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SNK Character Sounds Collection or SNK Sound Character Collection (SNKサウンドキャラクターズコレクション) is a series of character albums released by SNK on Scitron Records. There are eleven volumes altogether and each one focuses on a single character; the exception to this is the fifth volume as it focuses on several characters before, during, and after the 1997 KOF tournament. Each CD has different versions of their themes, image songs, voice collections, and monologues delivered by the character featured. These CDs also contain unique acoustic guitar or piano arrangements of the character's theme. Most of the albums' covers are illustrated by Masato Natsumoto.


Contains character themes from KOF '94~'96 and his image song Burning Devotion!. His monologues focus on his thoughts about the KOF tournaments. These focus around his girlfriend, Iori, and his destiny as one of the divine treasures. He tries to write a letter to Yuki before the 1997 tournament but ends up trashing it in dissatisfaction.
Contains character themes from Samurai Shodown ~ Samurai Shodown IV and her image song Koe o Kikasaete... . Her monologues focus on her thoughts as a priestess. She remembers her father, admires Rimururu, and shares her thoughts on "the demon". During her monologues, she also converses with her animal companions.
Contains character themes from Fatal Fury ~ Real Bout, AOF 2, and KOF '96. His drama tracks focus on a third-person narrative of his rule over Southtown. He refers to himself and the Bogard brothers as wolves, each out for the others' blood.
Contains character themes from Fatal Fury 2 ~ Real Bout Special and KOF '96. Includes the symphonic version of Kurikinton. His monologues are actually interview questions that he answers. He reflects on his childhood dream to surpass Jeff, his brother's desire to defeat him, and his feelings for a girlfriend. In these tracks, he avoids considering Mary as his girlfriend though he expresses empathy with her sadness with losing a loved one. He asks the interviewer to keep his answers a secret from his friends.
  • Volume 5 - KOF'97 Character Drama Special Edition
Contains unique drama tracks with select characters. Each track showcases different characters with their own side story for the tournament. The first track has Kyo and Yuki, the second Athena and Kensou, the third with the year's Womens Team, and the fourth track has the Special Team. The final tracks feature Shingo and Iori separately.
Contains character themes from Fatal Fury 2 ~ Real Bout and KOF '96. Includes her image song, Dear Mai Boy.
Contains character themes from Fatal Fury 3 and Real Bout Special. His drama tracks are third-person narratives about his lifestory and his eventual descent into madness. The motif for the tracks are sounds that he remembers hearing from his past. At select times, present day Yamazaki will laugh maniacally and insult the listener.
Contains character themes from KOF '96~KOF '98. Her monologues are her thoughts during rest and missions as well as the nightmares she seems to experience regarding her past. Unlike previous albums, Ralf makes a vocal appearance with his respective voice actor. His war stories contrast with her inexperience and emotions, often confusing her on how she should feel about certain things. At the end of her drama session, she joins him for a relaxing outing, hoping to one day understand herself.
Contains character themes from SS III~SS 64. Includes her image song With a Smiling Face.... Her drama sessions take place during the different seasons of the year in Kamui Kotan. During these tracks, she talks with Mamahaha, Shikuru, and her ice spirit Konril. She complains about her strict training - since her sister is the village's main priestess - but eventually accepts her responsibilities.
Contains character themes from KOF '97~'98. Her monologues are actually one-man plays of Shermie interacting with Yashiro, Benimaru, and Iori at various bars. In these dramas, she is well aware of her duties as a heavenly king of Orochi and uses her upbeat personality to trick men into offering their lifeforce to the snake god.
Contains character themes from KOF '95~'98, as well as his image songs Moon of Crazy Flame and Monochrome (album exclusive). His monologues consist of "an inner demon" (implied to be Orochi) mocking Iori on his weaknesses and indecisiveness. The last drama track plays on the idea of Iori's "death" in The King of Fighters '97.


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