Samchay Tomyamgun (サムチャイ・トムヤムクン) is a character from Fighter's History series.


A Muay Thai fighter from Thailand who aims to help his younger siblings (two young brothers and a sister) in the absence of their parents. Samchay enters the Great Grapple tournament, but loses to Mizoguchi. The following year, he once again participates in the tournament.


Samchay cares deeply about his younger siblings and their future, especially with the absence of their parents. He is believed to have a rivalry with Jean Pierre. He is possibly based on the Muay Thai fighting legend Nai Khanom Tom.

Fighting Style

He is the typical practitioner of Muay Thai.

His grapple finisher is incredibly powerful against Ryoko, being able to knock her headband off with it being executed once and putting her in a dizzy state. Should Samchay follow up with another grapple on the dizzy Ryoko, it's possible to finish her off. This strategy also works against Mizoguchi, due to his weak spot also being his headband.



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