Shibito and namino

Various members of Shibito. Upper left corner to the upper right corner: Beniya, Cruz, Dokuzo. Middle column left to right: Dan, Paksan, Daiji. Lower left to right: Enzo and Shiden (last picture is Namino).

Shibito (屍媚党) is a chivalrous group of protectors who roam Zegengai in Ritenkyo. Their only appearance so far is Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage. All members can briefly be seen during the Kuki opening in the game.

The members are:

  • Yaci Izanagi - leader and founder
  • Haito Kanakura - second in command; leader of the rear guard
  • Beniya - red haired man with a lanky body. Always seems to have a faint smile on his face. Has a kunai as a weapon.
  • Cruz - a member of the Christian faith wearing a felt cap. The quiet type who carries a Japanese sword. According to the designers' comment, he balances out the group.
  • Dokuzo - a man with a tattoo on his face (usually covered). Uses two swords and is trained in the use of toxins.
  • Dan - a man with a long tongue who is seen holding a sword. He's characterized as a heartless punk. He also makes an appearance in the Brutes ending.
  • Paksan - a merciless man who fights with hatchets. He seems to originate from Osaka, Japan and has traveled from various other settlements.
  • Daiji - a man who has a Reggae air to him. He doesn't talk much and apparently isn't very smart. His particular choice of weaponry isn't mentioned.
  • Enzo - the member considered to be the most chivalrous of the group who is also Shiden's older brother. A profound member who is noble yet hot-headed. He uses a nagaidosu (a type of sword without a tsuba).
  • Shiden - Enzo's younger brother who has a cleft chin. Unlike his brother, he loves women and uses a big sword (odachi) in battle.

Disapproving of Namino's effect on Yaci, Enzo suggested to kill the prostitute. Yaci immediately refused and, after losing his temper with his insistence, killed his man on the spot. Shiden is also killed in Yaci's opening. Cruz hears of their deaths and tries to avenge them. However, Namino shields Yaci from the blow.

In Kunou Seishiro's scenario, Yaci is still fighting off his men.

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