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Robert Garcia (ロバート・ガルシア) is the deuteragonist (and second protagonist) of the Art of Fighting series, forming the second half of the Japanese's series namesake as "The Raging Tiger" or "The Mightiest Tiger" (さいきょうとら).


According to Neo Geo Freak, he is visually modeled on Cuban actor Andy García and American actor Steven Seagal.[1] His older appearance in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum was not originally intended to be tied with any continuity. It was made to match the older Mr. Karate II as an original form of Robert.


Robert in the Art of Fighting series is first portrayed as the fiery smartmouth to contrast the level-headed, serious Ryo. After the first game, his character softens to be a stylish, charismatic and extraverted showman who seemingly overcomes any obstacle flawlessly. Though he may act cocky and self-assured, Robert is a passionate and righteous man at heart. If there is a serious threat to his loved ones, he won't hesitate to provide his aid. In every incarnation, he is fiercely devoted to the Sakazaki family, his family, and his friends. This series hints that his attraction to Yuri is mutual and accepted by her family.

The King of Fighters series plays the melodrama of the Art of Fighting series for laughs, which often shoves Robert into a comedic role as a result. One example is that despite his family's wealthiness, Robert doesn't use it to help his poorer Sakazaki friends. In the Art of Fighting series, this is because the Sakazakis are strong believers in self-reliance and would have been gravely insulted by the financial assistance; the King of Fighters series jokes that it's really because the Sakazakis are finally realizing and complaining about the realities of poverty or that the Garcias are too greedy to help. He is often bumbling about at Takuma or Yuri's eccentric whims. In fights, his flashiness and showmanship are emphasized. Robert's infatuations with Yuri also aren't as strongly recuperated as they are in Art of Fighting.


  • Gather chi: Robert can gather ki from Gaia, the mother-earth.
  • Energy Projectile: Robert can fire the Ryugekiken and Haoh Shou Kouken blast normally.
  • Multiple Attacks: Robert can channel his ki energy into his legs to deliver multiple kicks at a very fast ratio.

Fighting Style

To counter Ryo, Robert was taught to be the "dragon" of Kyokugenryu Karate, ironic since his nickname calls him a "tiger", especially with his frequently-reworked Ryuugeki Ken (Dragon Attack Fist) technique as staple of the motif. Robert's style focuses upon lethal kicks, his signature move being the Gen'ei Kyaku (Phantom Leg), along with his Mahha Geri (Mach Kick) from Neo Geo Battle Coliseum and KOF XI being a possible feint attack. He of course, also tends to sport some of the same techniques as Ryo, like the Haou Shoukou Ken.

His fighting style has been reworked through the history of his game appearances, having his first drastic change in KOF '96 with a stationary Ryuugeki Ken and a completely different Hien Shippuu Kyaku (Flying Swallow Hurricane Leg; later reworked into the Hien Senpuu Kyaku lit. Flying Swallow Whirlwind Leg which puts more emphasis on multiple rapid-spinning kicks). In KOF '99 and KOF 2000, all his movesets where changed into charging motions (holding back or down then release into the opposite direction along an attack button), losing several of his traditional moves like his Gen'ei Kyaku or his Ryuuga (this "charge" version of himself would return in KOF 2002UM as EX Robert. Because of these constant reworks on his style, Robert, unlike most fighters, has several different fighting stances differing from game to game.

His aforementioned Ryuugeki Ken has also been one of his most reworked moves, ranging from a simple wave launched from a hand movement (via several different animations for the attack) to being a wave launched from a kick (Ryuugeki Sen lit. Dragon Attack Flash).

In KOF XII and XIII, he along with Yuri in KOF XI has now a backwards kick command normal called Ushiro Geri (Behind Kick), which functions just like Iori's Yuri Ori. Like Iori in the series, Robert was also one of the few characters to be able to pull of an aerial attack during his backdash.


  • Swing the House - Art of Fighting 2
  • Mojo - Art of Fighting 3
  • Ryuuko no Ken - The King of Fighters '94
  • Yureru Otokogokoro - The King of Fighters '95
  • Kamikirimushi - The King of Fighters '96
  • Art of Fight - The King of Fighters '98
  • Ryu-Ko - The King of Fighters '99
  • The Beauty and the Beast - The King of Fighters 2000, 2002, EX
  • Fight to the Limit - The King of Fighters 2001
  • Kyoku-gen - The King of Fighters 2003
  • Kyokugen Training! ~ Mountain Seclusion - The King of Fighters XIII
  • After a Long Absence - The King of Fighters XIII (when the music is set to "Type B", console version only, shared with Ryo and Takuma Sakazaki)
  • Tiger & Dragon - The King of Fighters XIV
  • How About a Trip to PAOPAO CAFÉ? - The King of Fighters XV
  • ART OF FIGHT ~ Ryuko to Tsubame (Art of Fight ~ Dragon, Tiger and Swallow) - The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match

Voice Actors

Live Action Actors

  • Timothy Lowell - Art of Fighting 2 commercials






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  • One of his winposes is him tossing and catching a coin. The coin is a gift from his father before he left the Garcia mansion, serving as a reminder of his roots and to one day return. It wasn't brought to focus again until Art of Fighting 3. The coin was included as a very rare extra along with stickers in the limited edition Neo Geo CD release of the game.
  • In retaliation to Robert and Ryo's creation, Street Fighter II co-designer Akiman drew an artwork of Sagat holding a defeated opponent by the head during the release of Street Fighter II: Champion Edition. The defeated opponent wore an attire similar to Ryo's: an orange karate gi with a torn black shirt underneath and geta sandals; but had long dark hair tied to a ponytail like Robert. This defeated character would later be the concept behind the creation of Dan Hibiki, who would later ironically draw inspiration from Robert, like how Ryo and Robert drew inspiration from Ryu and Ken.
  • The car he drives is largely based upon the Ferrari Testarossa, which was not only popular throughout the 1980s and 1990s auto world and owned by celebrities such as Elton John, Mike Tyson, and Michael Jordan, but was also featured on the hit 1980s cop primetime Miami Vice and was popularly associated with the yuppie subculture of the 1980s. The racing spoiler may also imply it is a Koenig Competition 1988.
  • In modern times, the name "Robert Garcia" is not considered as an Italian name, but a combination of an English first name and an Iberian last name. "Roberto Garzia" would have been more typical.
    • However, the surname "Garcia " was first found in Lucca, a city and comune in Tuscany, capital of the province of Lucca where Bascilican type churches abound and where the main branch of the family originates. Records can be found with the Garzoni family, who moved from Lucca to Bologna in 1228.
    • Robert is said to have an Italian accent in his speech. In Japanese, the closest equivallent for him would be the Kansai dialect accent, which is mostly found in Osaka (where SNK is located). This is also reflected in the English dub of The King of Fighters XII, as Robert's English voice has an Italian accent.
    • Since Robert and Sie Kensou both share the same Kansai dialect accent, the two typically have special intro in many of the games they appear in together.
  • In Gamest's 1997 Heroes Collection, Robert was voted as the staff's forty-sixth favorite character. He shared the spot with seven other characters, including Samurai Shodown character, Hattori Hanzo, and King of Fighters character, Goenitz.


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