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Ryofu (リョフ) in on'yomi, or read as Lü Bu (呂布) in Chinese, is a famous Chinese warlord from the Three Kingdoms era, popularized by adaptations of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. An alternate depiction of him appears as a character in the World Heroes series.


A Chinese hero and legend, Ryofu was bored and wanted more adventures. Ryofu was then approached by a man named Zeus, that promised him more adventures if he worked for him. Ryofu accepted, but after finding out about Zeus' plans he decided to turn against him.


Ryofu is a very serious person and he's looking for excitement to entertain him. As a warrior, he won't hold anything back.


  • Fiery Attacks - Ryofu can infuse his weapon with fire.

Fighting Style

He fights with his Ji halberd mainly, which also split apart.


  • Wind in the Eye - Eyes of Sekitoba - World Heroes 2 Jet

Game Appearances

Cameo Appearances


World Heroes 2 Jet


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