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Sister Quest: The Wonder & True Story (シスタークエスト) is a Japan-only pachinko slot machine that was developed and released by SNK-Playmore in September 2007. The title is advertised as the first RPG-pachinko game with many endings available for players. It's the first pachinko game from SNK-Playmore to feature CG art and 3D models.


Taken from the promotional movie:

"The sword and monsters, people and monsters, and light and darkness.

There once was a man who saved the world. Yet, he is no longer alive. Once the evil emperor, Luzak, appeared, the man sacrificed himself to seal the demon away. But, the seal was incomplete. In a world where men work for power, two girls prospered. In their eyes was one idea that sheltered them: hope. However, Luzak has resurrected himself and joined with the former four heavenly gods of the world to resume his rule of darkness. The girls' destiny has just begun..."


Sister Quest plays as a pachinko game that mixes RPG elements into the genre. Players initially travel the world with Chiffon and Lilly. As they travel through the world, they'll trigger monster battles and be rewarded treasure from their fights. Treasure can randomly be the mission assigned for the player or an item to help the party, depending on the reel results. Like other pachinko games, Chiffon will also commence a roulette sequence to randomize play. Big bonus events will either be story events, character recruitment scenes, or boss fights. Scoring them lengthens the playtime for a single credit, ideally forming a team to take down the final boss, Luzak. The game has 2000 different reel results, 20 different endings, and 120 monsters for the players to explore.

Like Sky Love, players can also be randomly awarded with an outfit for Chiffon, adding the extra ability to customize her appearance. One of her costumes cosplays Sakura-hime from Hanasakari. Previous pachinko stars also make appearances as magical items for Chiffon to use. Cameos include Terry, Kyo, K', Nakoruru, Cham Cham, Metal Slug, Love, Mui Mui, and Tonko-chan.



  • Chiffon - The main heroine; a strong and kind swordsman who hails from Esalika village. She guards her home with her father's sword, hoping to protect the land she loves. Her sister gets kidnapped by Golba early in the story so she sets out to find her.
  • Stella - Chiffon's older sister. A gentle priestess who keeps an eye on her younger sister. Can sense danger before it strikes.
  • Umeji - Stocky, stoic, and scarred grizzly bear from Esalika's forest. Joins Chiffon's crew once she gives him his favorite dish, miso flavored crab. He briefly parodies the internet character, Pedo-Bear.
  • Marugh - Legendary sorcerer who tried to conquer the world (?), he's cursed to live his remaining days as a rabbit. Fickle yet reliable comrade to Chiffon who is her mentor for magic.
  • Lilly - Tiny fairy who assists Chiffon by logging a journal at the side of the screen. Gives hints and secrets to the player to aid their story.


  • Loussac - The evil emperor who once covered the world in darkness. Has no sympathy for the world of light. Tamed the four heavenly gods of the world to do his bidding.
  • Golba - Red tinted god who wields two sickles. He looks like a large beetle and likes to talk about his strenth.
  • Eluza - Slender god surrounded by twin snakes. The lower part of her body is resembles a blue sea dragon; she fights with a lot of water themed attacks.
  • Mimori - Black winged god who looks like a fairy. Has cat ears and is also a former student of Marugh.
  • Shinheart - Most human looking of the gods and also a former student of Marugh.

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