his wrestling moves, and the spirit reacts, throwing the military man away. Robert and Gang-il hit him with their kicks, with a temporary success. Luong also attacks, and is, like the others, thrown away, along with Gang-il.

Daimon shakes the already destroyed structure of the arena with his strength, and Kukri creates a sandstorm, hoping to stop Yashiro. Both useless. The spirit attacks with a powerful punch, throwing them. Kukri complains, and at that very moment another spirit appears, of a guardian with a sword drawn, disheveled hair and an enormous thirst for fighting with stronger opponents, who lived in the late 18th century: Haohmaru, who was invoked by Nakoruru in his prayers.

Chapter 29

ROUND 29 - 1 ~REVERSE 2~ (Released June 22, 2020)

Haohmaru's soul attacks Yashiro, causing the surprise of the other fighters who were against the evil spirit. Chris' spirit enters the scene with his flames. Alice and Yuri attack, in a clumsy way. Chris counterattacks, but is stopped by King. The two inept cheers, but King fights with them. Chris returns with an even more destructive blast of fire towards the three, when Chin appears to throw fire, canceling the attack. Athena launches Kensou to attack Chris, and the young psychic incorporates a Phoenix Arrow.

K' fights Krizalid's spirit, along with Kula, Ramon and Nelson. The former NESTS employee attacks with his blows, and Ramon and Nelson try to distract him while K' tries to attack, with no initial success. Until the ex-cartel prisoner kicks Krizalid in the face, throwing him away. Kula, in fear, launches a hill of ice, but Krizalid creates wings of fire, aiming to attack him.

Suddenly, a giant stone of ice appears, but Kula says she didn't do it. Then, she and K' realize the presence of another spirit from Feudal Japan, this time from a girl crouching on a high ice rock: it's Rimururu, Nakoruru's youngest sister. In the meantime, Krizalid copies K's blows, and his flames become stronger. Ramon and Nelson comment on the fact that the modified beings are so strong. K' realizes that he will have to join the other fighters to defeat his former enemy, and calls them to defeat Krizalid.

ROUND 29 - 2 ~REVERSE 2~ (Released July 13, 2020)

Maxima, Leona, Ralf and Angel fights against Zero's soul, using all his strength, but the NESTS soldier throws them away, and uses his thorny outfit to attack. The soldier and the colonel continue to attack when, suddenly, Xanadu says a time and a lion's soul leaps out of a portal, almost catching Ralf and jumping in his owner's lap. The master of the underworld says another time and Leona dodges another attack from the lion. Zero uses his dimensional powers to attack them, and Xanadu recites various commands and schedules, thus appearing several portals of light and Leona, along with Ralf, dodging them. The military question themselves about the criminal knowing so much about the fight, and in the meantime, Zero moves behind them, Maxima and Angel. Xanadu cites "a spherical deadly force field", a reference to the fatal blow "White Destroyer Spirit".

Ralf asks Angel to run with Leona, as Zero's blow will be executed. As soon as it occurs, the four are thrown, again, away. Xanadu, after the blow, is hit by an arena structure, but is not hurt. And he feels a new soul coming out of a new portal, that of a sick swordsman, called Ukyo Tachibana. Ralf asks Angel to run with Leona, as Zero's blow will be executed. As soon as it occurs, the four are thrown, again, away. Xanadu, after the blow, is hit by an arena structure, but is not hurt. And he feels a new soul coming out of a new portal, that of a sick swordsman, called Ukyo Tachibana, who throws the essence of an apple in the air and cuts Zero. Maxima and Ralf are amazed, and Leona notices other souls around the arena: that of a vengeful swordsman named Genjuro Kibagami, that of a French noblewoman, Charlotte, and those of two ninjas, Hanzo Hattori and Galford, together with her dog Poppy.

Xanadu cites Nakoruru as a messenger from nature that helps people, and Ralf deduces that the souls present also help. The master of the underworld says that no one can't kill those who have died, and Zero, together with Glugan, resurfaces. Ralf is amazed again, and Maxima deduces that souls are reborn only by having a source of energy feeding them. Colonel Ikari asks where the source is, and the cyborg says it was a ghost that fell from the sky, referring to Verse. Maxima says the ghost is using his resident souls to buy time. Ralf calls Leona to act, in addition to mocking Angel, who responds in kind. The colonel thanks Ukyo's soul, and Xanadu mumbles some words.

From the top of the arena, the fight between the three South Town heroes and Shun'ei against Geese's lackeys continues, with Billy attacking Joe, trying to get him off balance in the arena. Andy successfully attacks him and tries to catch up with Geese, but is stopped by Hein, who puts him to fall from the arena. While talking to Billy, Terry attacks him and he dodges. The older brother takes the youngest and throws him to attack the butler. Billy goes to retaliation, but is stopped by Joe. He calls Shun'ei to attack Geese, but hesitates. Hein pulls a card up his sleeve: a red spell known as Domination, capable of pulling everyone to the shaky ground. Billy begs Hein to stop, and the butler says there is no other way.

And a new figure materializes after the complete absorption of Verse's power: NIGHTMARE GEESE.

Chapter 30

ROUND 30 - 1 ~CONCLUSION~ (Released July 27, 2020)

Geese senses something wrong: the power of Verse is rejecting him. But the criminal does not give up, and applies a Raging Storm capable of collapsing the structure of the arena. Andy asks the others to jump to the roofs, and asks for Shun'ei. The young man unleashes all his power and faces Geese, who are fighting on the destroyed roof.

Tung looks at the fight. Kyo speaks to him and asks the master and Meitenkun to go and help Shun'ei, and points out that the young man was provoked at the opening of the tournament, and that it would be a problem if that happened before. Geese grabs Shun'ei and throws him to the ground. But the young man retaliates and throws fire magic at the villain. The Fatal Fury Team helps, but Billy and Hein try to hinder them. At one point, Billy hits Shun'ei, and Geese goes crazy with Verse's power, releasing a Repukken that hits Tung and Meitenkun.

Tung and Meitenkun wake up and are carried by Terry. The Hungry Wolf notices. The master asks about Shun'ei, and Terry replies that the young man is still fighting. Tung asks to be taken down, and Terry asks for caution. The master asks his old pupil to help the new one, because he thinks he's getting in the way, and Terry lets out a laugh, saying that he hasn't seen the master so hesitant in a while. He understands how the new pupils see him, as they look a bit like him and Andy, and also how his adoptive father, Jeff, saw him. The master says what Shun'ei needs most now, is not for power. And now the scene is repeated: both see Tung the same way again.

Geese incorporates Verse's hands and throws them at Shun'ei. Terry says he won't be able to help the new pupil with Tung and Meitenkun alone, and calls Andy and Joe. Both help Shun'ei to fight Geese. The young man remembers his training days, and says he has grown up a bit, and will show to the world, throwing his magic at Geese.

ROUND 30 - 2 ~CONCLUSION~ (Released August 10, 2020)

Geese is defeated again, returns to his normal form and almost falls from the arena, but is helped by Billy. Hein says that those who seek power are consumed by it. Billy yells, and the butler says that his boss was aware of it, and that he just wanted to fulfill his master's wishes. It also says that this is not over yet. Hein turns to his opponents, and says that they will run away, and that it's better not to go after them if they don't want to die.

On the arena floor, the evil souls disappear. Before leaving, Goenitz turns to Kyo and Iori, saying that it is still early for the resurrection, and says he will see them soon. Both of them shrug, and Iori says he has lost (for now) the will to kill Kyo. Benimaru and Daimon wonder where Mature and Vice are, and realize that they have disappeared. Terry realizes that the threat has been resolved. Antonov slips with the arena destroyed. Yakov tries to calm him down, and the Russian cries for the children. The souls of the fighters of Feudal Japan, disappear, along with Nakoruru, highlighting the rivalry between Haohmaru and Genjuro Kibagami.

On the streets of South Town, inside an armored car, Geese regains consciousness. Hein says he got a helicopter. The chief criminal says there was a meeting that went wrong, but he also discovered that the content of the Secret Scrolls is real, and that everything that happened in the tournament is part of something bigger. For now, it's a strategic way out, but when the time is right, Geese wants everything in his hands.

In a desert, a crater opens, with a soul inside. Kukri goes to her, saying that he has been looking for her for so long. And he says the requirements are in line with his plans and someone else's.

Chapter 31

ROUND 31 ~A NEW BEGINNING~ (Released August 24, 2020) (FINAL CHAPTER)

A hawk flies over the Chinese mountains of Hebei, carrying a cylinder on his feet. A female silhouette stands behind Kukri, and the man asks if the soul inside the crater was what she was looking for. The woman confirms, and reveals her true identity: Elisabeth Blanctorche. Kukri says he hasn't woken up yet, but he's still fine. Elisabeth says that even if the world forgets her (referring to the soul in the crater), she will still remember him.

Heidern Fleet, Meeting Room. Heidern confirms the list of the recently resurrected dead, and ends the meeting by saying that he has already established a 24-hour monitoring system. Heidern also says that he cannot predict what will happen in the future, and asks his subordinates not to let their guard down, dismissing them.

The Ikari commander calls his trusted soldiers, Soldiers Leona and Whip, Colonel Ralf and Lieutenant Clark, to a secret meeting, and asks them who the winners of the tournament that had just taken place. Leona says it was the team led by Terry, Whip says it was the team led by his brother, Clark says it was the team led by Kyo and Ralf says it was the soldiers themselves. Both are surprised, and Heidern asks if his subordinates are sure of their memoirs. Faced with a negative answer, the commander says that he already expected this, and continues, saying that something is happening, whenever he tries to remember something about the tournament commanded by Antonov, and that the turbulence of the gravitational field observed by them becomes noticeable, since the end of the tournament prior to this. The commander says that external factors contributed to forgetting everyone.

Heidern asks his loyal soldiers to investigate something, showing him the teams that competed in the tournament prior to the re-final tournament. And it shows a new name, solitary, that appeared after Verse manifested. The commander asks the soldiers if they remember the name, and they deny it. Heidern ends by saying that the person who does not exist in the memory of any other person is responsible for this series of problems, and asks to look for ASH CRIMSON, the same soul that is in the crater discovered by Kukri.

The hawk continues to fly. Shun'ei and Meitenkun talk about the tournament's events. The young man imagines what Verse was looking for, and the sleeping friend says he doesn't know how Geese was defeated. Shun'ei disputes, saying that maybe it was something else, and continues, saying that his gen'ei sensed Verse appearing again. Meitenkun asks his friend if he is reading a lot of manga, and Shun'ei says that manga teaches a lot.

Hearing everything, Tung confirms his pupil's intuition and also thinks about the events of the tournament. The old master questions why his most ambitious and criminal disciple directed his anger at his new pupil, who barely knew him, and perhaps it is because Verse is connected to the powers of Shun'ei. Shun'ei says that Geese, when fighting with him, kept repeating what that power was, and realizes that he should train as much as he can. Tung feels the old heart weaken, and says, in thought, that he does not have much time, and that he has not yet shown the way to his new pupils. He also says that, in case he falls, he entrusts his teachings to his former disciples.

Shun'ei notices the hawk flying, and dropping the cylinder in his hands, which housed a scroll. He opens it, and the three find out, quickly, what it is about. Shun'ei says he sensed this, and remembers everything that went on in the tournament. And he becomes aware that all this is far from over, and says that what he is holding, an INVITATION TO A NEW KOF TOURNAMENT, is a NEW BEGINNING.

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