Shizuku Misawa (巳沢 雫, Misawa Shizuku) is a 21-year old character from the Days of Memories games. She is the first original heroine created for the series and the hidden character in Koi wa Good Job!.


In Boku no Ichiban Taisetsu na Kimi e, Shizuku is a third year college student that is pursuing the same career as the protagonist. An independent woman, she works as a cram school mentor, a bartender, and various other part time jobs to support herself. She lost her parents at a young age and is bothered about her lack of memories about them. She has a slightly distorted image about marriage, thinking that a happy marriage is one that is financially sound.

She has two endings to her story in this game. In her normal ending, she will be forced to marry the University's heir, Ash Crimson. She attempts suicide to get out of her predicament but the protagonist will convince her to stop and live with him instead. If the player chooses to pursue her true ending in the "Orochi route", it will be revealed to them that she is actually the spiritual animal embodiment of Orochi who shares Chris' physical traits for becoming a vessel of the snake god. Goenitz manipulates her love of people as a catalyst for Orochi's hatred of humanity, sending the city and its inhabitants into chaos.

In Koi wa Good Job!, she is the local pet trainer and groomer. She is an animal lover who runs her own store in the community. The protagonist, a photographer, helps to promote her services by taking photos of her and posting them on a website. Her shop is struggling for customers and she is worried that she'll have to go out of business. Eventually, she accidentally over works herself and collapses due to stress. The protagonist helps run her store in her absence, noticing that several of the customers specifically ask for Shizuku's advice on pet care.

In her bad ending, she closes shop and works at another pet store, thinking that it was the best option for her. The protagonist, knowing otherwise, curses his ineptitude to help her. In her good ending, she continues to run her now popular store.

She makes a small cameo in Kare to Watashi no Atsui Natsu as a student at the protagonist's school. She is mentioned to look and act elegantly like a princess.


Shizuku is a friendly, smart and reliable person who loves to help others. Although she is benevolent and endearing, she is also the "scariest when she's angry" type. Due to her hectic schedule, she rarely takes efforts to enjoy her free time and is usually absorbed in her work. Although she is very talented, Shizuku will occasionally doubt her skills and wonder if she is meant to be happy.


  • Multi-task: Shizuku can juggle multiple jobs at once with relative ease.


  • Trimming the Mind and Heart - Days of Memories: Koi wa Good Job!

Game AppearancesEdit

  • Days of Memories (second, fourth, and fifth titles)
  • SNK Beach Volley Gal's Attack - mobile game


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