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English translation of "Instruction to create Gandara" from old SNK site:

The main materials for "Gandara" puppet are around thousands of human bodies. Of course its impossible to create a unique Deku (puppet) with a sturdy body by simply using human bodies. Therefore the body of Deku should be reconstituted by processing materials of human bodies through certain special methods. On that basis Deku should be enclosed inside a special egg which imitates a womb. In the amniotic fluid, the dead cells will regenerate. Then by culturing this creation, the body of Deku will be transformed into strong, inhuman one, once finished.

Part 1: Creating the bones of Gandara

materials needed:

  • The body of a healthy man - 1205 needed
  • Fire wood used for fragrance - 50000 cedar that's 1000 years old needed

The first step is to take 1205 huge men with large bone structures and to roast them alive with smoke that is at a very high temperature. This process must be done for many years until the flesh melts off and the bones turn black. (by heating the calcium which is included in the bone of the human body slowly, the bone is changed into firmer ones.)

Part 2: The construction of the bones

materials needed:

  • The tongue of an infant child - 300 needed
  • The raw silk which the silkworms of the Shumi mountains spins - 1867m needed
  • A lump of Lava - one

Out of all the black bones, the bones that are suitable must be found. Once these are found, the bones must be completely cleaned using the tongues until they shine. Once this is done, the bones can be shaped into whatever shape the creator wishes. The bones must be connected using the silk. The silk must completely rap around so the bones are no longer visible. Also, a black bone must not be used for the head. The lump of lava must be placed where the head would go. This is to prevent the brain from restarting again.

Part 3: Creating the flesh

materials needed:

  • Muscular men - 4003 needed
  • The egg of an arthropoda - 70164 needed
  • The satin of a silver thread - 67 needed
  • The fall leaf of a Bodaiziyu - 13 and a half needed
  • Sulphur - a handful
  • Copper - 37.5kg

The first step is to cleanse the 4003 bodies in boiling water. Next, tear the heads of the bodies, rip the skin off and pull out the bone quickly. While the internal organs still have a pulse, dampen them in the juice pulled from the eggs and let them decompose. By combing the cells that are about to die from the bodies with the cells that are about to grow from the eggs, the decomposition speed is altered. This allows for the cells to be re-animated again. Once the stench becomes visible from gray smoke, insert the satin, leaves, sulphur and copper. Leave until it all mixes and turns into mud like substance.

Part 4: Constructing the flesh

materials needed:

  • Gold dust - 2272.5g

Using the bone structure, add the mud-like substance and shape the hands, legs, body, head, etc. Once this is done, dry the Deku under the sun. Cover the body with the gold dust once dried. The gold is for the body to have a coefficient of thermal conductivity and to protect the weak surface.

Part 5: Covering the Deku with an egg(shell)

materials needed:

  • Feces and urine of domestic animal - from 85 animals

Position the Deku in a sitting position with it's knee's against it chest and hands around it's legs. Cover the Deku with the Feces and urine until the Deku is completely in a shell. This is done to re-animate the cells and to mutate them within the shell. It also serves to protect it from any stimulus from the outside.

Part 6: Conception

materials needed:

  • Amniotic fluid - From 11 pregnant women
  • The blood of a virgin - From nine girls
  • Seawater - 460 litres
  • The sexual organs of a female - 1000 needed
  • The scrotum of a male - 3000 needed

Mix the amniotic fluid, the blood of a virgin, and sea water in a ratio of 3:2:1. Pour this mixture into a golden bucket which acts like the uterus of a woman. Let the egg float in this bucket. Then, sink the 1000 sexual organs of a female and the 3000 scrotum from the males around the egg. Once this is done, the metabolism, separation and mutation of cells Deku inside the amniotic fluid start at an explosive speed. At the same time, the body of the Deku starts to grow to an enormous size.

Part 7: Hatching

materials needed:

  • The leather of a pig - 40 pigs

After 44 months and 44 days, if the Deku has grown smoothly, it will break its shell and hatch. But the Deku is still not complete yet. The Deku is born without any skin so the leather from the pigs must be sown directly onto the flesh. Once this is done, the Gandara is complete. Black Shroud 09:31, September 26, 2011 (UTC)