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Here is the list of quotes for Rugal Bernstein, Omega Rugal, and God Rugal.

The King of Fighters '94

In Battle

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
フンフン! "Hmhm!" Taunt
ふん! "Hmph!" Attacking
何? Nani? "What?" Damaged
烈風拳! Reppūken! "Reppuken!"
カイザーウェイブ! Kaizā Weibu! "Kaiser Wave!"
ジェノサイドカッター! Jenosaido Kattā! "Genocide Cutter!"
アハハハハハ! "AHAHAHAHAHA!" Round Win
ま-まさか… M-Masaka… "I-impossible..." Defeat

Win Quotes

  • "Your family awaits you!" (vs. Team Brazil)
  • "Justice has never prospered!" (vs. Team China)
  • "You'll be the best statues!" (vs. Team England)
  • "Was that all of your power?" (vs. Team Italy)
  • "I'll exhibit you and your dad!" (vs. Team Japan)
  • "I found a good addition." (vs. Team Korea)
  • "Leave Kyokugenryu to me. Die!" (vs. Team Mexico)
  • "You'll be my best collection." (vs. Team USA)

Arranged Sound Trax album (Kettou R&D (Duel R&D))

Rugal: "Haha, how is my prelude? If you like it then it's my pleasure. But I'm not looking to impress you with just this prelude. It was played when I wasn't showing my true ability. If you can feel my hidden power through this song and be afraid that's good. I can't wait to meet someone who can give me a reason to get serious."

Arranged Sound Trax album (Ketchaku R&D (Showdown R&D))

Rugal: "Oh, you have forced me to get serious? Good. Get a taste of my ability from this song. More fierce than the song before indeed but do you like it? I tried to be creative by adding a voice to the song. It's not a song for a gentleman but a song that engraves fear in your heart. What do you think?"

The King of Fighters '95

In Battle

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
死ね!Shine! "Die!" Gigantic Pressure

Win Quotes

  • "You never had a chance, blowhard. Good day!"
  • "I am more than a god! I'm a superstar! Hah, hah!"
  • "Try again. Next time I'll show you how tough I am."
  • "You never had a chance, blowhard." (Gameboy version)

The King of Fighters '98

In Battle

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
ンン… 行くぞ! Mmm... Ikuzo! "Mmm... Here I go!" Intro (Omega Rugal)
Heidern うふふふふ。 ほざくか。 Ufufufufu. Hozaku ka. "Mhmhmhmhm. You're babbling." Intro response
Saisyu Ja! "Yeah!" Intro response
Chris/Orochi Chris へへ. この日を待っていたぞ. Hehe. Kono hi wo matteita zo. "Hehe. I've been waiting for this day." Intro
Goenitz うふふ… アッハッハッハッハッハッハッハッハッ! "Ufufu... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Intro (Ultimate Match)
逃がさん! Nigasan! "You can't run!" Destruction Omega
下らん! Kudaran! "Foolish!" Round Win
弱すぎる! Yowasugiru! "Too weak!" Round Win

Win Quote

  • "Repeat this after me, I'll never take on a god again."

The King of Fighters R-2

Intro Quotes

  • "Ooowah! Let's go!"
  • "Victory is mine!" (vs. Saisyu)
  • "I seek the fire!" (vs. Chris)

Round Victory Quotes

  • "You're too weak, my friend!"
  • "Ooooh whoaaaa!"
  • "Witness my sheer power!"

Win Quotes

  • "If I hadn't let up: corpseville!"
  • "How long must you grovel, knave?"
  • "You're screaming, my theme song!"

The King of Fighters 2002

In Battle

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
さあ、見るがよい。我が力。 Saa, miru ga yoi. Wa ga chikara. "Now, have a look at my power." Boss Intro
おびえているのかね? Obiete iru no ka ne? "Are you scared of me?" Taunt
その程度か? Sono teido ka? "Is that all?" Roll Recovery
潰れろ! Tsuburero! "I'll crush you!" God Press
くらえぇー! Kuraee! "Eat this!" Gigantic Pressure
くだらん。 Kudaran. "Foolish." Destruction Omega
ちりに帰るがいい! Chiri ni kaeru ga ii! "Return to dust!" Kaiser Phoenix
弱い… Yowai... "Weak..." Round Win

Win Quotes

  • "Done your packing? Your life's journey's over." (Also in KOF2002UM)
  • "Hmm. Hmm. The more mayhem I make. The easier it gets."
  • "Tomorrow after tomorrow. Procrastination's so soothing."
  • "All reality is predestined... Even your pathetic fates." (vs. '97 Special Team)
  • "So, this is the best you mangy mercenaries can do?" (vs. Agents Team)
  • "Kyokugen Karate... I've surpassed you a long time ago!" (vs. Art of Fighting Team)
  • "You call your strength legendary?... Talk about spin!" (vs. Fatal Fury Team)
  • "Heidern, you will make a monkey of me no more!" (vs. Ikari Team)
  • "The light of noon helps one understand night's darkness." (vs. Japan Team)
  • "Act like a guinea pig and be experimented on!" (vs. K' Team)
  • "Evil makes the world go around. Now do you understand that?!" (vs. Korea Team)
  • "There are those in the world you just can't betray." (vs. NESTS Team)
  • "I'm sorry, but I've long since transcended you." (vs. New Faces Team)
  • "Happiness is but a dream. Pain is the true reality!" (vs. Psycho Soldier Team)
  • "Now that's quite an outfit. I'll add it to my collection." (vs. Women Fighters Team)
  • "Only the crazy are sane in a crazy, mixed-up world." (vs. Yagami Team)

The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match

In Battle

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
我が力…その目に焼き付けるがいい!Wa ga chikara...sono me ni yakitsukeru ga ii! "My power...shall be burnt into your eyes!" Boss Intro
ハッハッ! この日を待ちはびってたぞ! Haha! Kono hi wo machi wa bitteta zo! "Ha ha! I've been waiting for this day!" Intro vs. Chris/Orochi Chris, response
貴様の命もその中に超えてやろ! Kisama no inochi mo sono naka ni koete yaro! "Let's take your life beyond that, too!" Intro vs. Heidern, response
クッ...言いたいことはそれだけか!? Khh... Itai koto wa sore dake ka!? "Grr... Is that all you want to say?!" Intro vs. Goenitz, response
おびえているのか? Obiete iru no ka? "Are you scared?" Taunt
ぬるいな!Nurui na! "Pointless!" Roll Recovery
死ね! Shine! "Die!" Gigantic Pressure
逃がさん! Nigasan! "You can't run!" Destruction Omega
カイザー...フェニックス! Kaizā...Fenikkusu!"Kaiser...Phoenix!" Kaiser Phoenix
跡形もなくちれ! Atokatamonaku chire! "There won't be any trace of you left!" Kaiser Phoenix
弱すぎる! Yowasugiru! "Too weak!" Round Win

Capcom vs. SNK

In Battle

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
お手並み拝見と行こか? Otenami haiken to iko ka?"Shall we see what you've got?" Intro
君の死に場所はここだ! Kimi no shinibasho wa koko da! "Here is the place where you die!" Intro
つまらない。 Tsumaran."You bore me." Throw
これでとどめだ! Kore de todome da!"This is it!" Genocide Heaven
勝利など容易い! Shouri nado ta yasui!"An easy victory!" Round Win

Special Intros

Japanese English translation
M.Bison その力も私が取り込んでくれよ。 Sono chikara mo watashi ga torikonde kure yo. "I will seize that power of yours."
Japanese English translation
Vice あいさつわぬきだよ! やろか! Aisatsu wa nuki da yo! Yaro ka! "I won't greet you! Let's do this!"
Rugal よかろう、存分にかかってくるがよい! Yo karou, zonbun ni kakatte kuru ga yoi! "Fine, then bring it on for real!"

Ending Quote

  • "None of these people were worthy to become a statue..."

Win Quotes

  • "A hospital or a cemetery, it is your choice!"
  • "My moves are superior to other martial arts!"
  • "The curtain of your life is about to fall..."
  • "That was another symphony of bone crushing sounds!"
  • "You are not qualified to join my collection."
  • "Ha ha! Seeing your helpless struggles pleases me!"
  • "Evil is what keeps life interesting..."
  • "A brilliant performance..."

Win Quotes (JPN version)

Japanese English Translation
Ryu その通り。高い絶望感を与えられる・・・・! "Exactly. Given a sense of high despair...!"
Vice 余興としては楽しめた。後は任せたぞ。 "I enjoyed it as entertainment. I'll leave it to you later."
Vice 私が殺める価値のある相手が出れば呼べ。 "Please call me if there's an opponent I can kill."

Capcom vs. SNK 2

Before Finals

  • "A tournament like this is so pathetic it makes me laugh..."

Win Quotes

  • "Ha ha ha! Seeing your desperate yet helpless struggle pleases me!"
  • "That was another luscious symphony of bone-crushing sounds! Ha ha ha!"
  • "My moves are superior to other martial arts in all aspects!"
  • "How very unimpressive... You are not qualified to join my collection."
  • "Evil is what keeps life interesting..."
  • "A brilliant performance..."
  • "A hospital or a cemetery, it is your choice!"
  • "The curtain of your life is about to fall..."

In Battle (God Rugal)

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
さあ、かかってくなれ! Saa, kakatte kunare!"Now, come forth!" Boss Intro
面白い! Omoshiroi!"Interesting!" Taunt
面白い...死ね! Omoshiroi... Shine!"Interesting... Die!" Last Judgment
君の死に場所はここだ! Kimi no shinibasho wa koko da! "Here is the place where you die!" G. End

Before Finals (God Rugal)

  • "In the next moment, everyone will witness the catastrophe!!"

Win Quotes (God Rugal)

  • "The darkness and the light... Everything is in my hands now!"
  • "All living things must kneel before me!"
  • "All knowledge lies before me now!"
  • "It's so obvious... All fools should agonize and scream!!!"
  • "I feel great. I have never been so happy!!"
  • "Is this the result? Not so bad, but not very good either!"
  • "I have entered the sanctuary of the martial arts gods!"
  • "I have mastered the truth. I have become invincible."

The King of Fighters (Pachinko)

Japanese English Translation
これは必然なのだよ。"Kore wa hitsuzen nanoda yo." "This is inevitable."
そ、そんなバカなぁ! "So, son'na baka nā!" "No, no way!"
覚悟したまえ! "Kakugo shita mae!" "Be prepared!"
私以上の力は許さんっ! "Watashi ijō no chikara wa yurusan!" "More power than me is unforgivable!"
消えうせろぉー! "Kieusero~ ー!" "Disappear!"

Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting

Pre-Battle Dialogues


Rugal: "Welcome to my domain. I would have expected some robust soldiers to be dispatched here... Not a tiny little bird."
Iroha: "My intuition is telling me that you are not a very nice person... Which probably means that you are friends with GEO-GEEGUS. Please tell me where he resides!"
Rugal: "GEO-GEEGUS? Hmph. What if I told you I don't know?"
Iroha: "Then tell me who might."
Rugal: "Hmm... That spirit. That beauty. I think you'd make a fine addition to my collection."
Iroha: "I'll pass. I belong to my Master and no one else. I'm sorry but I'll have to refuse your offer."
Rugal: "Very well. I'll enjoy snapping your wings, little birdy. Let me fill your beautiful eyes with pain and fear!"

Kula Diamond

Rugal: "Hmph... If it isn't the remodelled human."
Kula: "You know me? How?"
Rugal: "I showed some interest in their technology in the past. But much more advanced science has become available in the future, so I don't need your weapons anymore."
Kula: "!!"
Rugal: "Oh? Did I say something to upset you? Then let me rephrase. Your weapons have been nothing but junk from day one!"
Kula: "Now I'm angry. You insulted not just me, but everyone else too! I'll make you eat those words!"

Mai Shiranui

Rugal: "Long time no see. Mai Shiranui... was it?"
Mai: "How nice of you to remember. And what did you call yourself? The Self-destructing Emperor? Are you still decorating your place with nasty globes and keeping rabid black panthers?"
Rugal: "Hmph. Don't think you can taunt me that easily! I'm not falling for your hackneyed ninja tricks."
Mai: "Oh dear. Mission Failed. huh? Well, whatever. It's not like talking to you is the most exciting thing in the world. Let's see what happens when my hackneyed ninja tricks hit you right in the face!"

Terry Bogard

Terry: "Rugal!? What are you doing here? Let me just ask, you're not trying to save the world here, are you?"
Rugal: "Hehehe... What if I told you I am?"
Terry: "Ha! Sorry. I shouldn't have asked. Bad joke, huh?"
Rugal: "Hehehe... Bwahahahaha! Yes, it is. You know what else is a bad joke? Geese and that idiot Krauser losing to a mongrel like you."
Terry: "This mongrel is going to be kicking your butt before long though!"
Rugal: "Ha, that'll be the day! Show me what you've got. Mister Legendary Wolf!"
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