Shinkiro (森気楼, Shinkirō), born December 14, 1962, is the alias of Toshiaki Mori (森 気楼, Mori Toshiaki). He is a Japanese illustrator and conceptual artist currently employed by Capcom. Prior to joining Capcom, Shinkiro was employed by SNK, where he provided the character designs and cover illustrations for their Neo Geo games, including the King of Fighters and Metal Slug series, until he was laid off due to SNK's bankruptcy in 2001.



At Capcom, Shinkiro has done several cover artworks and character designs for Capcom games. He has also done covers for American comics such as Spider-Man Unlimited and Udon's comic series. His techniques are well known among fans due to his use of shading and lighting giving his images a more realistic feel rather than an animated look seen in manga or anime.

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