Sankuro Yorozu (萬 三九六, Yorozu Sankurō) is a character who appears as a unplayable sub-boss in Samurai Shodown V.

He was originally designed to be a devilish "no-good person" and is thought by the creators to fit the image. His personality and some elements in his design were modeled after the characters Jagi and Amiba from the manga, Fist of the North Star.

He is voiced by Tomoyuki Shimura and Shinsuke Fukui.


He is an ambitious leader to a trio of minions named Gosichi, Fuyo, and Ippachi. Wanting to become the lord of Hinowa without much effort, he hires Genjuro Kibagami to dispatch Gaoh. Upon Gaoh's defeat, he offers Genjuro another job which is promptly refused. After Sankuro bribes him with information about his parents and membership to his gang, Genjuro attempts to kill his employer. Sankuro is saved by his gang and, apparently disinterested with killing women, Genjuro demands that he leave. Sankuro chooses to shoot Genjuro's back and brags about his new title. Genjuro slashes him while he is gloating, leading to a hasty retreat.


Sankuro is very ambitious, but he is also very noisy. He knows that he is not the strongest, but he wants to make people think he is such.

Fighting Style

Like Yumeji Kurokouchi and Rasetsumaru, Sankuro borrows several poses and animations from another character. In this case, the lower half of his body and some of his attacks are nearly identical to Genjuro's sprite. He fights swinging a huge mallet and has the ability to call members of his gang to help him. While his gang distracts his opponent, he may also eat food to heal himself. He later gains accessibility to a revolver and bombs in Samurai Shodown VI.


  • Sankuro Enters - Samurai Shodown V

Game Appearances

Mobile Appearances

  • Samurai Shodown: Oborozuki Densetsu

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