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Zarzon (ザルゾン, ザーゾン), also known as Satan of Saturn (サタン・オブ・サターン), is a 1981 fixed shooter arcade game developed and manufactured by SNK and licensed to Taito for North American release. The gameplay is a variation of Space Invaders.


Fly your spaceship to Saturn, then once on Saturn destroy as many Satan's as possible. Additional bonus points can be accumlated by destroying the comet or attacking dragonflies. An additional spaceship is rewarded if the players score reaches 5,000 or 10,000 points. If the attacking UFO's or enemy rockets are destroyed points will be scored. The game progresses through 4 different screens.

The game has a 1up and 2up player score and High Score tallied at the top of the screen. The arcade cabinet has one joystick to move the spaceship left to right and guide the missiles.


The game ran on the SNK 6502 arcade system board. Other games that ran on the same hardware include Sasuke vs. Commander (1980), Vanguard (1981) and Fantasy.

The Zarzon upright arcade cabinet appeared in the 1983 film Joysticks. Zarzon, like a lot of arcade games, uses a character based display. The screen is divided up into individual characters. Each character is usually 8 pixels.

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