Super Geon (スーパージオン) is a fictional character from SNK's fighting/wrestling game series King of the Monsters. He is the successor to Geon of the first King of Monsters game.


Geon was the strongest surviving monster which survives at end of the large 1996 disaster in Japan. A remnant of the Cretaceous Dinosaur period, Geon became Super Geon after he ate the radiated meat of the other monsters he defeated in battles. He aided the fight against Famardy and his aliens who sought to take over the world.


Geon is a cruel monster with an endless appetite. But does have a loyalty towards Woo and Atomic Guy.


  • Rapid growth - Geon can grow spikes out of his body and use them as weapons.
  • Fire breathing - Geon can breathe fire.

Sonic jump- Geon jumps to amazing heights just to squish his opponents

Fighting Style

Super Geon is a monster that uses all of his natural weapons, such as his claws, spikes, fangs and tail.

Game Appearances


Super Geon's card from Card Fighters Clash DS

Cameo Appearances

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Geon Bubble
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