Tane Goketsu (豪血寺 お種), originally known as Otane Goketsuji, is one of the characters from Power Instinct Matrimelee, having made her first appearance as a playable in the first Power Instinct. She is the twin sister of Ume Goketsu.


Otane received an invitation for a fighting tournament from the King of Certain Country. Her life hasn't been very happy as of late and as the invitation for the tournament promised to find true happiness for the winner, she is willing to do her best to win.

Personality Edit

Unlike Ume, Tane is kinder than her sister. However, she possesses the same competitive spirit that she does when it comes to achieving her goals, and can be just as dangerous. In contrast to her sister's goals, Tane simply wants happiness in her life. She also hates to be compared to Ume.

Powers Edit

  • Transformation - By sucking life energy out of a foe, Tane can transform into her youthful self for a limited time.
  • Ki Energy - Tane is capable of using her ki energy for devastating attacks, and can sometimes make her energy take the shape of her head.

Fighting Style Edit

Tane, like her sister, uses techniques developed from her own family bloodline, and possesses almost similar attacks. She does have some of her own unique techniques, though.

Music Edit

  • A Yoisyo De Ikou - Power Instinct
  • Metameta - Power Instinct 2
  • ZIZIZI Ondo - Power Instinct Legends
  • Fly Away - Groove On Fight
  • Mystic - Groove On Fight
  • Wonderful Internet - Matrimelee

Game Appearances Edit

  • Power Instinct
  • Power Instinct 2
  • Power Instinct Legends
  • Groove On Fight
  • Power Instinct Matrimelee
  • Shin Goketsuji Ichizoku: Bonnou no Kaihou
  • Goketsuji Ichizoku Matsuri Senzo Kuyou

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