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Shun'ei is an original character from The King of Fighters series. He debut in The King of Fighters XIV as the new protagonist of the series and the main protagonist of the currently ongoing story arc, succeeding Kyo Kusanagi (Orochi Saga), K' (NESTS Chronicles) and Ash Crimson (Tales of Ash). His nickname is "Amped-up Illusionist" (増幅ぞうふくする幻影げんえい).

He is voiced by Takashi Ōhara.


Shun'ei was designed to be a new hero who brings new impressions to players without adhering to the existing KOF series. In order to achieve this goal, they had a younger designer come up with the design instead of Eisuke Ogura. Originally Shun'ei was going to have a stereotypical Chinese design, but the developers dropped the idea in favor of making something cool instead.[1]

Nobuyuki Kuroki comments that it's a design that's meant to be more appealing to the female audience and it would be nice if this character was the reason they'd play the game. He also notes that the people who were involved in Rock Howard' design were also involved in Shun'ei's creation so players may see similarities between the two.[2] When discussing about the roster, Yasuyuki Oda mentions that Shun'ei and Meitenkun are closer to being Fatal Fury characters than KOF characters due to being Tung Fu Rue's students.[1]

In an interview before the games release, Oda felt that people are all bored with the headband wearing aggressive type of characters. And that those characters are so common now, so the team wanted to include a shy character who doesn't really show his emotions to add some variety.[3]

In KOF XV's Teaser Trailer (released in December 2020), creative director Eisuke Ogura explains the reason to Shun'ei's shy introduction in the franchise compared to the other protagonists is because the staff wasn't sure if he should be the new protagonist of the story, but they decided to focus more on the character from KOF XV onwards.[4]


Shun'ei is a nice and reasonable person due to Tung Fu Rue's kindly teachings. He fondly calls his master "Grandpa". He admits his cursed powers may endanger anyone near him and is worried about it. Due to his benevolent nature, he intends to continue his training to use his powers for good.


Shun'ei's power has a symbiotic relationship with Verse, Isla and an unknown blue creature.

  • Amplified Specters - Shun'ei can utilize the Amplified Specters.
    • Hydrokinesis - Shun'ei can control water usually in a form of a claw on his right side. The fragment of his right-half's power from unknown blue creature's power.
    • Pyrokinesis - Shun'ei can control fire usually in a form of a fist on his left side. The fragment of his left-half's power from Verse's power.

Fighting Style

Shun'ei makes use of a personal fighting style that involves telekinetic control of his energy fists, mixed in with control via Hakkyokuseiken via Tung Fu Rue's teachings. Most of his attacks are somewhat reminiscent to a personal form of Chinese boxing.


  • Inheritance - The King of Fighters XIV
  • Full Burst - The King of Fighters XIV (as Kukri's opponent)
  • Under the Control of... - The King of Fighters XV
  • Sobagaramakura (Buckwheat Chaff Pillow) - The King of Fighters XV (as Meitenkun's opponent)






  • Upcoming short film by Masami Ōbari based on The King of Fighters XV; will be available in Gallery Mode


Names in Other Languages

Japanese シュンエイ (Shunei)
Simplified Chinese 瞬影 (Shùnyǐng)
Korean 어릴 적에 (eolil jeog-e)


  • Shun'ei and K' are the only heroes/protagonist who don't have total control of their own powers.
    • K' uses a special glove to completely control his flame (Kyo's DNA deployed) and Shun'ei controls his demonic phantom hands with Tung’s training, a headphone given by Tung himself to silence the voices in his head and and armbands to control better of his powers.
  • Shun'ei is the only known character to have two air dashes, which act as airborne Special Moves.
  • Shun'ei is the third protagonist to win a KOF tournament during the his source saga. The only exception is Ash Crimson.





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