Suija Sogetsu

Suija Sogetsu (水邪蒼月) is the Rasetsu/Bust form of Sogetsu in Samurai Shodown 64: Warriors Rage. He is considered to be a different character from Suija. He is voiced by Naoki Oikawa.


In this form, Sogetsu has channeled the strength residing in his sword to unleash the water god known as Suija. Sogetsu clearly appears to control and dominate Suija's consciousness with Suija having only a minor effect on his personality. His ending in the game implies that he used this particular form to defeat Yuga. Three years later, the whereabouts of Sogetsu's sword remain unclear.


Sogetsu's mannerisms largely remain the same with Suija bearing little influence. Whilst in this new form, he is confident, assertive, and slightly more narcissistic as Suija, when actually introduced, would become.


  • Hydrokinesis: Suija Sogetsu can control water. He can create it from thin air, create bubbles of water, deliver attacks with water, and encase himself in water.
  • Levitate: Suija Sogetsu also has the power to levitate him and his opponent high off the ground.
  • Water Emperor Mode: Suija Sogetsu engulfs himself in water, and changes his stance to resemble the Crane stance. He sacrifices the ability to block, and all normal attacks and special moves for unlimited super armor and a new fighting style, allowing for variety of long combos. He can shift between this and his normal style of gameplay anytime.

Fighting Style

He uses a modified moveset of Sogetsu's Rasetsu/Bust form from previous game. He is one of the hardest characters to play the in game. His strengths lie in his flexibility, allowing him to fight at any range or situation via various water attacks and kicks. Shortcomings of this leave him limited to executing only one effective special move at a time, forcing him to heavily rely on his normal attacks. His levitating super is one of the more damaging attacks in the game.

Suija Sogetsu's version of the Emperor style is based on fast attacks and long combos. The execution of most of these combos cancels his Water Emperor form and returns to him to his normal moveset. During this mode, movement and jump options remain the same but limited from pursuing fallen opponents. It can be easily activated in air and has simplified command (B+D) aside of main command (←↓↙+D).

His fighting style was made to emphasize the yin principles via his water and kicks opposite of Enja Kazuki.

Game Appearances

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  • Since his fighting style is influenced by kung fu, fans found it strange as Sogestsu wasn't Chinese. Later in Samurai Shodown VI and particularly in the Samurai Shodown V storyline, it was mentioned that Enja and Suija trained in China.
  • His second winpose makes him lean backwards to the ground, screaming "Wryyyaghhh!" (as one of two possible winquotes used for that pose), which bears a striking similarity to Dio Brando's famous "WRYYYYYYYYY!" pose.
  • In in KofXIII, Elisabeth uses a variation of his Lotus Ascension super move (with air combo part skipped, and water splashes changed to light splashes) as her NEOMAX attack. Compare to original version.


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