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I would NOT be surprised if everyone on this Wiki felt the same way I did about this abomination. I am sure a lot of fans of King of Fighters were excited to learn that it was coming out in 3D! They even had a commercial about it! I almost bought it a few days after it released but I would have been late for work. I was surprised to hear it was not as good as I anticipated. My friend Logan had bought the game from Target than returned it at 6:00 am the following morning!! He said it was the English voices that made it fail so bad! I had played it myself almost a year later when my friend let me borrow it. I swear it gave me a 24 hour flu! After playing it for 15 minutes, my blood sugar went low (I have hypo-glycemia) and I started to sweat. I literally was feeling sick! I woke up between 2:00 am and 3:00 am with my body freezing. It was 60 something degrees in my apartment and it felt like 20 degrees to me! Even my teeth were chattering! I woke up my mom and told her what was wrong. Close to 5:00 am, I started vomiting! My mom gave me some water but my body rejected it! The water looked exactly the same coming out as it going in: You wouldn't be able to tell the difference!! After i was done regurgitating fluids, i called Walmart and told them i caught the flu. I then returned the accursed artifact (KOF: Maximum Impact) back to my friends house and I was all better the next day! Like if the game was cursed or something! I didnt go to work for 3 days!

THIS IS A TRUE STORY!!! NO JOKE!!! --SouthandNorthKorea 06:15, January 12, 2010 (UTC)

Haha, wow. That's creepy and kinda cool at the same time. Maybe it was diseased with flu bugs or something. Actually, when I first played the game, the English voices did make me feel a little sick, but not really in the way it did for you. I think it was Kyo's "Try making me sweat this time." that did it. Or maybe Iori, Athena, Lien, or Ralf's lines, I can't remember. Well, I can tolerate them better now except for Rock, Mai, Nagase or Kula's English voices. Must have had some bad voice directing or something. Whoops, didn't mean to bring back some bad memories there. Anyways, I hope that particular copy doesn't cause anyone else more grief. I feel for you and your friend there, it's good that you guys got better. Sake neko 07:25, January 12, 2010 (UTC)
To be honest, I think SNK have a bad reputation when it comes to translations... Either that or the piss-poor voice acting that was in the game! And I seriously think SNK needs to start stepping up their game and get near-perfect translations in the future, as well as more professional and decent voice acting (which may never happen...) The first time I've heard of this game was from an old Game Informer magazine, depicting an ad of this exact entry of the KOF franchise. To me, it doesn't feel like the King of Fighters I know in love. Not sayin' it's terrible, but could've been better... And this is the same exact reaction for King of Fighters XII: Not good, but not bad, either


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Executive Producer: Eikichi Kawasaki
Producer: Masahiro Maeda
Assistant Producers: Gou Miyazaki, T‑2000, Takahiro Abe
Director of Development: Keiko Ijuu
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Character Model & Texture Designers: Tetsuya Akamoto, Eriko Morita, Yuki Naito, Satoshi Ueda, Masahito Terazawa
Character Motion: Masahiro Maeda, Kōta Hosoda, Yoshikazu Nishikawa, Tomohide Shioi
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Character Designers: Tatsuhiko Kanaoka
Sound Producer: Studio Aqua
Voice Actors(Japanese Version): Masahiro Nonaka(Kyo), Kunihiko Yasui(Iori), Satoshi Hashimoto(Terry), Masaki Usui(Ryo), Kaori Horie(Yuri), Akoya Sogi(Mai), Haruna Ikezawa(Athena), Masae Yumi(Leona), Atsushi Maezuka(Ralf), Yoshinori Shima(Clark), Yuuki Matsuda(K'), Katsuyuki Konishi(Maxima), Eiji Takemoto(Rock), Hidetoshi Nakamura(Seth), Hiroyuki Satou(Alba), Kouji Haramaki(Soiree), Fumiko Inoue(Lien), Kiyoyuki Yanada(Duke), Miwa Yasuda(Mignon), Yukiko Amano(Lim), Mark Okita(Round Narration)
Voice Actors(English Version): Andrew Roth(Kyo), Eric Summerer(Iori), Tony Carrol(Terry), Curt Gebhart(Ryo), Amy Walls(Yuri), Sheryl Stanley(Mai), Robyn Gryphe(Athena), Lisa Leonard(Leona), Scott Casey(Ralf), Sean Michaels(Clark), Andrew Scott(K'), Mike Jarmus(Maxima), Jon Thomas(Rock), Glenn Haig(Seth), Randy Ladner(Alba), Zohar Adner(Soiree), Claire Caponigro(Lien), Jerry Lyden(Duke) Vanessa Bellardini(Mignon), Allie Moss(Lim)
Motion Actors: Nobuhiro Inohara, Misako Nagashima
Cinematics: Hiroshi Hirokawa, Rei Rikukawa, Masahiko Matsukura, Shinpei Naitou, Kiyoshi Akimoto, Yoichi Iwasaki, Akihisa Watabe, Takashi Yanagi
Product Marketing Manager: Akito Kadowaki
Marketing Assistant: Yuzuko
Translation: James Hove
Director of US / Japan Relations: Yoshihito Koyama, Miwako Gotoh

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President: Ben Herman VP of Sales & Marketing: Eric Feiner
Director of Sales: Shinya Morishita
Director of Marketing: Mark S. Rudolph
Marketing Assistant Manager: Masa Suganami
Executive Assistant Yvonne: Rodriguez
Special Thanks: Hidenari Mamoto, Hiromi Sugimoto, Terumitsu Fujito, Kaai Ichimoto, Koutarou Mizo, Shinichi Hirosawa, All SNK Playmore, SNK NeoGeo, Noise Factory Staff
Audio for the localization of KOF: Maximum Impact and the Bonus DVD produced by Duke Clement (TJC Productions)
Presented By: SNK Playmore

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