Roads Edge, known as Round Trip RV (ラウンドトリップ RV) in Japan, is a 3D racing game released in 1997. It's the first game by SNK to use real-time 3D polygon rendering and is the first title released for Hyper Neo Geo 64 system.


Game modes include a Trial mode to play just one track or Championship mode to race all 3 tracks. The tracks include America which is loosely based on San Francisco, an Asia track, and a Europe track with snowy mountains. The player can choose Manual transmission (expert), Automatic transmission (beginner) and Automatic transmission 2 which also has auto-brake (student driver).

There are four offroad 4x4 cars to choose from, three of them are based on real world models of existing cars. The cars include the Mitsubishi Pajero, Landrover Discovery, Toyota Hilux and the imaginary Field Fox by the Neo Geo motor factory.

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