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Scitron 10th Anniversary Special Samurai Spirits The BEST -Selected Characters- (Scitron 10th Anniversary Special 侍魂 THE BEST -Selected Characters-) is a fandisc for the Samurai Shodown series and a part of the Scitron Anniversary series. It was published on September 18, 1999 with a Pony Canyon label. The disc has unique character monologues, snippets of previous drama tracks, and a bonus short drama with all of the featured characters. All of the characters' battle quotes -excluding Shizumaru- originated from Samurai Shodown 64.

Character Tracks


Haohmaru begins by saying that a man should only live by their sword. Nothing else should matter in his path for greatness. He would love to test his mettle against the strongest but can't seem to find them easily. He only wants to become stronger by betting his life on his hard earned victories and defeats. He reasons that this quest might be a global goal for every person around the world. Even so, he doesn't want to lose to any other warriors as his life can't allow it. His quest reminds him of his rival Genjuro. He figures that Genjuro is most likely drinking with a random woman or facing off with another unfortunate opponent.

His featured drama track is from the Samurai Shodown IV Arranged Soundtrack. He is treated by Hoto and refuses to take her other services. She comments that he is just like another man she knows.


He states that lives as his pleases. His forceful lifestlye has other people calling him a blood soaked demon. Genjuro gladly accepts the title if it means he can listen to suffering screams of his victims. Stupid people, he reasons, should be killed since they pollute the world by living. They wish for meaningless desires such as hope and love. In a fight, these ideals can't save them from those who are stronger. Haohmaru is interesting but someone who fascinates him more is the woman pursuing him, Shiki. She slaughtered several people and doesn't show a fraction of emotion. He wonders how much she will entertain him when next they meet.

His featured drama collection are cuts from the Samurai Shodown 64 drama CD. Although injured, he wants to fight with his rival and they dramatically clash swords.


Her first memory was her surrounded in darkness. She remembers her wailing for someone to save her but her cries were stifled by bloody tears. When she awoke once more, she remembers her body being heavy and something surprising her to her feet. In the darkness, she saw a single man surrounded in a silver light. She knows that she has to find this person for her lord. She wonders why she is even trying to remember her memories as it causes her more suffering. She says the same to a boy searching for a demon, asking why he would bother to find his lost memories.

Her featured drama track is her first meeting with Haohmaru in the Samurai Shodown 64 drama CD.


He states that he is searching for a demon to better understand himself. He hopes that his meeting with the demon will somehow restore the memories he lost. He met various people on his journey. One person lost himself to lust and became a demon. Another person gave up on his life and fought as a Shura. Yet another became an evil spirit to defend the ones they care about. After each meeting, he laments that it always rains and the scent of blood fills the air. He wonders why he dreams of the demon and why it seems so familiar to him. He wonders if he is becoming a demon in his search for him.

Shizumaru notices that it is about to rain and bids the audience to find an inn for shelter. He assures the listener that he is continuing his travels since he likes the rain. Before he leaves, he states that an ice fairy can be spotted on the road up ahead. If they call out to her, he is sure that she will treat the audience kindly.

His featured drama track is his meeting with Nakoruru in the Samurai Shodown III Arranged Soundtrack and his battle voice samples are from Samurai Shodown III.


When Mamahaha came alone with Nakoruru's blade, she remembers crying countless number of times. Through her sorrow, she realized that she needed to take her sister's place as Kamui Kotan's protector. Though the task is quite the burden on her, the animals and ice spirits always assure her that she is free to mourn whenever she wants. Rather than take their offer, she promises to never cry again and to always smile for her sister.

In the following monologue, she reminisces about how great she thought her sister was when she was younger. She notes that she never realized the suffering her sister always went through and is determined to take half of the burden. To transition into the next track, Mamahaha finds her and informs her that Nakoruru is looking for her. Rimururu tells the hawk that she is only gathering her sister's favorite herbs and assures she will return soon.

Her featured drama track is a short cut from the Samurai Shodown 64 drama CD. She meets with Haohmaru and Mamahaha while looking for Nakoruru's whereabouts.


She asks the audience if they can hear nature's voice. She explains that nature is always with them, through the wind, animals, and sky. Even if they cannot understand what nature says, it is always gently singing and supporting us.

In her following monologue, she states that a sword has the power to cut through everything. A law of nature is that the strong survive and the weak perish. Even so, it is not nature's desire to destroy everything but rather treasure the lives given to the living. She carries her weapon to protect nature's wishes and to end the pointless desires of villains. To end the track, she spots a tiny flower trying its best to grow into the world. The sight usually moves her to tears as it means that nature is still persevering. Mentioning a flower reminds her of Ukyo's quest and she wonders if he has found the flower he desires yet.

Her featured drama track is a short cut from the Samurai Shodown 64 drama CD. She is calmly chatting with Haohmaru by a river.


He murmurs that he wants to give a precious person the world's most beautiful flower. When he was lost in despair due to his disease, the person nursed him with the greatest care and gave him the strength to rise again. He wants to return the favor with the greatest gift his dying body can muster. His greatest desire is to succeed in this task before his time is up. When he coughs, he pleads for his body to endure his journey for the ultimate flower.

His drama collection is actually selected vocalized quotes from the RPG. Some lines are from his recruitment scenes and a few are from his meeting with Kei in the game's second chapter.

Short Drama

Admiring the colorful scenery, Ukyo dedicates a poem to its beauty. Rimururu complains for him to do something about Haohmaru and Genjuro, who are drinking sake and have bouts of rowdy behavior. When Ukyo politely refuses, she demands that Shizumaru do something. The boy nervously points out that the best mediator for the situation is actually Nakoruru but she is busy playing with a flock of small birds. Not wanting to disturb her sister, Rimururu whines about her rotten luck with being on the same boat as them. Ukyo reasons that this is the quickest way for him to reach his destination and apologizes.

Genjuro, who overhears her rant, suggests that they throw one of the passengers overboard. Haohmaru chimes that they play hanafuda to decide the victim which gets them riled for a fight. Their movements threaten to flip the boat and Nakoruru chides them to stop. She reasons that even the seasoned fighters will have a hard time swimming to shore in this river. They settle down and Ukyo comments that this is the fifth occurrence of this event. To change the subject, Shizumaru suggests that they enjoy their leisurely ride down stream. Rimururu agrees and they enjoy the size of the river.

Nakoruru spots some movement far away on the shore and wonders what it is. Haohmaru comments that it's just a monkey until Shiki lands on board. She does her usual routine of demanding he return with her to Yuga, which uncontrollably rocks the boat. To avoid a wipe out, Haohmaru tells her to sit quietly on the boat until they reach the shore and she calmly obeys. Rimururu urges Shizumaru to start a leisurely conversation to dispel the awkwardness of the situation. He begins by asking if they spotted a demon but is forced by Rimururu to say something else.

Instead, he praises Haohmaru's sword and the party gets into a conversation regarding their weapons. Ukyo comments that Shiki's swords are particularly unique but she won't mention where she got them from. Genjuro grunts at how petty it is to talk about a weapon's origin since it's only good for cutting people. Offended by this comment, Haohmaru insults his rival's short attention span. Despite Haohmaru's hastened apology, Genjuro decides to rock the boat all the way to shore.

Safely onshore and dry, Rimururu blames Haohmaru for making it a torturous trip. He apologizes and then runs away from Shiki. After she gives chase, Genjuro calmly follows them to enjoy the day's good weather. Both Ukyo and Shizumaru part from the sisters while wishing for their safe travels. Rimururu comments that it's too quiet with everyone gone and feels a bit lonely. Nakoruru has hopes that they'll meet again and ushers her to reach their destination before nightfall.


Track Japanese Title Translation
1 Introduction
2 覇王丸 Haohmaru
3 男道 Path of Men (Samurai Spirits -Symphonic Sound Trax-)
4 ~ドラマ名場面 Voice Collection Drama Greatest Scene and Voice Collection
5 牙神 幻十郎 Kibagami Genjuro
6 鬼唄 -改- Demon Song -Modified-
7 ~ドラマ名場面 Voice Collection Drama Greatest Scene and Voice Collection
8 Shiki
9 漆黒 Raven Black
10 ~ドラマ名場面 Voice Collection Drama Greatest Scene and Voice Collection
11 緋雨 閑丸 Hisame Shizumaru
12 風、薫る The Wind Smells
13 ~ドラマ名場面 Voice Collection Drama Greatest Scene and Voice Collection
14 リムルル Rimururu
15 笑顔でいるよ With a Smiling Face
16 ~ドラマ名場面 Voice Collection Drama Greatest Scene and Voice Collection
17 ナコルル Nakoruru
18 自然の宴 Nature's Feast (Samurai Shodown Image Album)
19 ~ドラマ名場面 Voice Collection Drama Greatest Scene and Voice Collection
20 橘 右京 Tachibana Ukyo
21 River
22 ~ドラマ名場面 Voice Collection Drama Greatest Scene and Voice Collection
23 寸劇・呉越同舟 Short Play - Bitter Enemies on the Same Boat
24 心をつないで Connected Hearts


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