Senno Aki (せんのあき), better known to SNK fans with her pen name TONKO, is an illustrator for SNK. She is best known for doing the character designs and main illustrations for The Last Blade series and Garou: Mark of the Wolves. jkov is her personal webpage. She jokingly referred to a character in Yatterman as her one true love.

After the company's bankruptcy, she became a freelancer. She is sometimes hired by SNK-Playmore to do promotional art for their gaming franchises. Her art is easily recognized by a semi-realistic anime presentation with a soft watercolor method of coloring, emphasizing light tones for a slight foggy effect. She sometimes draws her characters in a very "cutesy" super-deformed style with a crisper coloring method.

Her works for other companies include Battle Star Online, Xian Mo Dao Online, Hotogisu Ran and Gersang Online.

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Illustration Process- TONKO

Illustration Process- TONKO