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Samurai Spirits Gaiden: Cham Cham, also known as just Cham Cham, is a Japan-only pachinko-slot machine made and released by SNK in July 2007. As the name suggests, it's a side story to the Samurai Shodown series and stars Cham Cham as the main character. It was announced the same time as The King of Fighters 2 and Doki Doki Akazukin.


The Palenke Stone has been robbed by three mysterious people. Cham Cham, along with her four friends and Paku Paku, begin their search for it!


The player has three destinations that they need to explore: the Village, the Lake, and the Forest. The Village is spliced with several special roulette sequences, most which are mini-games that involve Cham Cham and her friends in various activities. At the end of these events, there are sometimes a "Transformation Reward" which features Cham Cham in different outfits. The vareity of these outfits depends on a roulette system and the results are usually Cham Cham cosplaying something (one of them includes a cosplay of Fio from the Metal Slug series).

At key parts of gameplay, Cham Cham will also have to battle the three robbers of the Palenke Stone. It'll be up to the player whether she needs to rely on "Power" or "Speed" to win. If they choose wrong, Cham Cham will lose. When a game is over, some lucky players will be entitled to a "Cham Cham Chance", which calls upon the Palenke Stone for a possible replay. The difficult to get "Bonus Chance" also lets players obtain additional points, treating viewers to various SNK art or other illustrations of Cham Cham's friends.


  • Cham Cham
  • Paku Paku
  • Riru Riru - blue haired girl that represents the "RP" icon; upbeat and cheerful
  • Bibi - blond haired girl that represents the "Pineapple" icon; tomboyish and undaunted
  • Pono Pono - green haired girl that represents the "Watermelon" icon; quiet and introverted
  • Myun Myun - pink haired girl that represents the "Cherry" icon; shy and sweet
  • Laura - Leader of the three robbers
  • Bobon - Tallest and strongest of the three robbers
  • Gororo - Shortest of the three robbers



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